Overview of Frenzy

  • Frenzy is a combination of two kinds of movies: those where Hitchcock invites us to follow the assassin’s course: Shadow of a Doubt, Stage Fright, Dial M for Murder, Psycho… and those in which he describes the torments of an innocent person who is being persecuted: The Thirty-nine Steps, I Confess, The Wrong Man, North by Northwest.
  • Frenzy was one of Hitchcock’s last films, made towards the end of an acclaimed and commercially highly successful career, and caused controversy for the scene in which Foster was required to simulate a rape and a murder, reportedly driven by Hitchcock’s desire to prove that he was still relevant as a director in a more permissive age.
  • Frenzy is a kind of nightmare in which everyone recognizes himself: the murderer, the innocent man, the victims, the witnesses; a world in which every conversation, whether in a shop or a cafe, bears on the murders—a world made up of coincidences so rigorously ordered that they crisscross horizontally and vertically.
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  • Frenzy is a 1972 British thriller film produced and directed by Alfred Hitchcock, the penultimate feature film of his extensive career and often considered by critics and scholars to be his last great film before his death.
  • Frenzy offers a storyline that wouldn’t be too unfair to call typical Hitchcock’s: a wrongly accused man fighting to clear his name upon being accidentally put in an extremely tough situation.
  • Frenzy and the Acolytes escaped Muir Island after the battle with the X-Men by using Tempo’s abilities, and kidnapped Professor X, taking his body to an unknown part of the world.
  • Frenzy was sent to recover the remaining weapons that were left in Africa after Cyclops (herald of the phoenix force) finished a civil war in the continent.
  • frenzy (third-person singular simple present frenzies, present participle frenzying, simple past and past participle frenzied)
  • Frenzy spent years with this group of fanatics, until Jean Grey mind-controlled Frenzy to fight against her leader, Magneto.
  • Support

    After tossing Magneto aside and severely injuring Omega Sentinel, Frenzy was blinded by Magneto with a surgical laser, which burned part of her brain.Although Magneto revealed she most likely survived, Exodus witnessed the actions and swore to kill him for harming a mutant.Frenzy opposed the idea of keeping Professor X alive, as he never supported Magneto.The Acolytes, having not found the actual diaries, left the mansion and later battled the X-Men once again during Messiah CompleX, this time alongside the Marauders.While Exodus made it clear he wanted Professor X alive, Frenzy confronted the professor, Omega Sentinel, and Magneto, who had been depowered after Decimation, and attempted to kill Xavier.

    What if?

    Frenzy appears in two “What If?” stories.The first is as a member of the X-Men alongside several other villains.She and the other villains inevitably break off from the X-Men and battle them, though they are eventually defeated.Another story shows Frenzy on the run from Archangel, who is killing those he finds unfit.She is rescued by X-Factor and taken to safety.

    History of Frenzy

  • In 1972 Foster played two roles, on opposite sides of the law.
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