Overview of HARON

  • Haron Jaguar customers can shop coupes, sedans, crossovers, hatchbacks, SUVs and pick-up trucks from brands like Jaguar, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, GMC, Buick, Audi, Acura, Ford, Mazda, Lincoln, Lexus, Porsche, Honda, Hyundai, Nissan, Toyota, Subaru, Volkswagen and Volvo.
  • Haron graduated from the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy, and then held positions of increasing responsibility at People’s Drug Stores, CVS Pharmacy, Arrow Prescription Centers, Brooks Pharmacy, and Eckerd Pharmacy before joining Cigna.
  • Haron receivedAll-American honors in 2011 after competing for the Sun Devils atthe NCAA Championship meet, and was also a member of the schoolrecord breaking 200 medley relay team and the recipient of the 2011Mona Plummer Award. 
  • Haron was involved in a conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine and heroin from 2013 to 2016; he was found responsible for distributing approximately 3,854.8 grams of methamphetamine and 70.87 grams of heroin.
  • Haron’s passion for diverse-influences cooking ignited while helping her mom prep meals in their Singaporean home and tasting her way through the enticing neighborhood ristorantes of Lucca, Italy.
  • Haron directs a staff that is responsible for filming practices and games for the coaches and players and oversees all video exchange of college and NFL film for the coaching staff to break down.
  • Haron, a native ofNorth Kingstown, Rhode Island, returns to the Ocean State afterspending the past five years in Tempe, Arizona, bringing with her awealth of swimming experience and knowledge.
  • Haron is currently serving a two-year term as the organization’s vice president after previously serving as the CSVA secretary in 2018 and 2019 and interim vice president in 2020.
  • Haron joined Artimus as an Assistant Project Manager in 2007, successfully completing a number of projects while implementing new project management and financial technologies.
  • Haron went on to chair the board of Tana Water Service, an experience that got him to once again engage with rural communities all across Kenya.
  • Mine

    Docket 61 ¶¶ 5, 7, 19, 21.At his sentencing, Haron’s total offense level was a 29, and he was in criminal history category VI.Id.¶ 89.Haron’s criminal history includes multiple convictions involving controlled substances.¶¶ 43, 48-51.In 2005, 2012, and twice in 2013, Haron was convicted of possession of a controlled substance in state court.¶¶ 43, 49-51.Haron committed this offense while he was serving a criminal sentence for one of his state convictions.¶ 54.Additionally, Haron has a federal conviction from 2007 for conspiracy to distribute and possession with intent to distribute a controlled substance.¶ 48.Haron’s guideline range was 151 to 188 months.The court originally sentenced Haron to the bottom end of his guideline range to 151 months in custody.Docket 64 at 2; Docket 63.Later, the court reduced Haron’s sentence to 75 months in custody.Docket 87 at 2.Haron’s current sentence is already less than the offense’s mandatory minimum of 120 months.See Docket 61 ¶ 88.Haron has served approximately 63% of his full term and approximately 73% of his statutory term.Docket 90 at 267.And while he appears, to his credit, to have worked on improving himself in custody, the BOP found Haron’s pattern risk level to be “High.” Id.at 262.Overall, the amended sentence was chosen with care, considering Haron’s and his community’s needs and all of the other applicable sentencing factors.Therefore, the court finds that Haron’s sentence of 75 months in custody with 5 years of supervised release continues to be appropriate for the seriousness of the crime to which he pleaded guilty.


    Although Haron’s model is built fundamentally around highly efficient units of production, before he sets these units up, he first establishes a market for what it will produce.He therefore starts by identifying an underperforming processing company whose raw material is locally available.When he finds one, he convinces them to sell part of their stake to a group of farmers who would guarantee them a stable and consistent supply of raw material at a subsidized cost.When negotiations are concluded, Haron then finds and organizes farmers already producing the needed raw material into a basic group of 10 households called “Nyumba Kumi,” or not surprisingly, “Ten Houses” in Kiswahili.The number of groups he sets up depends on the production capacity of each group versus the company’s demand.To join a group, each household has to be vetted and recommended by the rest of the members of the group.Each group runs by high accountability and performance standards.Members are trained on financial literacy, specialization, production management, and team work, among other skills.This training of farmers, paired with the restructured and tightly managed businesses that Haron has launched, are professionalizing and transforming the agricultural sector in Kenya where, in the past, layers of inefficiencies and mismanagement had led to dismal underperformance.Now, once a Nyumba Kumi group has been set up, it follows a strict delivery schedule in order not to upset the rest of the value chain.Delivery of raw material is done at dedicated bulking centers for collection by processing companies.Haron has convinced local district councils to allocate part of their budget to the construction of bulking centers.Through this strategy, he has already raised nearly US$700,000 to construct bulking centers in over 20 districts around Kenya.When a group delivers produce to the bulking center according to agreed upon timelines and quantities, 90 percent of what the group is owed is paid to them in cash and the remaining 10 percent in equity.This payment model is maintained until the farmers acquire 80 percent of the processing company.“Akili,” which means cleverness or knowledge, is the name attached to each of the products and is now becoming a well-known brand in Kenya.There are currently seven value chains and partnerships running under Haron’s model, producing, processing, and marketing coffee products, leather products, food supplements, fresh fruit beverages, herbal products, products of apiculture, and dairy products.Since each product is branded Akili, consumers of Akili Honey, Akili Nutrimix, and Akili Aloe Vera, for example, know that they are supporting groups of farmers and producer-owned companies.Though only launched in 2008, Haron’s work with Akili Holdings was recently recognized by the United Nations Development Programme, with whose support he plans to replicate his model of wealth creation for farmers in 15 constituencies around Kenya in an important step toward the realization of his vision to see a proliferation of value chains and industries co-owned by farmers all over East Africa.

