Overview of GlobalChainZ

  • GlobalChainZ connects non-interoperable networks utilizing its own off-chain protocol to overcome current scalability issues of blockchains to directly challenge the entrenched oligopoly dominating cloud computing.
  • GlobalChainZ abstraction layer on top of the Ethereum blockchain allows the GlobalChainZ off-chain protocol to asynchronously distribute computing jobs while the blockchain settles the transactions.
  • GlobalChainZ seeks to create the largest peer-to-peer network to monetize computing resources throughout the world, connecting non-interoperable networks utilizing its own off-chain protocol.
  • GlobalChainZ uses this well-known instrument to harden a robust network of computing resources , and a base line for Producers to monetize their shared devices.
  • GlobalChainZ substantially lowers the consumers’ cost of compute resources by up to 90% versus existing cloud-based solutions.
  • GlobalChainZ can provide at least 10x the revenue with the same device and same energy, utilizing the same computing power.
  • GlobalChainZ is a fully operational, turn-key solution for interoperable, low latency, and affordable Cloud Computing.
  • GlobalChainZ is fully encrypted providing both the producer and end-user full security through the GCZ protocol.
  • GlobalChainZ approach in this sense is a key contribution to the further development of blockchains in general.
  • GlobalChainZ delivers the benefits of forging spare computing capacity of millions of devices around the world.
  • Blockchain

    GlobalChainZ is a fully operational decentralized supercomputing network.


    All traffic within the GlobalChainZ Network is secured using symmetric-key encryption.Even the same data transmitted by two different users in the network shows a complete different set of bits transmitted at the lower layers of the network.


    The decentralized network GlobalChainZ represents the next generation of accurate and verifiable scientific simulations, giving access to the computing power required to drive the research behind climate change, new materials, studying of deceases and similar.


    Moreover, GlobalChainZ consistently supports existing machine-learning software like TensorFlow, Apache Spark, Caffe, including access to GPUs.


    Comment investir dans les GlobalChainZ (GCZ) pour la première fois?

    Nous avons écrit un guide complet pour vous aider à investir dans les GlobalChainZ (GCZ).Nous vous expliquons comment procéder de A à Z, de la création de votre compte, à la réception de la monnaie.


    Giving instant access to a vast pool of computing resources, GlobalChainZ can render images and videos at a competitive price compared with traditional render farms.

    Ku mund ta shoh vlerën e GlobalChainZ (GCZ) në kohë reale në lekë?

    Kujdes: Në rastin e Uniswap dhe Balancer, ju duhet të blini Ethers (ETH) për të bërë tregti nga kriptovaluta në kriptovalutë pasi këto platforma nuk mbështesin Bitcoin (BTC).

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    History of GlobalChainZ