HUNT Token

Overview of HUNT Token

  • HUNT Token had an all-time high of $0.758964 about 1 month ago.
  • HUNT Token's market cap is $37.83M.
  • HUNT Token is traded on exchanges.
  • Want Daily HUNT Price Updates?

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    How do you get a dev token on Product Hunt?

    I’m trying to pull some information with a little Ruby code on Product Hunt and I need a dev token.How can I get access to one? The api docs are super confusing….

    Why Wikitude ?

    Wikitude is great and allowed us to use AR capabilities in our app on a lot of devices really fast.

    How do I grab a token?

    Token Hunt is one of our favorite features.

    Stock Buybacks: Why Would a Company Reinvest in Themselves?

    The rapidly improving economy and stocks at record highs may be fueling a flurry of stock buyback activity in 2021.

    Hunt System: How does it affect what you select from the token exchange?

    So this is a fairly small adjustment to the game, but I think it warrants a little general discussion as perspectives will differ.With the hunt system, not only does it allow you to make up your token deficit if you miss a day or two, but with the new hunt token exchange the rewards are no longer limited, meaning you don't have to split the month's tokens up into different rewards.Now if you want you could go for an ingot every 20 days, or you could stock up on tickets with 60+ tickets a month, or you could get 2 EX tokens each month.Wisely they made sure to cap the tokens to keep anyone from stockpiling…

    Token Hunt uses geo-location?


    Want to create an AR project of your own?

    Share your ideas with us to learn which AR SDK package is right for you.

    What is Token Hunt?

    Token Hunt is our augmented reality geo-location enabled token discovery feature, where users can collect $CHZ, $SSU (Our platform’s loyalty Tokens) and on special occasions Fan Tokens for free.Token Hunt is a global experience.All you need to do is log-in daily, and see what’s available to hunt down from any location! Make sure you visit every point of interest on your Token Hunt Quest map to maximise your holdings and always be on the lookout for comms to know when a special or limited-time hunt is around the corner.Everything you collect in Token Hunt is added to your wallet instantly.Your only job is to discover prizes and hunt down enough to use them in the Socios.

    History of HUNT Token