Overview of Lycancoin

  • Lycancoin (based off of lycans, or those affected with lycanthropy; in other words, werewolves) is one of the first three cryptidcurrencies.  These are currencies based on creatures which include Sasquatch or the Loch Ness Monster or Champ; creatures that are believed to exist, and yet evidence is limited to suggest so.  Along with its digital currency brothers Vampirecoin and Zombiecoin, Lycancoin is among the first of its kind.  According to the Lycancoin website, the currency is:
  • Lycancoin is one of three “cryptidcurrencies” (there are vampire and zombie variants) created primarily because the developer‘s young daughter “loves all things monster (especially zombies, werewolves and vampires) and we thought it would be fun.” It’s based on Litecoin, and you can view the source code on GitHub.
  • Lycancoin software is freeware based on open source code providing fast transactions, a scrypt-based mining algorithm and an incredible pre-existing support network of mining technology; compatible with most scrypt-based mining hardware and software.
  • Lycancoin is built on the philosophical foundation that any technology which introduces new users (mortal or not) to the world of cryptocurrency only strengthens the adoption of cryptocurrency by the mainstream public.
  • Lycancoin employs Litecoin’s Scrypt cryptographic algorithm modified with Kimoto’s Gravity Well to enhance stability and offers an increased supply of coins to promote trade.
  • Lycancoin, part of the Vampirecoin & Zombiecoin trinity, is the world’s first digital currency designed for werewolves (lycanthropes) and werewolf enthusiasts.
  • Lycancoin strengthens and advances cryptocurrency adoption by merging the cryptid world of the monstrum with the blockchain.
  • Lycancoin and its monstrous brethren seem like fun experiments in programming, community-building and cryptocurrencies.
  • Lycancoin has a maximum supply of 5B LYC and a circulating supply of ?
  • Lycancoin is released under the terms of the MIT license.
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    What is Lycancoin?

    Lycancoin is a cryptocurrency for lycanthropy & werewolf enthusiasts.It was designed as part of a 3 coin set which includes Vampirecoin and Zombiecoin.

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    History of Lycancoin