Ghost Talk

Overview of Ghost Talk

  • Ghost Talk is experimental and inseemed for use to aid ITC and paranormal research, time is required for the device to settle and distinguish random changes from manipulated changes.
  • Ghost Talk is currently being distributed for FREE with Advertising support – this can be removed by purchasing 'AD Removal' within Ghost Talk.
  • Ghost Talk is currently being distributed for FREE with Advertising support – this can be removed by purchasing 'AD Removal' within Ghost Talk.
  • Ghost Talk Ghost Walk is a fun and enlightening walking ghost tour that explores the legends that lie beneath the haunting tales of Savannah, GA.
  • Ghost Talk is a social media messaging application rewarding users with our blockchain Smart Coin.
  • Ghost Talk is a real time amplified EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) recording system.
  • Ghost Talk the Experience will be a fun-time for you, your family, and friends.
  • Ghost Talk is slated for release in April 2021.
  • Ghost TalkWhere Haunting Legends Come Alive!
  • Blockchain


    Additionally Ghost Talk uses 5 Channels of data including the sound being received through the microphone and Wi-Fi frequencies being received to manipulate the selection or words from an internal dictionary.An external/BlueTooth speaker or headphones is recommended for best results.As always you cannot have enough tools when performing paranormal investigations.Ghost Talk is experimental and intended for use to aid ITC and paranormal research, time is required for the device to settle and distinguish random changes from manipulated changes.The theory behind our system is that entities can influence surrounding radio frequencies and sound being received to generate specific words in an attempt to communicate.Theory:
    Echo has been shown to influence and contribute to EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon).These words are spoken by the Ghost Talk software and recorded along with anything else that is being detected around you.Using your microphone input and a natural loop audio being recorded to disk in real time, as it happens.We are serious about producing tools to assist in paranormal investigations and welcome your feedback and comments, all feedback will be used to develop future versions that are both productive and useful.We have also added the ability to share your sessions directly so you may listen to your recordings using other software/share with friends or document your findings.You may not hear everything that is being produced live during your session, so we do recommend that you playback your sessions to verify what you have recorded, this is also good practice during any serious investigation.

    Can Ghosts Talk To You Through Siri Or Is My Phone Haunted?

    You know that on the Mike and Tricia Morning Show, we believe in ghosteses.We devote an entire month to all things paranormal in October, and we love to have our resident love psychic, Jeannie, on the air with us to talk to dead people, aka ghosteses.The thing we don't like is the thought that there are ghosts that might talk to us or materialize in front of us, but I think we have one that has figured out a way to communicate that is pretty cutting edge.

    Do You Need a Prescription For a CPAP Machine?

    Wondering whether you need a prescription for a CPAP machine? We’ll cover the answer in detail.

    Does Pressing “V” In Phasmophobia Make A Difference With Ghosts?

    If you’re playing on VR, then you don’t have to worry about this because you always have a “hot mic” on.However, if you’re playing mouse-and-keyboard, the community is divided on whether or not local push-to-talk is necessary.Some people press the local push-to-talk option to get spirit box responses, while others believe they don’t need to do so in order to get spirit box responses.

    How Can Bed Partners of Sleep Talkers Get Better Sleep?

    It’s often bed partners or roommates of people who talk in their sleep who bear the brunt of the negative consequences of somniloquy.They may find themselves awoken unexpectedly in the night by sleep talking or be bothered or offended by its content.

    How Can You Stop Sleep Talking?

    Because the cause of sleep talking is not fully understood, there is limited knowledge about proven methods to stop sleep talking.In most situations, treatment for sleep talking is unnecessary because of its limited frequency and minimal negative consequences.

    Is Sleep Talking Dangerous?

    In the majority of cases, sleep talking is harmless.It doesn’t usually have a major effect on the person’s sleep, and it normally doesn’t occur frequently enough to cause any serious problems.

    Phasmophobia How To Talk To Ghost?

    There are two ways through which you can communicate with the ghost.The first one is the spirit box which is an item that can be bought before the job.The other one is the Ouija board which you will find it during your job while looking for evidence of a ghost.

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    What Are the Symptoms of Sleep Talking?

    The central symptom of sleep talking is audible expression that occurs during sleep without the person being aware of it happening.It can be gibberish or resemble normal speech.

    What Causes Sleep Talking?

    Experts aren’t sure exactly why people talk in their sleep.There is evidence that it may have a genetic component with some studies finding that sleep talking can run in families.

    What is Sleep Talking?

    Sleep talking is a type of parasomnia.Parasomnias are abnormal behaviors during sleep.Unlike most parasomnias that happen only during specific parts of the sleep cycle, sleep talking can occur during either rapid eye movement (REM) or non-REM sleep.

    Why Shouldn’t We Use Discord For Phasmophobia?

    Discord is great for gathering up before setting up a lobby and getting a private code out.However, once the game starts, it’s best to mute ourselves on Discord so we can get an immersive experience.It’s not very fun when we can get hints and help from a dead person through Discord when we normally shouldn’t in-game.

    History of Ghost Talk