Overview of MFCoin

  • MFCoin describes itself as a cryptocurrency of Freeland ( and a platform for serving virtual states and offline social networks with financial mechanisms.
  • MFCoin has a total market capitalization of $ 117,314.09 and approximately $ 5,039.00 worth of MFCoin was traded on exchanges on the last day.
  • MFCoin (CURRENCY: MFC) was traded 16.8% higher against the US dollar during the 24-hour period ended at 20:00 PM ET on 9 January.
  • MFCoin’s total offer is 22,152,100 coins and its circulating offer is 20,901,004 coins.
  • MFCoin was added to the top-rated crypto-currency catalogue, CoinMarketCap.
  • MFCoin (MFC) is currently ranked as the #3958 cryptocurrency by market cap.
  • MFCoin can be purchased in these cryptocurrency exchanges: Crex24 and STEX.
  • MFCoin has been added to the CoinForGeeks crypto aggregator!
  • MFCoin is up 0.63% in the last 24 hours.
  • MFCoin (MFC) ወደ ተንጌ (KZT) ዋጋ ቀጥታ ገበታ
  • Who’s In Charge?

    The names might be unfamiliar, so let’s take a look at some of the key players in this project.

    Freeland: Utopia, reality or business?

    Freeland is a game, a reality, and a business altogether.The unpredictable result and outcome of this experiment corresponds to the game aspect.For many centuries humanity could only dream about such an experiment, but it is us who are lucky enough to implement it.Modern technologies — able-to-get Internet, blockchain, crypto-currency – support the launch of an extra-territorial state with all the elements of a full-scale and efficient society.

    So … What’s the Catch?

    For years, he was just a cartoon.Now Freeman is creating a virtual state.But why? The cartoon promotes the deep idea that freedom is not something you need to buy.Rather, it can be recognized within yourself and exercised.We deal with a few of the counterculture activists standing behind the cartoon.

    How much is 10240000 Canadian Dollar in MFCoin?

    10240000 Canadian Dollar is
    2040215628 MFCoin.

    How much is 8388608 BitTorrent Token in MFCoin?

    8388608 BitTorrent Token is
    1090963 MFCoin.

    Why Should I Buy MFCoin (MFC)?

    MFCoin is a cryptocurrency that is identified by the symbol MFC.

    What’s The Goal?

    Project MFCoin is devoted to the Freeland — a virtual decentralized state with the main aim of eliminating corruption and building transparency.There, fans of the Mister Freeman and anyone seeking to join can use modern government services.

    History of MFCoin

  • In 2008 Pavel founded in Russia a full-cycle animation studio Toonbox, in 2014 re-located in Cyprus, where he serves as a producer, CEO, creative engine and a writer.
  • In 2017 Mr.