Overview of Matryx

  • Matryx, whose current focus is on the use of 3D virtual reality imaging and complex mathematics visual tools for the ‘STEM’ fields (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), has at present three products, two of which are used at the research and development level at pharmaceutical and chemistry multinationals, like Solvay.
  • Matryx CEO Steve McCloskey, who is a graduate of the world’s first nanoengineering department on the campus of UC San Diego, told Coin Telegraph in a text chat that virtual currencies and virtual reality will be synonymous in short order.
  • Matryx®, a patented technology using Kevlar® and high tensity Polyamid, provides outstanding abrasion resistance, foot-mapping support in the key areas, superior breathability and light weight.
  • Matryx is a multi-zone technical fabric made from aramid fiber and extra-tough polyamide developed by Chamatex®, a French company which is specialized in high performance technical fabrics.
  • Matryx est le nom d’une nouvelle technologie, un tissu multi-zones innovant que l’on retrouve déjà sur de nombreuses chaussures de sport et qui arrive relativement fort dans le Trail.
  • Matryx, which is a project of the biotechnology firm Nanome Inc., will use Edge technology as a secure identity framework on its multiple virtual-reality-for-science platforms.
  • Matryx, which has mostly focused on developing tools atop the Ethereum blockchain, is designed to bridge Nanome’s various products using distributed blockchain technology.
  • Matryx encourages the sharing of ideas to increase the rate of innovation while reducing duplication of efforts often experienced in critical fields like STEM.
  • MATRYX is a performance training powerhouse with programs designed to help athletes develop muscular strength, agility, and explosiveness.
  • MATRYX® is 5 times more resistant than a synthetic upper thanks to the woven structure and technical yarns.
  • Blockchain

    Leveraging blockchain and smart contract technology, Matryx is able to provide a ledger in which contributions are associated with payments or “bounties”.Like the blockchain itself, this ledger of “submissions and bounties” is transparent and immutable, meaning both the reward and the credit for any given contribution will always be verifiable.


    Details for the Matryx token sale can be found here.In order to fund the development of the platform and meet R&D demands, Matryx is hosting a Token Sale in which project supporters will be able to exchange their Ether for MTX.

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