Overview of FME

  • FME Data Inspector is used to analyze the datasets to be processed and the results of the translation but it’s above all an exceptional and indispensable debugging tool that allows you to visualize the state of all your data streams at any time of the treatment: the developers’ dream!
  • FME accomplishes data integration by reading data from multiple sources (in the graphic below, this is shown as sources A and B), using transformer tools to change or restructure the data to fit the users’ needs, and writing it to an output location (C):
  • FME Lighting is a Stocking Manufacture of Hazardous Location, Explosion Proof LED Lighting, Class 1 Division 1, Class 1 Division 2, Class 2 Division 1, Class 2 Division 2 LED Lighting for the Oil and Gas, Chemical, Pulp and Paper, Food and Beverage markets.
  • fme’s profound OpenText™ Documentum expertise (Plan-Build-Run) is based on almost 20 years project know-how and covers the Life Science Solutions Suite, Service Level Agreement, individual solutions and Application-, Content- & Data Migration.
  • FME Certified trainers have passed the Safe Software requirements to have deep technical experience on their data translation tools, as well as the ability to professionally communicate learning principles to all levels of end-users.
  • FME® (Feature Manipulation Engine) is a very powerful and flexible software solution.  Complex processes of spatial and non-spatial data conversion can be done easily and can be fully automated.
  • FME Technologies is proud to join the laser marking industry as a provider of equipment as well as extremely high quality contract marking and custom engraving throughout the state of Massachusetts.
  • FME Lighting fixtures perform best in harsh industrial environments in which certain hazards exist: explosive chemicals, vibrations, dirt, moisture, high speed movement, and high temperatures.
  • FME gives you more than just startup experience though—you’ll learn how to communicate, lead, work in a team, manage obstacles, and see a plan through to completion.
  • FME Desktop has a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, so you can handle massive amounts of data without having to program code or even break a sweat.
  • Blockchain

    FME claims to be a blockchain-based wallet system.It also claims to facilitate worldwide cross-border transactions.It claims to address two key cryptocurrency issues – cumbersome transactional processes and slow transfers, while retaining the advantages of anonymity and convenience of transfers.The project claims that through FME system, users can withdraw, utilise or make purchases with cryptocurrencies in real time globally via its virtual bank and card feature.


    Have you ever considered using FME Server, or are currently using FME Server?SBS can help design a road map for using FME Server for specific projects, or on a daily basis for other data migration requirements.The SBS FME Checkup helps organizations determine the best use cases for FME Server within their environments.


    Connect your FME Desktop workflows to FME Server Automations directly with the Automations writer.Extend what you’ve built in FME Desktop to become event-based workflows that integrate data, send notifications, or upload data to your cloud storage network.


    Most importantly, the data translation process is seamless to the user; FME automatically converts between data types as required, and automatically substitutes one attribute or geometry type for another where the destination format does not support it.

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    What is an FME file?

    Spatial data mapping file created by FME Workbench, a visual data translation program included with FME Desktop; stored in plain text and contains “functions” and “factories” which manipulate spatial data between different formats.

    What is Data Integration?

    We define data integration as bringing “together data from disparate sources in a unified view to create a dataset with both valuable and usable information.

    What is Data Integration?

    Data integration means combining information from various sources into something useful.It’s about efficiently managing data and making it available to those who need it.Both a technical and a business process, IBM defines it as “discovery, cleansing, monitoring, transforming and delivery of data from a variety of sources.” Data integration allows the combination and analysis of data across isolated "silos" where it would normally be difficult to collaborate.It allows organizations with multiple departments, facilities, software, and workflows to bring all of their data together.

    What is FME?

    Safe Software delivers FME (Feature Manipulation Engine), the data integration platform with the best support for spatial data worldwide.

    What is FME?

    FME (the Feature Manipulation Engine) is a data translation and transformation tool for solving problems of data interoperability, without the need for coding.

    What is FME?

    FME (the Feature Manipulation Engine) is a data integration tool used for transforming data.

    Who Uses FME?

    FME has helped thousands of customers worldwide leverage their data so it can be used exactly where, when, and how it’s needed.

    Who Uses FME?

    FME has helped thousands of customers worldwide leverage their data so it can be used exactly where, when, and how it’s needed.

    Will my account number change?

    Your account number will change.We will honor your FME membership anniversary date and retain your account history.You can find your new Member Number (account number) on the enclosed membership card.

    History of FME