Overview of GoNetwork

  • GoNetwork’s goal is to solve these issues by bringing together a strong team and investing heavily in research and development to build a fast, cheap and scalable mobile-first off-chain transaction network for Ethereum.
  • GoNetwork is seeking to create a “scalable, low cost mobile first network infrastructure for Ethereum.”The team plans to build a network for off-chain Ethereum transactions similar to the Bitcoin Lightning Network.
  • GoNetwork has 7 advisors, University Professors (Stanford University,University of Waterloo, etc) and other ranked crypto advisors, couple of them were featuring in Forbes, Wall Street Journal, etc. 
  • GONetwork solves the problem of highly interconnected networks that are generated when calculating dissimilarity over sparse hierarchical networks which include those generated using GO Terms.
  • GoNetwork’s team is composed of serial entrepreneurs with a proven track record in
    creating mobile apps for millions of users, including Happy Park, the largest Theme
    Park game on iOS.
  • gonetwork ico review it’s assumed that GoNetwork will enable users to make transactions faster and cheaper using State Channels – channels separate from the main blockchain.
  • gonetwork ico review As with all effective exit scams, the project’s founders suddenly took down their website and disappeared with at least 13,000 ETH ($2.7M at the time).
  • GoNetwork understands that as the marketplace for
    virtual goods increases, blockchain technology will need to gain speed and lower its
    transaction fees in response.
  • GoNetwork’s platform, GoExchange, allows the trade and purchase of virtual goods
    across game ecosystems and between users, with a focus on mobile platforms.
  • GoNetworks’ contribution addresses the issue of scalability with mobile platforms, namely the transfer of GoNetwork port state channels to mobile platforms.
  • Blockchain

    gonetwork ico review It is assumed that GoNetwork will enable users to make transactions faster and cheaper using State Channels – channels separate from the main blockchain.The team believes that with the domination of mobile platforms, it is a no-brainer for Ethereum, ERC20 tokens and cryptocurrencies to enable mobile accessibility and interoperability for the public.They use similar mechanics in the Lightning Network – a separate channel between the two users, within which they can make any number of transfers.You can also transfer cryptocurrency to the other users, using some participants as intermediaries.



    submission Pocket, was selected as one of eight
    winners!Presented to the most influential faces in the blockchain community including:
    Vitalik Buterin, the
    founder of Ethereum;
    Joseph Lubin
    , the founder of
    Joey Krug, the founder of
    Ryan Zurrer, a partner at
    Polychain Capital;
    Jeff Coleman of
    Ledger Labs;
    Dmitry Buterin of
    L4 Ventures.


    The first allows you to make legal trading transactions between users inside mobile games and Infinidy applications, the second is something like a debit card gonetwork ico review application.The problem of transaction speed in the largest networks, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, is one of the key problems in the cryptocurrency world.

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    Is the scam confirmed?

    I just wanted to know if it is confirmed that it is a scam project, the admin banned me from the telegram group by asking them not to spam (funny ehh, a user asking an admin to please not mess the chat), I think this is a way that the user is always in a state of confusion, since it is impossible to read more than 2 lines in a row, it does not help that they do not establish a unique language for communication, in the group they mix Russian, Chinese ….Have not yet paid the bountys, you can go through bitcointalk, there the activity drops almost as much as the price, if there is information about it I appreciate it, since an article in medium a month after raising 50m I do not think it will prove to be up to par you're welcome.

    Why Does The GoNetwork ICO Exist?

    The economics behind the GOT token are fairly straightforward.Its creators intend for the tokens to represent the transaction cost of the off-chain solution, explaining that a buyer can purchase tokens via crypto (Ethereum to begin with, with adoption of other cryptocurrencies later) or fiat currency.

    History of GoNetwork