Overview of IronCoin

  • IronCoin sits in your web browser as an extension, it loads Javascript to detect the links you are navigating to and check them against a database of known bad links.
  • IronCoin converter online – service for converting IronCoin to another currency or cryptocurrency at the current IronCoin exchange rate in real time.
  • IRONCOIN airdrop amount is 5,000,000 IRC from the total IRC pool and will be distributed with a maximum of 1000 coin per airdrop participants.
  • IronCoin price for today we calculate by analyzing the value of IronCoin in all trading transactions with alternative amounts of exchange.
  • IronCoin value to pound sterling is the estimated cost of IronCoin in dollars converted to pound sterling at the current cross rate.
  • IronCoin funds bounties for open-source developers, to help make high-quality software free and available to everyone.
  • IronCoin is a crypto security extension which detects phishing, puny code attacks, and hijacking attempts.
  • IronCoin price is calculated from each transaction of trading pairs in the free trade market.
  • IronCoin online price analysis program can predict IronCoin for tomorrow with a few accuracy.
  • The Ironcoin is the real perfect match of the fantasy coin from the Iron-bank of Braavos.
  • Support

    But, to support the cost of servers, team development and the constant update of new blocking URLs IronCoin does include monetization.IronCoin is free and open source.

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    How Can I Add/Remove Sites From The List?

    If you’ve discovered a site that should be added or removed from our list, please open up an issue on GitHub for us to review.

    How to buy IRONCOIN (IRC) from above-listed exchanges?

    Step 1: Click on Buy IRONCOIN (IRC) from Exchange button.Step 2: You will be redirected to the exchange.Step 3: Sign up if you do not have an account with that exchange else log in.Step 4: See if the exchange support fiat currency or cryptocurrency or both.Step 5: Deposit the currency it supports and buy the currency you want.

    Is IronCoin Monetized?


    Who Created IronCoin?

    Redditor AdamSC1 who is a moderator of Reddit’s /r/cryptocurrency and /r/EthTrader.These subreddits have had more than 10M+ unique monthly visitors at their peak, and are often innundated with crypto scams.While the teams use manual moderation and tools like Reddit’s AutoMod to keep scams at bay, Adam wanted to find a way to extend user protection across the web.

    Why did Jaqen H'ghar give Arya the iron coin?

    Arya tricks/blackmails Jaqen H’ghar into helping her after she’s used up her first two victims.

    History of IronCoin