Overview of Litex

  • LITEX is dedicated to seting up and launching the earelier version of testnet which will realize the following functions, by upgrading the original Lightning Network stack, LITEX testnet can enable channel expansion and partial withdrawals, and cross-chain (BTC and ERC20, to start) atomic swaps and distributed fast routing.
  • Litex can also manufacture bespoke lights to individual customers requirements, including emergency conversions and if cost savings are required, we can source alternative products at competitive prices through our extensive European network of manufacturers and suppliers at competitive prices.
  • LITEX™ is a compact, lightweight generator that is also very robust, does not use a radioactive source, has low/no maintenance compared to pulsed x-ray generators and has a much smaller focal spot size, which affords resolution heretofore unavailable in portable systems.
  • Litex Acquisition #1, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Litex Industries, Limited, offered to purchase for cash all of the outstanding shares of common stock (including the associated Series A Preferred stock purchase rights) of Craftmade International, Inc.
  • Litex produkter og løsninger er enkle å installere og montere, med lette materialer og smarte påføringsmetoder sammenlignet med tradisjonelle gips- og flyseeme membranløsninger, godt egnet for både nybygg- og oppussingsprosjekter.
  • LITEX developed layer 2 technology based on Ethereum, and has upgraded the TPS of Ethereum from the original 20-30 to more than 10000 on off-chain without upper limit, far beyond the speed of current public chains.
  • Litex, in accordance with Section 253 of the Delaware General Corporation Law, now inseems, as soon as practicable, to conduct a short form merger between Craftmade and itself (the "Proposed Merger").
  • LiteX produces a design that uses about 20% of an XC7A50 FPGA with a runtime of about 10 minutes, whereas Vivado produces a design that consumes 85% of the same FPGA with a runtime of about 30-45 minutes.
  • Litex produserer markedsledende membransystemer, og har etter hvert blitt synonymt med et trygt og vanntett våtrom.Litex® membransystemer er utviklet for å bygge våtrom mest mulig trygt og effektivt.
  • Litex’s players however were allowed to complete their participation in the Bulgarian Cup and could finish the 2015–16 season with the club’s reserve squad, Litex Lovech II, playing in the B Group.
  • Blockchain

    Litex is also actively exploring possibilities to take the upgrades of Bitcoin’s lightning network even further.Litex works with Matrix to enable interoperability with other blockchains as well.Litex is a decentralized value-exchange ecosystem that aims to eventually enable transfers between multiple cryptocurrencies and fiat-to-cryptocurrencies.


    ● Using a Bellman-Ford algorithm, LITEX implements a RIP distributed routing protocol to determine the optimal path between two transaction nodes.


    At this stage, as layer2 network of LITEX has established layer2 ecology with real transactions, LITEX will launch an official node campaign globally to build the decentralized value exchange ecosystem regulated by LXT and establish a global autonomous community that connects crypto and real world, help users enter the future digital era.


    ● The current version of the LITEX testnet supports cross-chain atomic swaps between Bitcoin and ERC-20 tokens.

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    History of Litex

  • In 1997, Litex was promoted for the second time to the top division and immediately became Bulgarian champions, finishing the season 5 points ahead of the second-placed Levski Sofia, unprecedented before in the Bulgarian football history.
  • In 2009–10, Litex became champions of Bulgaria for the third time in their history, finishing the season with 12 points advantage than the runners-up CSKA Sofia.[3] On 12 August 2010, Litex defeated Beroe 2–1 to finally secure the Bulgarian Supercup, the last possible remaining domestic trophy never won before by the club.
  • In 2010–11 Litex retained their fourth league title, securing the championship after a 3–1 away win against Lokomotiv Sofia on 21 May 2011.[4]
  • On 4 July 2016, former Litex player Zhivko Zhelev was appointed as a manager of a team, consisting mainly of academy players.[11] The renewed Litex team started the new season and managed to win its first official match.