Overview of JUST NETWORK

  • JUST Network is a stablecoin lending platform built on TRON.
  • JUST NETWORK is up 0.60% in the last 24 hours.
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    JST represents the native governance token for the JUST platform, allowing holders to vote on changes to the JUST Network and pay interest on their USDJ loans.JST used for paying stability fees will be burned and removed from the circulating supply, thereby increasing the scarcity of any remaining JST tokens.

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    For those who need to manage physical withdrawal symptoms in the most comfortable way possible, the new Medical Detox and Residential programs at Hope Network Center for Recovery are here to help.

    How can integrated design & control support the floricultural sector?

    To find optimal network configurations, consisting of hub locations and allocations of customer order decoupling points to these hubs, Marlies conducted a scenario analysis.“Scenarios were defined for different types of chains and different levels of product quality decay.For each scenario, the optimal configuration was determined using a hybrid optimization-simulation approach.The optimal network configurations were furthermore evaluated on performance indicators related to efficiency, responsiveness and product quality“.Results showed that cost benefits of up to 28% can be reached with the design of a hub network.“It is important though that the configuration of the hub network is adapted to the type of supply chain.” Also, the optimal logistics network configuration for cut flower supply chains is especially driven by the trade-off between responsiveness and product quality.Incorporating product quality decay in logistics network configuration furthermore creates a more reliable and profitable network.“We need to take in account that different product quality factors need to be incorporated, like the level of product quality decay and variability in product quality, to guarantee adequate quality for the products delivered to customers”.

    How should I find the right gift to give?

    Schedule a campaign to send a larger gift (content that you generate specifically for your network or an interesting e-book that you come across) to all of your network connections once a year.You might also schedule a campaign to send hand-written notes to your network once a year.

    How to get the best of all worlds?

    The floricultural sector is one example which shows the added value of integrating network design and control decisions and thereby incorporating perishability of products.Similar studies could benefit sectors like the food, chemical or energy industry.Also, the same dynamics as for perishability could be modelled for time related aspects, which could benefit sectors in which service time is key.

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    Not a BSR member?

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    What does it mean for the tools and techniques that are used?

    Integration of network design and network control problems increases dynamics in the network.This necessitates the use of a hybrid optimization and simulation approach to solve the integrated problem.“A hybrid optimization and simulation approach is needed to really capture product quality decay when designing and configuring a logistics network for perishable products.This approach should control the level of detail with which product quality is incorporated in the optimization model, as more detail increases run times significantly while it not necessarily contributes to finding the best logistics network configuration.We should keep in mind though that a hybrid optimization and simulation approach is even more subjected to the specific problem setting than the development of a pure optimization model”.

    What is logistics network design and control?

    “When your market is expanding, when your DCs loose efficiency, these are changes that require careful thinking about the design of your logistics network (i.e.setting the structure of the network at a strategic level).When your customers want to be delivered faster, order more frequently in smaller quantities, these are changes that require careful thinking about the control of your logistics network (i.e.managing logistics operations at a tactical and operational level).But what happens to your stocks when a DC is added? Or what happens to your network when raw material is to be stored instead of finished products? The two problems, network design and network control, are interrelated”.Based on a study of the European floricultural sector, Marlies de Keizer shows the interrelatedness of the problems in her PhD research “Logistics network design & control: managing quality in a blooming sector” (2015).This research was part of the DaVinc3i project, which was started by a consortium of industry professionals and academics in 2011 and partly financed by Dinalog.

    What should I give?

    Give value.Value is anything that could be of benefit or use to the recipient or their business.Value does not have to be something purchased but could also include attention to and genuine interest in the person or affairs of the connection.

    When should I give it?

    I would suggest sending a gift when you contact your outer circle connections.These connections are those that you contact every two or three months.Although there is nothing wrong with simply reaching out, sending a gift is a great excuse for getting in touch.

    Why Choose the Word “Gardener” for the Acronym?

    If you think about it, networking is a lot like gardening.At its very core, when we build our network, we are growing relationships as we would be growing flowers, shrubs, or trees in a garden.

    Why register for an account?

    Actor-Network Theory is a controversial social theory.In no respect is this more so than the role it ‘gives’ to nonhumans: nonhumans have agency, as Latour provocatively puts it.This article aims to interrogate the multiple layers of this declaration to understand what it means to assert with Actor-Network Theory that nonhumans exercise agency.The article surveys a wide corpus of statements by the position’s leading figures and emphasizes the wider methodological framework in which these statements are embedded.With this work done, readers will then be better placed to reject or accept the Actor-Network position -understanding more precisely what exactly it is at stake in this decision.

    Why the floricultural sector?

    “Floriculture is inseparably linked to the Netherlands.The profound knowledge of the Dutch on how to breed and grow cut flowers and potted plants, the Dutch flower auctions being the largest in the world, the adequate infrastructure to facilitate transport and logistics; it has made the Dutch floricultural sector to what it is today: the trading hub for Europe.

    Why wait?

    Within the next year network shutdowns will force millions of 2G and 3G devices to migrate to LTE and beyond.Don’t get left in the dark – Digi has everything you need to upgrade connectivity to advanced performance levels.

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