Overview of IOTA

  • Iota is forecast to weaken into a depression by Wednesday as it slowly moves west over Honduras and El Salvador, bringing 10-30 inches of rain to Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Belize and raising the risk of life-threatening flash flooding, landslides and mudslides in an area that was recently battered by another powerful storm.
  • IOTA First Party Oracles do not use external data sources, nor data that was processed and made available on a DLT by a third party, but instead rely on data that has been submitted to the IOTA Tangle by the data issuer itself.
  • IOTA’s Co-laborer organization, the Orthodox Theological Society of America (OTSA), has developed a COVID vaccine statement to educate Orthodox and others about the vaccines, how they work, and how they should be taken.
  • IOTA Management encourages friendly competition among chasers by publishing details of participants’ performance in an Honour Roll and annual listings, as well as by recognising it with certificates and prestige awards.
  • IOTA redesigns the way people and devices connect to share information and value, removing fees and enhancing trust.We collaborate with our community and partners to deliver sustainable, real-world impact.
  • IOTA gives detailed network traffic visibility to critical applications and data, allowing you to obtain real-time and historical network traffic without affecting the network performance and security.
  • Iota was drenching already saturated towns and villages as it moved inland over southern Honduras and as authorities reported many people missing with a few of the worst-hit areas still cut off.
  • Iota was about 35 miles (56 km) southeast of the Honduran capital, Tegucigalpa, the NHC said, moving west at 12 mph (19 kph) where it could provoke “catastrophic flash flooding and mudslides.”
  • IOTA’s price boost came as the Renault Vice President of blockchain, Odile Panciatici, stated that the project was on a shortlist of four to work with the automaker.
  • IOTA was higher by 86% last week and the coin now trades at number 26 in the list of coins by market cap with a current valuation of $3.2 billion.
  • Blockchain

    IOTA uses a DAG data structure allowing transactions to be added in parallel, unlike
    blockchain alternatives.


    While meteorologists earlier Monday hustled to put the rarity of Iota’s strength for November into perspective after it became a Category 5, it became clear that an imminent humanitarian catastrophe was likely coming for Nicaragua and Honduras.


    IOTA is the first distributed ledger built for the “Internet of Everything” – a network for exchanging
    value and data between humans and machines.


    IOTA’s Tangle is an open, feeless and scalable distributed ledger, designed to support frictionless data
    and value transfer.


    The IOTA network is built to for the Internet of Things, with tamper-proof data, feeless micro
    transactions and low resource requirements.

    Bitcoin Bumps Up, but for How Long?

    Traditional markets continue to struggle during the coronavirus crisis while cryptocurrencies are seeing an upswing.

    Bitcoin Follows Stock Markets Higher; How Long Will They Move in Lockstep?

    Crypto prices climbed with traditional market indexes Monday as traders wondered if bitcoin will remain a follower or break out and blaze its own path.

    How Is IOTA Different from Bitcoin?

    IOTA’s solution to Bitcoin’s problems is to do away with several key concepts and topographical constraints of a blockchain.mIOTA, IOTA’s cryptocurrency, is premined and consensus of transactions occurs differently compared to a blockchain.IOTA developers have proposed a new data structure (a way to organize numeric representations within a computer’s memory) known as Tangle.

    How Is the IOTA Network Secured?

    Given how the IOTA network isn’t a blockchain, you may not think that it would have much need for a consensus mechanism.However, to help keep the network secure, a relatively straightforward Proof-of-Work puzzle is included in the process of validating a transaction.

    How is World Vision responding to Hurricane Iota?

    World Vision’s local emergency response teams have pre-positioned supplies around the world to ensure emergency teams can begin responding immediately.

    How Many IOTA (MIOTA) Coins Are There In Circulation?

    MIOTA has a maximum supply of 2,779,530,283 tokens — and all of them are in circulation.

    IOTA: A glimpse into the future?

    What does a Corona test have to do with cryptocurrency? Technology that seems abstract to the average consumer is present in our everyday lives.DW explains with a glimpse into the future.

    What Caused the Recent Spike in IOTA’s Valuation?

