Overview of Huni

  • HUNI applauds Dismantle Preservation for selecting Indy’s own HUNI Leadership Team member Jordan Ryan (North Square) as one of its 40 people under Forty recognized for “pushing preservation in new directions.” The list is comprised of people and groups who work in cultural resources in a wide variety of ways.
  • Huni is not the only professional boxer set to compete at Tokyo 2020, with the Philippines’ Eumir Felix Marcial – who has qualified in the under-75-kilogram division – recently making his professional debut, and others having turned to the pro ranks following the postponement of the Olympics.
  • Huni would absolutely be an individual upgrade over Colin “Kumo” Zhao, but if he is to join the EG roster as Wolf’s report implies, it would prompt a curious set of decision for the organization to make ahead of the Summer Split. 
  • Huni and the team’s new roster had a successful Spring Split, finishing 2nd in the regular season with a 13-5 record, partly thanks to Huni’s impressive performances on Lissandra and Rumble among other champions.
  • HuNI is part of the rapidly growing global digital humanities initiative, which is producing many innovative applications and services aimed at expanding the use of digital technologies in humanities research.
  • Huni then traveled with Fnatic to the 2015 World Championship, where they battled against Taiwan’s ahq e-Sports Club, North America’s Cloud9, and China’s Invictus Gaming in group B of the world championship.
  • Huni will become a North American resident — per Riot’s interregional movement policy — at the end of this season, allowing for Evil Geniuses to sign a third import player for their starting lineup.
  • Huni’s memory lived on for a few time after his death, for the Palermo Stone lists an estate belonging to his cult during the reign of the 5th Dynasty King Neferirkara a few 150 years after his death.
  • Huni’s champion pool limitations were highlighted as he picked Lucian top in game 1, followed by Graves and Gangplank, ignoring the meta-favored tanks of Ekko and Maokai on patch 6.6.
  • Huni and Reignover together exseemed their regular-season LCS winstreak from 18 games in Europe to 32 games overall as the team didn’t drop a single game prior to week 7.
  • Network

    Through its use and development of innovative technologies and techniques, the HuNI project proposes some large questions, far beyond the specific queries of participating researchers: how might the opportunities presented by an unprecedented proliferation of networked data also challenge the unspoken assumptions and ordinary practices of conventional humanities research?Underlying the HuNI initiative is the recognition that cultural data is not economically, culturally, or socially insular, and, in order to explore its dimensions fully, researchers need to collaborate across disciplines, institutions, and social locations.5 If we understand humanities research problems as comprising interdependent networks of institutional, social, and commercial practices, then it follows that new kinds of “evidence” and new ways of organizing, accessing, and presenting this evidence are critical for our enquiries.


    The HuNI virtual laboratory is designed to support the nonlinear and recursive research methods practiced in the humanities.HuNI provides discovery tools for casual users from the wider community, but more sophisticated functionality is available to researchers who register for an account in the virtual laboratory.Registered researchers have their own personal workspace within HuNI.Central to the design of the HuNI platform is the recognition that HuNI users will already be comfortable with existing tools and workflows.Consequently, researchers can authenticate themselves using social media logins and will also be able to share their discoveries and activities through their existing social media accounts.

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    Was signing Huni good for EG?

    Signing Huni will throw Evil Geniuses off balance if the team decides to use him as a starter.Huni is an aggressive player that demands attention from the jungle.That’s not the style that Evil Geniuses played in the spring, as the squad prioritized the mid and bottom lane, often leaving top laner Colin “Kumo” Zhao to fend for himself.With Huni in the lineup, this dynamic will most likely change.

    What Options Does Huni Have?

    Look at the rest of the teams’ top laners.Cloud9, 100T, and TSM have the first, second, and third all-pro top laners respectively and are very unlikely to pick up Huni.As for the other playoff teams Golden Guardians and EG seem the most likely teams acquire him.EG does not play around top often and Kumo seems to be finding his footing as a weak side player.Flyquest, despite V1per struggling, seem to have found success with Solo.Outside of the playoffs teams TL is almost certainly not going to part ways with Impact.Immortals and CLG might be inclined to make some changes, but Huni would honestly only be a side-grade for either team.Also, he likely comes with a large increase in overhead.If he wants to stay in the LCS he’ll likely have to slide into Academy and prove he deserves a starting spot.

    History of Huni

  • In 1946, when a Brazilian trader visited the huni kuin, they knew what they wanted from him: industrialized goods, metal axes, shotguns, etc.
  • In 2004, it bought 66% of Slovakia's Slovenske Electrarne (SE) with its four VVER 440/V213 Bohunice and Mochovce reactors there.
  • In 2017, Huni won the Mid-Season Invitational with SK Telecom T1.
  • In 2021 Huni will face a major test against his countryman Browne, a former WBA belt-holder whose only losses in 31 fights came against Dillian Whyte and Dave Allen.
  • In 2021, the LCK is transitioning into a franchised model that will significantly improve the conditions for players that might previously have gone to North America looking for higher salaries.