    A few of your biggest learnings as CEO during the time of a pandemic?

    I’ve recognized that people are much more resilient and flexible than imaginable.At the onset of the pandemic, many people couldn’t fathom a 100% work from home environment, especially in the BPO industry where individuals work very closely with team members.The idea that you can work as effectively at home was a concept people were simply uncomfortable with.But the pandemic proved it’s possible.The challenge then became keeping employees engaged and finding ways to promote teamwork in a new, virtual environment.You have to work extra hard to keep your teams engaged.It’s almost like starting from the ground up, but I’m very proud of my teams and the collaboration and resiliency they’ve showed.

    Covid-19 has changed the game not just for the way businesses function today but also for online shoppers and consumers, as consumer demands change during this time and in future; what are a few methods you’d share to help companies scale efforts and reach their consumers where they are more successfully?

    Covid-19 brought about many challenges related to customer demand and expectations.When shipments were delayed and postal services dealt with high volumes, customers became frustrated and their patience wore thin.Businesses had to adapt to different expectations and communicate transparently and proactively to their customers.Many big brands with strong digital presences were able to communicate effectively through their websites and social channels.However, the situation was very different for smaller businesses who lacked a robust presence on digital platforms.Many of these companies successfully built their brands by reaching out to customers directly via email or social platforms such as Instagram.Small and mid-sized businesses also collaborated and supported each other during the pandemic, often by re-posting content and creating community-wide visibility and support.This cross-promotion and collaboration helped many small businesses survive an unprecedented year.

    Is your building smarter than you?

    Is your building smarter than you? There are numerous systems that can be used to measure, monitor and give feedback on space use, the occupants and their behaviour.If youre not using thus data the answer could be yes.

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    Take us through some of your most successful customer service plans and the tools that have helped drive best results over the years?

    A successful customer service plan is one that takes the entire customer lifecycle into account.A holistic view of the customer is critical and brands should focus on addressing every single interaction throughout the customer journey.A robust CRM tool to track data is essential, and if you’re selling products, your order and inventory management tool needs to be sophisticated enough to see exactly where things are at any point in time.Lastly, it’s important to have the right analytics tool to help you gain valuable customer insights.For example, a sentiment tool that measures voice patterns and gauges customer satisfaction is extremely useful in helping brands design and deliver an excellent customer experience.

    Tell us a little about yourself Fara…we’d love to hear about your role, a typical day at work?

    As a regional CEO at Majorel, I oversee operations in North America, Ireland, South East Asia, United Kingdom, Kenya and India.From a global perspective, it’s a large scope, but we try to make it feel like one integrated team with a common culture, despite the various time zones.Due to the pandemic, my typical day has changed drastically over the last year.I went from visiting multiple countries on a weekly basis to working from my home office, which has been a major shift.My days start early – usually at 6:00 AM so that I can connect with my teams in Europe and Asia.I’ve found the days end up being longer because ad-hoc conversations no longer take place.Instead, all conversations are now scheduled in 30 minutes increments, which results in full days of video calls (something I’m sure many others can relate to as well).

    What according to you does it take to create and build out a more proactive and seamless customer experience and customer journey in today’s always-on and digital selling / remote marketing world?

    Delivering a proactive and seamless customer experience requires a personalized approach.By analyzing customer behavior you can proactively communicate and address potential issues.For example, if a customer calls about a problem they’re having and you already know the products they own, you can anticipate common issues.You can have solutions ready and also make personalized recommendations for other products that may fit their needs.For customers that you don’t have insights into, providing a personalized approach can be challenging, but it’s still possible.Even if you know where they’re located, you can stay abreast of what’s going on in that region and personalize your communications accordingly.

    What are some of the top customer service tips you’d advise brands and teams follow during this time, also, a few insights into the marketing technologies and sales technologies that they should be using to drive efforts here?

    Brands should use technology that improves interactions with customers and facilitates better and faster communication.Chatbot technology, for example, proves useful because it delivers the quick, automated answers that customers want.As an added benefit, this approach helps brands save valuable time and frees up customer service representatives to focus on more complex customer issues.Brands should also leverage platforms for social listening and monitoring.By having a strong understanding of customer sentiment, brands can capture insights and better understand what is relevant to their customers.

    What did your Haron ancestors do for a living?

    In 1940, Laborer and Stenographer were the top reported jobs for men and women in the US named Haron.23% of Haron men worked as a Laborer and 38% of Haron women worked as a Stenographer.

    What is the average Haron lifespan?

    Between 1964 and 2004, in the United States, Haron life expectancy was at its lowest point in 1992, and highest in 1995.The average life expectancy for Haron in 1964 was 84, and 83 in 2004.

    What Type Of New Land Rover Specials Are Available?

    While we strive always to have a long list of new vehicle specials as an option, they change frequently based on our current inventory and the newest Land Rover SUVs introduced to the market.From new lease specials on a new Land Rover Discovery and lease offers on the new Land Rover Discovery Sport to financing specials on the new Land Rover Range Rover Evoque and the latest Land Rover Range Rover Sport, we have lease and loan specials available for multiple new models.We suggest browsing through our current new vehicle specials list to see which one best suits you and your wallet.

    Why Buy Used From Haron Jaguar?

    We take selling cars seriously at Haron Jaguar.Our customers’ satisfaction is our number one priority.Drivers looking for quality used cars at excellent prices near Madera and Clovis can find a wide range of choices when they shop with us.Our team works hard to bring in only used cars of the highest quality – cars that we ourselves would buy and drive.This means you’ll browse the most desirable used cars in the greater Kerman and Fresno areas at Haron Jaguar.

    History of HARON

  • In 2005, 2012, and twice in 2013, Haron was convicted of possession of a controlled substance in state court.