Overview of Mazzuma

  • Mazzuma is commencing token sale activities to give early adopters and the general public the opportunity to join the ecosystem and enjoy true financial freedom.
  • Mazzuma, the Ghanaian based mobile payments startup has become the first blockchain-based startup in Africa to launch an Initial Exchange Offering(IEO).
  • Mazzuma has also developed AI-powered chatbots that allow individuals to use its services on Facebook and Telegram without downloading its app.
  • Mazzuma is a mobile money payment system that utilizes distributed secure infrastructure and cryptocurrency to enable seamless payments.
  • Mazzuma’s historic IEO is adding up to the growing cryptocurrency ecosystem in Ghana.
  • Mazzuma is using blockchain and artificial intelligence to innovate mobile payments.
  • Mazzuma stores your email and other details for transaction records sake.
  • Mazzuma has a maximum supply of 100M MAZ and a circulating supply of ?
  • Mazzuma works with online merchants to facilitate payment.
  • Mazzuma (MAZ) is down -1.14% in the last 24 hours.
  • Blockchain

    Kofi Genfi, Co-founder of CYST, the software innovation company under which Mazzuma erupted from had quite a handful to say when asked about his opinion for the need for blockchain technology in the provision of financial services on the African continent. 


    Let’s say you want to grow some beard so you decide to take a virtual walk through Djokoshop.Once you see what you want, you simply add to cart and at the checkout section, you choose “Pay with Mazzuma.” After, proceed to enter your mobile number, select network and click on “Pay.” That is it!


    You can access your
    Mazzuma dashboard from your computer.However, you can only make transactions from the Mazzuma

    How many merchants have you signed up?

    Djokoshop, Afrocase, Pisen Ghana and Electroland Ghana (Samsung Ghana).We are currently looking to partner and sign up more local businesses and brands.

    How secure is Mazzuma?

    First of all, you don’t need to sign up for a Mazzuma account before making purchases so your details stay with you.Also, the platform uses the standard security technology called Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to establish an encrypted link between our web server and your browser to prevent snooping and phishing.With two-factor authentication and end-to-end encryption, all data entered remains private and confidential.

    Is mazzuma-node-library popular?

    The npm package mazzuma-node-library receives a total of
    1 weekly downloads.As such,
    mazzuma-node-library popularity was classified as

    limited.Visit the
    popularity section
    on Snyk Advisor to see the full health analysis.

    Is mazzuma-node-library safe to use?

    The npm package mazzuma-node-library was scanned for
    known vulnerabilities and missing license, and no issues were
    found.Thus the package was deemed as
    safe to use.See the full
    health analysis review.

    Is mazzuma-node-library well maintained?

    We found indications that mazzuma-node-library is an
    Inactive project.See the full
    package health analysis
    to learn more about the package maintenance status.

    So someone can use my number to pay for their stuff?

    Okay, full disclosure.Once you click on “Pay”, that isn’t really it.We have to make sure you’re not making purchases with your ex’s phone number to spite them.Once you click on “Pay”, you’ll get a pop-up on your phone asking you to authenticate payment request.If you approve, you will be asked to input your Mobile Money PIN and if everything is good, the transaction will go through.

    Sounds good! Now how much does the service cost?

    Mazzuma is free to use! However, standard mobile money charges still apply.

    What is Mazzuma (MAZ)?

    Mazzuma is a mobile money payment system that utilizes distributed secure infrastructure and cryptocurrency to enable seamless payments.The Mazzuma token which will be referred to as MAZ will be the key payment medium in the Mazzuma ecosystem.Transactions made on the Mazzuma platform are instantaneous and free of transaction fees.This philosophy is the driving force behind the Mazzuma ecosystem, which is to develop a strong and robust payment ecosystem which is available to the masses and provides the freedom for users to use their funds in a convenient and stress-free manner.

    What is mazzuma-node-library?

    A NodeJS library for Mazzuma.Visit Snyk Advisor to see a
    full health score report
    for mazzuma-node-library, including popularity, security, maintenance
    & community analysis.

    History of Mazzuma