Overview of Friendz

  • Friendz creative Team has developed the idea of two alternative Facebook and Instagram campaigns to involve the community through IG Stories and photos, where they tell their friends how better a sandwich tastes thanks to the new Philadelphia flavours.
  • Friendz updated version is officially available on iOS and Android: many novelties have been introduced: quality average, upgrades, design and technology (it has been rewritten using the “React Native” framework developed by Facebook).
  • Friendz has gathered the whole team from Milan, Rome, Chiasso and Madrid at the office in Milan for one day, exactly the day after the new app release, for an “Upside Down” team-building activity.
  • Friendz employees are the first choice for many demanding clients because of their dedicated attitude, their flexibility and their rapidly acquired expertise.
  • Friendz is the first marketing platform that allows companies to get into people’s social walls and transform their customers in influencers.
  • Friendz is proposing as a sucessful instrument to solve web’s users problems which include the information overload and the banner blindness.
  • Friendz allows you to earn from photos posted on social, but what we care the most is that you enjoy the all process of using it!
  • Friendz has a current supply of 1,131,842,156.381 with 522,786,958.434 in circulation.
  • Friendz (FDZ) is a cryptocurrency token and operates on the Ethereum platform.
  • Friendz is up 37.25% in the last 24 hours.
  • Network

    For this reason, what is considered as quaestio primaria – as well as our attribute – is the call for an identification of customers’ preferences and the understanding of how they react to the market supply throught their individual taste.Friendz is proposing as a sucessful instrument to solve web’s users problems such as the information overload and the banner blindness.Moreover, thanks to the interactions between active Friendz users, it comes a considerable amount of informations throught which it’s possible to test products, brands and/or communication tools as a consequences of their impact on collective consciousness: Friendz presents to the company even extremely useful data which can be analyzed in order to make qualitative e quantitative market research.The factor Friendz wants to exploit is the emotive issue the association between the product or the service and a familiar component cause to the social networks’ users.These problems are clear, given the 300 millions downloads of adBlock Plus.This association unconsciously increases the value given to the product or the service: friends are the real influencers.We are talking about a new and unique way to make brand awarness.

    What More From Him?

    Sidharth is working on a book that deals with the convergence of science and spirituality.A movie titled “Friendz: The Movie” penned by him is going to be on sets very soon.He has organised an event called “Createens” in which teenagers learn about entrepreneurship, blogging and other necessary skills from experts.

    History of Friendz