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Overview of JUST Stablecoin

  • JUST Stablecoin has a market cap of $4.23 million and approximately $286,928.00 worth of JUST Stablecoin was traded on exchanges in the last 24 hours.
  • JUST Stablecoin has a maximum supply of ∞ USDJ and a circulating supply of ?
  • JUST Stablecoin can be traded on the following cryptocurrency exchanges: .
  • JUST Stablecoin had an all-time high of $1.1866 about 1 month ago.
  • JUST Stablecoin (CURRENCY:USDJ) traded up 0.1% against the U.S.
  • JUST Stablecoin’s total supply is 4,227,158 tokens.
  • JUST Stablecoin's market cap is unknown.
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  • Are Stablecoins Securities?

    Depending on your country’s laws and regulations, stablecoins may be considered a security, so it’s worth checking their status in your jurisdiction.It’s also worth pointing out that most related legislation is still an ongoing conversation.For example, the US Treasury is still considering new regulations that will define stablecoins as a security.

    Is a broader Bitcoin rally brewing?

    There are two major on-chain metrics that often signal a bigger Bitcoin rally is forming: BTC outflows and stablecoin inflows.

    Q: How is virtual currency treated for federal income tax purposes?

    Virtual currency is treated as property and general tax principles applicable to property transactions apply to transactions using virtual currency.

    Are Stablecoins A Good Investment?

    How good an investment stablecoins are will depend on your objectives.Their purpose is to maintain stability so they won’t offer the same volatility and profit potential as day trading cryptos, for example.Instead, they’re typically considered safer assets used to mitigate risk over the longer term.

    What Are Stablecoins?

    There’s a “stablecoin invasion” happening.

    So, what are they good for?

    A 2017 study funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation revealed that roughly 1.7 billion adults around the world lack access to mobile or branch-based banking services.That means that nearly a quarter of the world’s population simply doesn’t have a stable form of monetary storage and exchange.Even in the USA, which commands the world’s largest economy, up to 7% of the population is firmly considered ‘unbanked’.

    Are Stablecoins Safe?

    Stablecoins are a safer and more stable asset vs volatile cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.However, not all emerging coins are safe.For example, fiat-backed stablecoins face issues around transparency.In the crypto network, fiat money reserves are commonly held in offshore shadow banks.These act like a bank but are not subject to financial regulation, thus do not have legitimate backing from the US Fed, for example.

    Are Stablecoins worth considering?

    If you don’t know much about blockchain technology and you don’t know what to do with changes in market conditions, you may need to keep your digital assets in Stablecoins since cryptocurrencies are often quite volatile.The volatility in cryptocurrencies is sometimes so high that if you don’t trade correctly, you may lose a lot.If you cannot keep a close eye on market conditions or changes, or if you are simply not familiar with all these, it may be wise to keep your digital assets in Stablecoins.In addition to this, cryptocurrencies can enter a recession period, called “bearish”, in which the value of all crypto coins falls considerably.During these periods, you can avoid potential risks by converting your digital assets into Stablecoins.

    How do Stablecoins affect cryptocurrency prices?

    Cryptocurrencies are not affiliated with any government or firm.They are also not bound by political, social and other economic indicators.These currencies, which depend entirely on supply and demand in the market, can therefore be quite volatile.

    Are Stablecoins Stable?

    Stablecoins are considered a stable form of digital currency with relatively low levels of volatility.They maintain their relative consistency through collateralisation whereby coins are pegged to fiat currencies, physical assets, other cryptos, or via an algorithmic peg.

    What are Stablecoins and how do they work?

    After the introduction of Bitcoin 10 years ago, we started to see many altcoins in the market including Ethereum.The number of these coins is 2224, considering those currently registered with Coinmarketcap.Many of us, at some point, would have imagined how much money we would have if we had bought $ 1,000 worth Bitcoin at the right time.This is because Bitcoin, like Ethereum, fluctuates with the price of assets entirely left to market supply and demand.

    1 million users? Maybe 2 million?

    Richard Chen, at the venture firm 1confirmation, has been assembling on-chain data about users using Dune Analytics.One chart is worth citing here in particular.

    Where does Facebook’s Libra fit into the Picture?

    Facebook announced its intention to issue a stablecoin called Libra on top of its in-house developed blockchain.The initial idea was to create a stablecoin backed by a basket of fiat currencies, including USD, EUR, JPY, GBP, SGD.Facebook faced enormous pushback from world governments and was forced to change its strategy.Currently, the first version of Libra will be backed only by US dollars.The properties of Facebook’s stablecoin are similar to Tether.We could label it as a tokenised fund, controlled by a centralised entity (The Facebook Association).Libra won’t rely on public blockchain infrastructure.The blockchain consensus mechanism will probably be permissioned proof-of-authority system (PoA).

    Q: How many different cryptocurrencies exist?

    There is no exact number of existing cryptocurrencies because the code of the cryptocurrency is an open source.This means anyone can create their own version of cryptocurrency by just using the code.

    How Are Stablecoins Taxed?

    Stablecoins, like DAI, USDC, PAX, and USDT, are typically pegged to a fiat currency like the US Dollar.Here’s how cryptocurrency tax works for these assets.

    Want Daily USDJ Price Updates?

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    What are Stablecoins?

