Overview of LookRev

  • LookRev platform offers the solution for speeding up the product maturing process of custom product, discovering its product/market fit, reducing the production risk, and enabling the production of high quality custom goods based on consumer demand.
  • LookRev usa herramientas visuales, donde le permite ver al consumidor cómo se vería su producto ya puesto en él, mejorando la comunicación entre los creadores, diseñadores y los consumidores de sus productos.
  • LookRev es una plataforma de creación de diseño sobre productos creativos y visuales, atuendos virtuales y también un sitio de compras por internet basado en tecnología blockchain.
  • Lookrev has launched in the market more than a dozen Android, Apple & other web apps, attracted millions shopper usages which allows Lookrev to bring many benefits to consumers and product makers alike.
  • LookRev is secured, reliable, and flexible with an open network that can help individuals practice their best interest to its full potential while directing towards growth.
  • LookRev plans to solve problems in the creative industry by giving any creative individual the ability to create a blockchain-based record of transaction.
  • LookRev provides an open network in a space traditionally impassable, builds a gateway for product creators, designers, distributors and consumers.
  • LookRev has its token named LOK and can be used in transactions through LookRev’s web DApps or also known as Decentralized Apps.
  • LookRev values time and effort, and that are quite prominent by the way they had built their system.
  • Lookrev is a prominent software development company that opened their doors 6 years ago.
  • Blockchain

    Santa Clara, CA – Oct 16, 2017 – Lookrev has made headlines once again with the launch of an ICO that is said to change the way products are bought and sold online forever.Utilizing smart blockchain technology, Lookrev has created a peer-to-peer decentralized marketplace for creative product makers.Using smart contracts as the infrastructure, it enables ordinary people to form distribution channels for their own custom products and to earn money.Unlike traditional affiliate programs where the seller waits to receive commissions, the Lookrev marketplace pays instantly via Cryptocurrency.All parties receive profits immediately.




    During a recent interview, the Founder of Lookrev was quoted as saying, “We believe that every person has their own unique talent and can contribute to our world in their own unique way.” She went on to say, “The purpose of LookRev is to build a supporting system for creative product makers and distributors.It brings diversity, creativity and innovation to the retail industry.”


    It can also be traded in its native mobile apps.


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    LookRev plans to solve problems in the creative industry by giving any creative individual the ability to create a blockchain-based record of transaction.The company offers a framework – a marketplace – where creative individuals can find buyers for their work.The overall goal is to greatly reduce the complexity of selling creative products by removing barriers.

    What is LookRev?

    A peer-to-peer decentralized marketplace.Using blockchain and smart contract as the infrastructure, it enables ordinary people to form and join distribution chains for their own custom creative products and to earn money.It dynamically generates an ongoing smart contract based proof-of-work product distribution chain, creating a trustworthy, mutually beneficial chain of services for product creation, customization, and distribution.

    History of LookRev