ITAM Games

Overview of ITAM Games

  • Itam Games has created an ecosystem, which includes a store and exchange, in which users can trade their in-game digital assets — or nonfungible tokens (NFT) — which include achievements, leaderboards, items and accounts. 
  • ITAM Games’s BlueDawn, which will offer a fair and transparent way of buying and selling acquired items after being blockified, will be a game unlike any others with high quality, and be the forefront of blockchain games.
  • ITAM Games, with already getting its name out in the EOS ecosystem with EOScanner and EOStock, received global interest once again after releasing a YouTube video on December 3rd.
  • ITAM Games was founded a number of months prior to the launch of the EOS Mainnet, with the goal of creating a transparent gaming platform for a blockchain dApp ecosystem.
  • ITAM Games price Index provides the latest ITAM price in US Dollars , BTC and ETH using an average from the world's leading crypto exchanges.
  • ITAM Games is providing games and game developers with an opportunity to experience a whole new world powered by the blockchain ecosystem.
  • ITAM Games also joins the list of dApps that move from EOS to WAX, after announcing the transition of its entire mobile games portfolio.
  • ITAM Games is a solution based on blockchain technology where players get to do what they love, while at the same time earning.
  • ITAM Games has a mission to support the broad array of games developers in existence today do what they love most.
  • ITAM Games aims to realize the dream of gamers worldwide of ‘Play to Earn.’
  • Blockchain

    ITAM Games is deeply aware of the issues on the current game industry and have
    continuously worked the past year in developing and realizing our products.As we reduced the gap
    between the hypothesis of the team and realistic development, we believe the uncertainty of project
    completion has diminished, and we at ITAM Games intend to write this white paper to inform our
    supporters on how we will provide better experiences and ecosystems for game users and game
    developers through blockchain technology.


    Importantly, ITAM Games will provide support for as many cryptocurrencies as possible to ensure that they do not lock out any player.

    What is ITAM Games?

    ITAM Games is a blockchain mobile gaming platform built on top of the EOS.IO protocol.ITAM is the native token to ITAM Games.It will be used in various ways on the ITAM Games services, for both the users and game developers.

    Q Is an EOS account required to play on ITAM Store?

    Yes, an EOS account is currently needed to download and play on the ITAM Store beta version.However, you can use your Facebook, Google, accounts and/or use email signup to create an account, even if you do not have an EOS account.

    Q Are in-app purchases only available using EOS?

    Yes, in the beta version of ITAM Store, in-app purchases will take place using EOS.However, we will not limit purchases to only EOS for long.We have different forms of in-app purchases on the way.

    Q What is the wallet the ITAM Store offers?

    ITAM Store has a built-in wallet.Users can use the wallet within the ITAM Store, much like other blockchain wallets, and transfer, stake, unstake, etc.EOS from the ITAM Store.

    Want to learn more about ITAM Store?

    ITAM Store is a platform where you can find various blockchain games in one place.

    Q Does ITAM Games have a token?

    Yes, ITAM Games has an erc-20 based ITAM Token.

    Q How do we view achievement history recorded on the ITAM Store?

    Users will be able to view their achievement records on the blockchain through, the digital assets explorer of ITAM Store.This will be directly viewable here.

    Q How can I install ITAM Store?

    To install the ITAM Store app, click the “ITAM Store Download” button on the “” website.Once you click this button, the ITAM Store APK (Android Package) will be downloaded onto your mobile device.Once the download is complete, please proceed in installing the file.

    How to start?

    In order to start playing games from ITAM STORE it is better to have an eos-account.But very soon, perhaps even in the last days of April and the beginning of May, it will be possible to play without the need to create an account on the eos network.You can log in through your social profiles, facebook or google, which is very convenient for players who are not familiar with the blockchain or who do not have an eos account.In general, ITAM GAMES is developing its games taking into account that the player did not notice that the game is somehow connected with the blockchain.

    Q How do we transact Digital Assets on an exchange?

    We at ITAM Games are currently working hard in development of the ITAM DADEX (Digital Asset Decentralized Exchange).This will be the marketplace where users can buy and sell their digital goods, which will be in the form of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) and will be accessible in the games or through the DADEX site.Updates regarding DADEX will follow soon.

    Q Is ITAM Store on the EOS MainNet, or a fork?

    Yes, ITAM Store is on the EOS MainNet, and is not a fork.We will continue to provide EOS-based products and services in the future as well.

    Q Is ITAM Store available on both Android and iOS?

    No, at the moment, ITAM Store is available only on Android.However, we are making efforts to make it available on iOS as well in the near future.

    Why ITAM Store?

    Giving ownership to the in-game assets is only one of many accomplishments ITAM Store has achieved.There are many more reasons why you need to start playing on ITAM Store.

    Q Will my private key be saved on ITAM Store server?

    No, private keys will never be saved on the ITAM Store server.Private keys will be encrypted when entered, and be saved in the local device only as the encrypted form.

    History of ITAM Games