    Stablecoins are cryptocurrencies that are often expressed in dollars.Thanks to these dollar-indexed coins, you have the opportunity to maximize your chances of protection from market fluctuations or risks.

    What Do Stablecoins Mean And Are They Cryptocurrencies?

    A stablecoin is a type of cryptocurrency which pegs its value to an external asset in order to maintain price stability.Essentially, stablecoins are part of the quest for a low-volatility cryptocurrency.In comparison to other assets like stocks, cryptos can be traded 24/7, which is helping to heighten the popularity of assets like stablecoins.

    What price stability?

    But there is disagreement within the industry about the best way to reduce the price volatility of cryptos.

    What is Stablecoin?

    A stablecoin is a cryptocurrency that is meant to limit the volatility that investors experience when using crypto.Stablecoins are usually pegged to another asset with a stable value, but they may also be backed by an algorithm.

    What Is a Stablecoin?

    A cryptocurrency with extremely low volatility, sometimes used as a means of portfolio diversification.Examples include gold-backed cryptocurrency or fiat-pegged cryptocurrency.

    What makes stablecoins different?

    In a nutshell, stablecoins are cryptocurrencies that are designed to minimise price volatility relative to a particular “stable” asset or basket of assets.Unlike traditional cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, a stablecoin is one that is pegged to a real-world asset like fiat money (e.g.the Euro) or exchange-traded commodities (e.g.gold).

    What is Shift Stablecoin?

    In the blockchain industry, the term “stablecoin” refers to a cryptocurrency with a financial value that is “pegged” to another currency, such as the US Dollar.Stablecoins allow users to buy, sell, and trade blockchain assets that mimic the prices of government-issued currencies.

    Coinbase Hidden Fees, Or Just Stablecoin Fees?

    I am going to use coinbase pro in a few days, but first I need to let my coinbase funds land.I had purchased some DAI, which is a Stable Coin.I actually did not know that it was until it had not really moved at all for two straight days.So using the regular platform for Coinbase I converted my 288 DAI into LiteCoin.Litecoin was actually going up, but when I converted it, my account value WENT DOWN 6 DOLLARS.How? the transaction said that there would be no Coinbase fees, were there any separate fees? I know when I buy USD or USD Coin, the coinbase fees are there and disclosed.

    What is Stablecoin?

    A stablecoin is a digital asset that remains stable in value against a pegged external traditional asset class.It reduces the price volatility by backing its value against a conventional asset, such as a combination of currencies, a single fiat currency, or other valuable assets.Stablecoins aim to create a stable and reliable environment to increase cryptocurrencies’ adoption and negate digital assets’ speculative nature.They offer the best of both worlds — security and decentralization of cryptocurrencies, with fiat currencies’ stability.

    Are Stablecoins Taxable?

    Just like other cryptos, stablecoins may be taxable depending on how they’re used.Sales or exchanges may need to be declared with capital gains taxes potentially applied.It’s worth seeking official tax advice in your jurisdiction before you start investing.

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    What's next for diem?

    The Diem Association has lost numerous members and executives almost two years on from its initial unveiling.

    What’s In Store For Jack Ma And His Multi-Billion Dollar Empire?

    Jack Ma and his companies Alibaba and Ant Group, have received massive regulatory blows from Chinese authorities since Ma criticized them in October last year.Ever since Chinese billionaire Jack Ma gave a fateful speech late last year, Ma’s fate has turned for the worse.In the […

    Why use stablecoins?

    Stablecoins are not subject to the extreme price volatility that other cryptocurrencies are affected by.

    How do stablecoins work?

    There are three main categories of stablecoins available to users, all of which peg their units in different ways.

    Will you pay taxes on stablecoins?

    For the most part: no.

    How do Stablecoins work?

    Stablecoin is a cryptocurrency with a fixed value.This means that the value of the cryptocurrency should not fluctuate frequently, as in normal crypto assets.Although this fixed price range is often tied to the US dollar, there are also currencies fixed to different price indices. Some Stablecoins, which are just getting ready to enter the market, aim to be fixed to the consumer price index or similar indices of some countries.Since Stablecoins can be fixed to almost anything in theory, there are Stablecoins fixed to multiple fiat coins and even to precious items like gold or silver.

    Why should I swap my coins for another coin?

    There are many reasons why you might want to swap from one coin to another.

    What are stablecoins?

    Today, there are 180 currencies across the world that are recognized by the United Nations, from the US dollar to the European Euro to the Japanese Yen, and more.

    Why stablecoins?

    Stablecoins are cryptocurrencies without the volatility.They share a lot of the same powers as ETH but their value is steady, more like a traditional currency.So you have access to stable money that you can use on Ethereum.

    What Is a Stablecoin?

    A stablecoin is a new class of cryptocurrencies that attempts to offer price stability and are backed by a reserve asset.Stablecoins have gained traction as they attempt to offer the best of both worlds—the instant processing and security or privacy of payments of cryptocurrencies, and the volatility-free stable valuations of fiat currencies.

    What is JUST Stablecoin?

    USDJ is a stablecoin of TRON.It’s generated through decentralized smart contracts on the TRON network.Anyone can pledge TRX as collateral to generate USDJ.USDJ enters into free circulation as any other cryptocurrency does once generated.It is pegged to the US dollar through Collateralized Debt Positions (CDPs), and also has autonomous feedback mechanisms.

    History of JUST Stablecoin