Ifoods Chain

Overview of Ifoods Chain

  • Ifoods chain will build up an assortment of DAPP applications including savvy gadget sustenance test, daggering, appropriated information esteem conveyance, insurance, circulated nourishment test organize, dispersed eco support and organization and disseminated web based business and so forth.
  • Ifoods Chain is a free chain that seeks to cleanse the supply chain in the food industry by leveraging the benefits of the blockchain technology and smart contracts to construct a decentralized, safe, and trustworthy food safety and quality detection system.
  • Ifoods chain is a scientific and technological enterprise using structured central data + intelligent hardware + block chain technology in food quick inspection and is committed to becoming a block chain standard maker in the global food field.
  • Ifoods chain gives shoppers the means to rapidly identify sanitation and quality information, secure the rights and interests of sustenance detecting specialists, and advance the improvement of nourishment safety.
  • Ifoods chain is a public chain project, which uses blockchain technology to build a secure, reliable platform in order to share information about safe food chains through smart detection devices.
  • Ifoods chain started with the hope of eliminating the inherent weaknesses  in these projects and also bringing the benefits from economic investment.
  • Ifoods Chain is founded on the fact that all factors of food safety must be taken into account to ensure consumers’ health is not compromised.
  • Ifoods chain open chain is created basing on square chain innovation, brilliant contract, DAI, shrewd gadgets and alternative advancements.
  • Ifoods Chain (IFOOD) is the #2008 largest cryptocurrency by market cap as of May 04, 2021, with a market cap of $52,528.55 USD.
  • Ifoods Chain 6/24/19 had the highest price, at that time trading at its all-time high of $0,0038.
  • Blockchain

    Prior to starting the Ifoods Chain, Kallon was keen on blockchain’s efficiency, so both Kallon and Ruji applied the technology to several government poverty alleviation projects, got the China Telecom National Agricultural cloud laboratory to push back poverty alleviation projects in beef cattle, and focused on the aspect of “traceability” within food.

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    How can I calculate the amount of USDT? / How do I convert my Ifoods Chain to Tether?

    You can calculate/convert USDT from Ifoods Chain to Tether converter.Also, you can select other currencies from the drop-down list.

    How Many Ifoods Chain Coins Are There?

    There are currently 2,499,999,990 Ifoods Chain coins circulating out of a max supply of 10,000,000,000.

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    What Are Medium-Chain Triglycerides?

    According to a January 2014 article in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (JAND), medium-chain triglycerides (also known as fatty acids) are saturated fats made with anywhere from six to 12 carbons.

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    What has been the Ifoods Chain to Tether trading volume in the last 24 hours?

    Relying on the table data, the Ifoods Chain to Tether exchange volume is $0.

    What Is Ifoods Chain's Price Today?

    Ifoods Chain (IFOOD) is trading at $0.00002101 USD, increasing by 0.01% since yesterday.Ifoods Chain has traded $0 USD in the last 24 hours.

    What is Ifoods Chain?

    Based on the blockchain technology, DAI and intelligent device, Ifoods chain provides a platform for fast food detection and protects food safety.IFOOD is the digital coin of the decentralized eco.

    What is the current IFOOD to USDT exchange rate?

    Right now, the IFOOD/USDT exchange rate is 0.

    What is
    the Ifoods Chain price today?

    The current price of Ifoods Chain is
    0.000557 USD today.

    Will Ifoods Chain crash?

    According to our analysis, this can happen.

    Will Ifoods Chain hit 1 USD in a year?

    Not within a year.See above.

    Will Ifoods Chain hit 10 USD in a year?

    Not within a year.See above.

    Will Ifoods Chain hit 5 USD in a year?

    Not within a year.See above.

    Will Ifoods Chain price drop / fall?

    Yes.The price of Ifoods Chain may drop from
    0.000557 USD to
    0.000003 USD.The
    change will be

    Will Ifoods Chain price grow / rise / go up?

    No.See above.

    Will Ifoods Chain replace / surpass / overtake

    According to our predictions, this won’t happen in near future.

    History of Ifoods Chain