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    Can Gateway Mining Raise More Cash Easily?

    While its cash burn is only increasing slightly, Gateway Mining shareholders should still consider the potential need for further cash, down the track.Issuing new shares, or taking on debt, are the most common ways for a listed company to raise more money for its business.Many companies end up issuing new shares to fund future growth.We can compare a company's cash burn to its market capitalisation to get a sense for how many new shares a company would have to issue to fund one year's operations.

    Commentary: Charging into Recovery – Is Cash Really a Gateway Drug?

    A recent article published in numerous outlets announced the debut of a special credit card for recovering substance abusers.

    Do You Qualify for Factoring?

    Invoice factoring is one of the most accessible forms of business financing.It takes just a few minutes to know if you business qualifies.

    Does Gateway Mining Have A Long Cash Runway?

    A company's cash runway is the amount of time it would take to burn through its cash reserves at its current cash burn rate.In December 2020, Gateway Mining had AU$6.7m in cash, and was debt-free.In the last year, its cash burn was AU$4.7m.That means it had a cash runway of around 17 months as of December 2020.While that cash runway isn't too concerning, sensible holders would be peering into the distance, and considering what happens if the company runs out of cash.You can see how its cash balance has changed over time in the image below.

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    How do I load my Gateway Go Card?

    Gateway Go Cards can be loaded upon purchase from MetroStore, or at any Ticket Vending Machine (TVM) at all MetroLink stations and MetroBus Transit Centers.Hold your card on the TVM’s Gateway Card reader to begin, select the pass you wish to load, insert your payment and hold your card on the reader again to load the pass to your card.

    How Does Gateway Reconciliation Work?

    Most gateways produce settlement reports on a daily basis. Zuora follows the schedule appropriate for each gateway, which is usually daily, and retrieves the appropriate gateway reconciliation report for processing in a job.Within a reconciliation job, every record in the report is parsed into an event and matched with the corresponding Zuora transaction.Zuora then takes the appropriate action based on the event information received and logs it.

    How Does The Program Work?

    Start by filling out the online sellers form by clicking the link below.One of our affiliates will reach out to you to discuss your options.If your home has an ample amount of equity, it could qualify for an ALL CASH offer! But don’t worry, even if you have little to no equity at all, often times, we can assume the existing debt so you never have to worry about your property again and can move on.

    How Does Your Credit Score Compare?

    Have you ever wondered how your credit score compares to the rest of the country? Take a look and see.

    How Does Your Credit Score Compare?

    Have you ever wondered how your credit score compares to the rest of the country? Take a look and see.

    How Is Gateway Mining's Cash Burn Changing Over Time?

    Although Gateway Mining reported revenue of AU$124k last year, it didn't actually have any revenue from operations.To us, that makes it a pre-revenue company, so we'll look to its cash burn trajectory as an assessment of its cash burn situation.Over the last year its cash burn actually increased by 7.7%, which suggests that management are increasing investment in future growth, but not too quickly.However, the company's true cash runway will therefore be shorter than suggested above, if spending continues to increase.Admittedly, we're a bit cautious of Gateway Mining due to its lack of significant operating revenues.We prefer most of the stocks on this list of stocks that analysts expect to grow.

    How much do payment gateways cost?

    Payment gateway providers are not transparent about their credit card machine prices.Each payment may have different fees associated with it and it’s not always clear why those fees are (or aren’t) applied to a given transaction.

    If I already have a payment gateway provider do I still need to worry about PCI compliance?

    Yes.All merchants who process credit card information must be PCI compliant, and having a PCI-compliant gateway is only one part of that requirement.Fortunately, if you use Square for payment processing, we make PCI compliance easy because we provide all the pieces in your payment workflow and protect cardholder data from the moment it’s recorded at the point of sale to the time we deliver funds to your merchant account.

    Looking for a Factoring Company?

    Our customer retention rate is 1.9 times the industry average.We offer 30-minute application approval, low rates, high advances and 24-hour funding.

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    New to Invoice Factoring?

    Don’t wait 30, 60 or 90 days for your customers to make payments anymore.Learn how to turn your debtors into assets.Sell your outstanding accounts receivables to us and get fast cash flow funding.

    Ready to get started?

    Explore Stripe Payments, or create an account instantly and start accepting payments.You can also contact us to design a custom package for your business.

    So, Should We Worry About Gateway Mining's Cash Burn?

    Even though its increasing cash burn makes us a little nervous, we are compelled to mention that we thought Gateway Mining's cash burn relative to its market cap was relatively promising.Cash burning companies are always on the riskier side of things, but after considering all of the factors discussed in this short piece, we're not too worried about its rate of cash burn.On another note, Gateway Mining has 3 warning signs (and 1 which doesn't sit too well with us) we think you should know about.