    According to consultancy firm Bain, the IoT market is expected to be worth $470 billion by 2020.Through IOTA Foundation, the German nonprofit behind the cryptocurrency, IOTA is an early mover in this space.It has already partnered with companies which will play a leading role in IoT, such as Cisco Systems Inc.(CSCO) and Samsung Electronics Ltd.(SSNLF), to create a data marketplace that can be monetized later.IOTA has also partnered with Innogy, an energy company.

    What Is IOTA (MIOTA)?

    IOTA is a distributed ledger with one big difference: it isn’t actually a blockchain.Instead, its proprietary technology is known as Tangle, a system of nodes that confirm transactions.The foundation behind this platform says this offers far greater speeds than conventional blockchains — and an ideal footprint for the ever-expanding Internet of Things ecosystem.

    What Is IOTA?

    In a blog post discussing IOTA’s road map, David Sonstebo, co-founder of cryptocurrency, wrote that it was developed to enable the “paradigm shift” to the Internet of Things by establishing a “de facto standardized “Ledger of Everything.” Simply put, this means the cryptocurrency will enable data exchange between sensor-equipped machines that populate the Internet of Things.

    What Is IOTA?

    IOTA (MIOTA) is a distributed ledger designed to record and execute transactions between machines and devices in the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem.The ledger uses a cryptocurrency called mIOTA to account for transactions in its network.IOTA’s key innovation is Tangle, a system of nodes used for confirming transactions.IOTA claims that Tangle is faster and more efficient than typical blockchains used in cryptocurrencies.

    What Is IOTA?

    Founded in 2017, the International Orthodox Theological Association is a community of scholars and professionals dedicated to the worldwide exchange of knowledge within the context of the Orthodox Tradition.IOTA organizes international conferences and facilitates group research projects; the association contributes to the growth and renewal of the Orthodox Church by supporting pan-Orthodox unity and conciliarity.As a pan-Orthodox nonprofit organization, IOTA does not belong to any one local Church and strives to maintain constructive relations with the leaders of all Orthodox Churches.

    What Makes IOTA Unique?

    Well, as we alluded to a little earlier, the fact that it’s effectively a blockchainless blockchain is rather unusual to say the least.

    What’s The Catch?

    The Internet of Things is a glamorous buzzword but it might be a while before a sensor-filled future of machines becomes a reality.Also, IOTA is a technology under development and is still improving flaws in its protocol.For example, the MIT Media Lab recently uncovered a security problem with Tangle.According to the MIT team, the IOTA protocol’s hash function, Curl, produced collisions or a situation where different inputs hash pointed to the same output.

    Where Can You Buy IOTA (MIOTA)?

    MIOTA is available on multiple exchanges — including Binance, Bitfinex, and OKEx.According to the project, a range of trading pairs are available, linking the token with Bitcoin, Ethereum, stablecoins, and fiat currencies including the Japanese yen, euro, pound, and dollar.Learn more about fiat on-ramps here.

    Where did Hurricane Iota develop?

    Hurricane Iota developed in the south-central Caribbean Sea on November 13 as a tropical depression.

    Where is Hurricane Iota expected to make landfall?

    Hurricane Iota made landfall Monday evening along northeastern Nicaragua.The Category 5 hurricane was downgraded to Category 4 right before hitting landfall.

    Who Are the Founders of IOTA?

    IOTA has four co-founders, and their names are Sergey Ivancheglo, Serguei Popov, David Sønstebø and Dominik Schiener.

    Why Become an IOTA member?

    With IOTA membership, you become a part of a vibrant international community of over 1,000 scholars, church leaders, and professionals steeped in the Orthodox tradition.Your membership provides for IOTA’s core services: conference organization, IOTA Publications, IOTA Forum, and the production of educational video and audio resources.Different membership categories are available.

    History of IOTA

  • In 2015, Jinn was rebranded as IOTA, and another token sale was held.
  • In 2015, the project announced Iota, a cryptocurrency network for IoT devices that utilized some of the cryptographic techniques researched and developed at Jinn.