Overview of LTC3S

  • LTC3S币介绍:LTC3S为莱特币三倍(3x)做空ETF产品,涨跌幅约为LTC市场的三倍,交易所每日跟进盈利亏损调整杠杆率回到三倍(3x),使其与现货价格可长时间保持3倍的波动性。盈利会开仓,亏损会减仓,ETF产品在永续合约市场对冲,交易所收取每日约为0.3%的管理费来弥补合约市场手续费和资金费率等开销成本。
  • LTC3S is a Litecoin 3 times short leverage ETF traded on MXC Exchange
  • LTC3S had an all-time high of 661.65 BOLI about 1 year ago.
  • LTC3S is not traded now at any known exchange markets.
  • LTC3S's market cap is unknown.
  • LTC3S is traded on exchanges.
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    History of LTC3S