Overview of Hyve

  • Hyve inseems to use Vantiq’s platform to help advance its work on developing remote healthcare monitoring solutions that organizations can deploy to rapidly spot early signs of virus infections in their workforce.“As we tentatively enter COVID-19 recovery, schools and businesses and governments need to address the ‘fear factor.’ People need to feel safe,” said Hyve Dynamics CEO Cecilia Harvey.
  • Hyve’s new HPC solution removes the complexity and cost concerns associated with traditional HPC deployments by delivering a fixed monthly billing option, which allows users to manage their budget effectively and predict their bill at the end of the month.
  • Hyve is a business unit of Synnex Corporation, which does contract assembly work for OEMs and large end users, and is part of a growing ecosystem of original design manufacturers and custom server specialists that have supported Facebook.
  • Hyve custom solutions engineers start with conventional equipment and solutions, consider all ends of a customer’s needs, then hunt down those few tweaks that can make all the difference in delivering outsize solution value.
  • Hyve’s sensory skin provides precise data regarding how a plane will fly in actual weather conditions and hence exactly what you want to fix, change or refine in order to operate more efficiently and safely.
  • Hyve Group plc is a next generation global events business whose purpose is to create unmissable events, where customers from all corners of the globe share extraordinary moments and shape industry innovation.
  • Hyve has also secured a waiver to banking covenants up to and including March 2022 and deferral of loan amortisation payments totalling GBP35 million until maturity in December 2023.
  • Hyve has taken the lead in developing products based on Open Compute designs, so that other companies can begin to take advantage of a few of the latest innovations in open hardware.
  • Hyve Technologies manufactures these High Quality  machined replacement parts and accessories in our manufacturing facility located right here in the Good old USA.
  • Hyve is undertaking a rights issue of nine new shares at 69 pence each for every 40 existing ordinary shares, to raise gross proceeds of GBP126.6 million.
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    At the recent Open Compute Summit in Santa Clara, Steve Ichinaga and Howard Cohen from the Hyve team gave Data Center Knowledge a look at hardware optimized for existing 19-inch racks, as well as the 21-inch wide Open Rack standard.company has been a significant player in building server hardware for Facebook.Hyve has taken the lead in developing products based on Open Compute designs, so that other companies can begin to take advantage of some of the latest innovations in open hardware.You may be less familiar with Hyve Solutions, but the Fremont, Calif.You’ve probably heard of Facebook’s custom server designs, which were unveiled when the company opened its first data center and launched the Open Compute project in 2011.

    HYVE; how did the idea came to be?

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    Our sensory & robotics technology solutions revolutionise the standards for data harvesting across multiple industries.


    The result after six years of peer-reviewed research, countless hours of simulations and laboratory experimentation and testing in partnership with Cranfield University, is the artificial skin used in Adaptronics.

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    Equinix connects the world’s leading businesses to their customers, employees and partners inside the world’s most connected data centers in 33 markets across five continents.In the United States, Equinix operates data centers in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Philadelphia, Seattle, Silicon Valley and Washington D.C.

    History of Hyve

  • In 2009, SYNNEX’s System Integration Division, focused heavily on the server/storage/appliance market as demand for custom servers in large-scale deployments, ignited.