    What are my options for Metro passes now?

    Young people who currently have Gateway Go Cards are encouraged to visit MetroStore at 8th & Pine to transition to either a Full Fare Gateway Card or a Student Semester Pass (must have valid student ID).Outstanding Go Card balances are not eligible to be transferred to your new Gateway Card.

    What do I do with my Gateway Go Card?

    Gateway Go Cards will no longer be available for purchase after August 31st. 
    If you have a cash value balance remaining on your Gateway Go Card, you may continue to use your card to ride Metro until your cash value is depleted, but no later than August 31, 2019.

    What is A Payment Gateway?

    A payment gateway as a merchant service that processes credit card payments for ecommerce sites and traditional brick and mortar stores.Popular payment gateways include PayPal/Braintree, Stripe, and Square.

    What Is Gateway Reconciliation?

    Gateway reconciliation is the process of verifying that the electronic payment and refund transactions processed in Zuora match the transactions reported by the gateway.For example, if Zuora processed 200 transactions through a gateway, you should see the same number of transactions on the gateway’s reconciliation report, sometimes also called the settlement report.

    What Is Gateway?

    Gateway is Metro’s new state-of-the-art smart card fare collection system.It’s a more convenient, secure way to collect fares.Instead of paper passes, Gateway will use plastic smart cards – Gateway Cards – with computer chips inside that store passes (like monthlies or weeklies) or cash value (up to $100) – including discount fares.

    What Is My Current Cash Flow?

    Assess whether you are running “in the black” or “in the red” each month.

    What Is My Current Cash Flow?

    Assess whether you are running “in the black” or “in the red” each month.

    What Is My Current Cash Flow?

    Assess whether you are running “in the black” or “in the red” each month.

    What Is My Current Cash Flow?

    Assess whether you are running “in the black” or “in the red” each month.

    What Is My Current Cash Flow?

    Assess whether you are running “in the black” or “in the red” each month.

    What Is My Current Cash Flow?

    Assess whether you are running “in the black” or “in the red” each month.


    Accounts receivable factoring is a transaction in which a third party (factor) purchases a business’s invoices at a discount.The factoring company, as a result, now owns the accounts receivables.Invoice finance, also known as accounts receivable financing, is a loan in which a business pays a predetermined percent of their invoices to a lender as a fee for the lending service.In this case, the invoices serve as collateral as the business pays off lending fees when invoices are paid.Account receivable financing is very similar to bank loans but with much higher lender rates.While both solutions are meant to solve short term cash flow problems, invoice financing generally carries much higher costs and risks than receivables factoring.

    What Type of Homes Do We Look For?

    We are looking for single and multi-family homes in all conditions.When it comes to your property, we will structure several options for you, and let you decide which one best fits your needs.We will take the financial burden of mortgage payments off of you, and we’ll take care of any rehab or maintenance.

    What’s the difference between a payment gateway and a payment switch?

    The payment switch is part of the payment gateway and is responsible for making sure incoming payment requests (transactions) are directed to the right place.When the gateway receives a payment request, the transaction is routed to the payment switch (this process is called “transaction switching”), then the switch routes the transaction to the correct issuing bank for approval.

    What’s the difference between a virtual terminal and a payment gateway?

    Payment gateways let you accept credit card payments (in person or online) by transferring money between your merchant account and a payment processor through a credit card terminal or processor.

    What’s the relationship between merchant accounts, payment processors, and payment gateways?

    A merchant account is what establishes a business relationship between you and your merchant services provider (e.g., the bank account for your business).With traditional credit card processing services, you cannot take payments until after you apply and are approved for a merchant account.A payment processor is the bank that actually processes the payment request.When customers pay with a credit card, payment gateways connect merchant accounts with payment processors by transferring credit card information between the bank that issued the credit card and the bank account for your business.


    Improve your business cash flow fast! We are known as one of the best factoring companies due to our low monthly minimums, competitive rates and ability to help our client companies grow.We provide funding to cover payroll, expenses and other supplier demands to large and small businesses in all industries.We are the fast funding option when the banks refuse to give you a loan.Our application process is simple, and we offer same day account approval.

    Your Emergency Fund: How Much Is Enough?

    Having an emergency fund may help alleviate the stress and worry associated with a financial crisis.

    Your Emergency Fund: How Much Is Enough?

    Having an emergency fund may help alleviate the stress and worry associated with a financial crisis.

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