Overview of HYPNOXYS

  • Hypnoxys strives to maintain reliability and encouraging users to chat through incentives.The project was implemented very simply and at the same time contains a huge functionality and a good idea to solve many problems!This project has very good ratings in most listings, and this is justified, given its almost unique idea and its professional implementation.
  • Hypnoxys want to offer our industry a new way to be able to use instant messaging services without central party to worry about the security of your chats in an encrypted and transparent way using blockchain technology.
  • Hypnoxys is a multifunctional decentralized messenger which has it’s design dependent on P2P communication, distributed data storage in IPFS and start to finish encryption.
  • Hypnoxys distribuyó más de 31 millardos de HYPX a través de su venta de token, su preventa y con la ayuda de dos firmas de capital de riesgo con sede en Dinamarca.
  • Hypnoxys is an emerging project that employs blockchain technology and cryptocurrency in order to create a trustless and decentralized social media network.
  • Hypnoxys has no control over, and assumes no responsibility for, the content, privacy policies, or practices of any third party web sites or services.
  • Hypnoxys app will offer users access to initiate individual and group text chats, public group chats, make audio and video calls between one another.
  • HYPNOXYS price Index provides the latest HYPX price in US Dollars , BTC and ETH using an average from the world's leading crypto exchanges.
  • Hypnoxys platform pays users for chatting with the functionality of adding advertising to the application and generating more revenue.
  • HYPNOXYS's share of the entire cryptocurrency market is 0.00% with the market capitalization of $ 70.02 Thousands.
  • Blockchain

    All transactions occurring on the Hypnoxys platform are recorded on the application blockchain.The application is different from different applications in the chat, as it does not charge for users who download ads but pays them for viewing ads.Any activity performed by users is protected due to the end-to-end encryption of the system.Since Hypnoxys tokens are already listed on different exchange platforms, token holders can, therefore, trade their tokens with other cryptocurrencies of their choice and receive an equivalent value or make a profit.Ticker — HYPXBlockchain Architecture — EthereumThe Hypnoxys platform is built using the Ethereum protocol and uses tokens for transactions on the platform.HYPX tokens are the primary means used for payment in the Hypnoxys application.HYPX tokens are paid to users when an ad is activated to use the application.Hypnoxys tokens can be purchased against bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on numerous exchanges.Tokens can be stored in different wallets or on the Hypnoxys platform.


    The group behind the platform is centered around decentralization of data, classification and opposition it to attacks.


    The platform introduced blockchain technology into the chat and instant messaging industry in order to stimulate growth in the industry using blockchain and cryptocurrency.

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    You can see a symbol of a cryptocurrency in the top-left corner of the graph (It´s HYPX/USD in this case), right next to it you will find time intervals 1m, 30m, 1h.If you select 30m, one candle will represent a time period of 30 minutes on the market.The time period can be changed by pressing an arrow heading down.

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    HYPX Price is 0.HYPX Price is 0.0001020 USD today.0001020 USD today.

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