Overview of Kadena

  • Kadena AB is located in Okinawa City, Okinawa, Japan.  Okinawa is a semi-tropical island located between the East China Sea and the Pacific Ocean.  Given the extensive tourism, cultural and historical sites, pristine ocean and beaches, live entertainment, parks and restaurants, most people find that Kadena is the best tour of their career!  If you need information, the base operator’s telephone number is 011-81-98-961-1110 or DSN 315-634-1110.
  • Kadena airfield was initially under the control of Seventh Air Force, however on 16 July 1945, Headquarters Eighth Air Force was transferred, without personnel, equipment, or combat elements to the town of Sakugawa, near Kadena from RAF High Wycombe England.
  • Kadena’s fleet of F-15C/D Eagles (the 44th and 67th Fighter Squadrons); KC-135R/T Stratotankers (the 909th Air Refueling Squadron); E-3 Sentry|E-3B/C Sentries (the 961st Airborne Air Control Squadron); and HH-60 Pave Hawks (the 33d Rescue Squadron).
  • Kadena’s team brings experience from building JP Morgan’s blockchain technology.Kadena’s next-generation technology solves the challenges with current generation blockchains — issues which include speed, scalability, and security.
  • Kadena’s Chainweb public protocol functions through a braided, parallelized consensus mechanism, a unique architecture that boosts speeds while preserving the security of the Proof of Work consensus utilized by Bit…
  • Kadena Air Base hosts the biggest combat wing in the USAF – the 18th Wing – and, during the past seven decades, the installation has served as an important launch pad for wars in Korea, Vietnam and Iraq.
  • Kadena Air Base’s history dates back to just before the Battle of Okinawa in April 1945, when a local construction firm completed a small airfield named Yara Hikojo near the village of Kadena.
  • Kadena Air Base (嘉手納飛行場, Kadena Hikōjō) (IATA: DNA, ICAO: RODN) is a United States Air Force base in the towns of Kadena and Chatan and the city of Okinawa, in Okinawa Prefecture, Japan.
  • Kadena’s developers claim that they have one of the fastest blockchain platforms in the world claiming to be able to process 480,000 transactions per second.
  • Kadena will only offer 90-day loaner furniture to PCSing personnel that are authorized full personal household goods shipment.
  • Blockchain

    Are hybrid blockchains the silver bullet for enterprises wanting to operate in the blockchain world?Join us and Ben Jessel, Head of Growth at Kadena, as we discuss the merits of hybrid blockchains that take on the best of both permissioned and public blockchains.


    Kadena is live withKadena provides a hybrid blockchain platform, featuring the only sharded and scalable layer-1 PoW public network.Kadena solves the scaling challenges of Bitcoin and the security issues of Ethereum.Kadena’s founders created JP Morgan’s first blockchain and worked at the U.S.Securities and Exchange Commission.

    Is momentum building for talks between the United States and North Korea?

    A Republican lawmaker said the United States is “of course” open to talk with North Korea in an effort to defuse an escalating conflict over that country’s nuclear weapons program.

    What do you anticipate in the next 5-10 years as far as blockchain tech adoption?

    Stuart Popejoy: Looking ahead, expanding upon the announcement of Kadenaswap, we’re orientating our project towards DeFi.For example, creating bridges to other networks such as Ethereum.We also look forward to engaging with other DeFi projects on collaborations, specifically regarding interoperability, which benefits all blockchain ecosystem participants.

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    What is blockchain?

    A blockchain is a mechanism to have an immutable record.That record can be a record of ownership record or a record of data that can be shared by everyone.It is distributed, which means there’s no single owner.Anyone can write to that blockchain and it iss crypto graphically secured, which means that it is tamper proof.

    Is Facebook’s Lybra a hybrid blockchain?

    Libra is a Facebook backed initiative, which is a collection of institutions, predominately payment institutions, as well as social media institutions that are providing a rail, which will enable payments to flow between different parties with certain service.According to Ben, if you really study the Libra white papers, they actually have an ambition that’s far wider than a permission blockchain, they actually see that the rail will be to be used across many different systems all over the world to be tradable on an exchange and a cryptocurrency exchange, use as a mechanism for exchange, but beyond their ecosystem.

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    History of Kadena

  • In 1957, the wing upgraded to the F-100 Super Sabre and the designation was changed to the 18th Tactical Fighter Wing.
  • In 1960, a tactical reconnaissance mission was added to the wing with the arrival of the McDonnell F-101 Voodoo and the 15th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron.
  • In 1996, local authorities constructed a soccer pitch on the site.
  • In the 1990s, Kadena Air Base collected PCB-contaminated oil from “various locations on island” and leaks gave rise to a number of hot spots within the installation.
  • On 1 November 1954, the 18th Fighter-Bomber Wing arrived from Osan Air Base, South Korea.