Overview of LUNES

  • Lunes parece ser el día más apreciado e ingrata, aunque Lunes significa el comienzo de una nueva semana de trabajo, y la mejor oportunidad de un nuevo comienzo 52 veces al año.
  • Lunes describes itself as a Brazilian technology company that creates B2B and B2C blockchain solutions.
  • Lunes' blockchain is prepared to store and guarantee the security of any kind of information, viz.
  • Lunes a Viernes 8 a 12:30 hs y 15 a 18:30 hs Sábados 8:30 a 12:30 hs
  • Lunes claims to be the largest cryptocurrency in Latin America.
  • Lunes is up 32.30% in the last 24 hours.
  • lunes m (Latin spelling)
  • lunes m (plural lunes)
  • lunes m
  • lunes
  • Blockchain

    It reportedly has the maximum capacity of 65,500 transactions per minute and 1,092 per second.On the Lunes' blockchain, the generation time of the key block occurs every 60 seconds; the micro-blocks take a few seconds.The validation of transactions on the Lunes network occurs through the LPoS (Leased Proof-of-Stake), which the Lunes team believes to be the safest validation scheme for blockchain.


    In addition, with the leasing system, anyone can join the network as a validator.In Leased Proof-of-Stake any network participant – who owns more than 5000 Lunes – can become a validator node, contributing to the security and gaining a share of network transaction fees as a reward.

    History of LUNES