Overview of MicroMoney

  • Micromoney places big emphasis on uniqueness of own system of scoring, at the same time the current indicator of a default for primary loans is 44% (at the company of an analog Kreditech this indicator is at the level of 20%) On the 17th WP Micromoney page predicts decrease in losses on loans up to 4% – to values much lower than at the companies analogs (in comparison with data of the Creditech company having the advanced system of scoring on the basis of AI and Big Data and considering more than 20 thousand factors).
  • MicroMoney with its mission of financial inclusion for over 2 billion of unbanked and underbanked people to the global financial system and Karma, inseeming to create a global community with a high level of mutual trust, are now able to work together to implement their visions and to provide business advantages for each other.
  • MicroMoney enables businesses to get an access to the credit history of unbanked borrowers in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, which allows them to enter new markets with significantly lower risks, services’ quality enhancing, and opportunities to segment the market in order to reduce the costs of offers promotion.
  • MicroMoney's token distribution is attracting resources to underwrite more served customers, to promote the service to end users, to help harvest and market end user data to financial institutions and to help scale MicroMoney through franchise sales.
  • MicroMoney Intl., a market pioneer blockchain credit bureau and a social lender helping millions of unbanked get their first loan in Asia, has announced the expansion of its token distribution campaign to two major markets – China and the United States.
  • Micromoney is a team of professionals who have a capacity to work in the emerging markets where all established banks are not able to operate, and even if they do decide to be there, they are not innovative enough to survive in this environment.
  • MicroMoney plans to use attracted funds to expand to Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore and Nigeria, launch its blockchain credit bureau and add over 100,000 previously unbanked customers, thus including them into the global financial system.
  • MicroMoney is focused on microfinancing in the online money lending industry and states that it aims to provide the “best professional” solutions to consumers’ financial needs across Asia and is now available in five Asian countries
  • MicroMoney Myanmar co-founder U Sai Hnin Aung was not present when Frontier visited the office and he later declined a written request for an interview.
  • MicroMoney price Index provides the latest AMM price in US Dollars , BTC and ETH using an average from the world's leading crypto exchanges.
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    A thriving business in Myanmar, Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka with 100,000 registered users and 40,000 loans issued this year, MicroMoney breaks this vicious cycle by lending to the unbanked and thus creating credit profiles banks could use, a breakthrough made possible by productization of the proprietary blockchain-based Decentralised A.I.Neural Network Scoring System.Today, banks are not able to approve first loan applications for billions of these people due to the absence of credit history and records.


    As mentioned earlier, MicroMoney provides a credit system with the help of innovative technologies to determine a person’s credit level by using an advanced neural scoring system.


    On a mission to change the stars for 2 billion unbanked adults on the planet, MicroMoney faces a Goliath task of conducting a multi-country, multi-language campaign across 140 countries.Spearheaded by omnipresent and hardcharging MicroMoney co-founder Anton Dzyatkovskiy, the face and the voice of MicroMoney, the campaign thus far has engulfed broadcast, print and online media, spilled over into social networks, rolled out some BTL activities for good measure, and activated several joint marketing and PR programs with MicroMoney partners.


    Financial inclusion is a huge part of the equation when attempting to resolve the issues, which result in poverty and lower standards of living.MicroMoney is working to improve the financial systems to establish a sustainable and equal world in which individuals can afford to support their families and beyond.More information regarding its overall agenda and goals can be read on MicroMoney’s site.


    During the course of today, led mainly by token swaps in its core market of Southeast Asia, MicroMoney’s AMM token pre-distribution campaign generated $400,000 in executed transfers and $500,000 in additional commitments, bringing a total number of executed swaps to $1,756,734 and a total number of AMM transactions pledged by October 17 to $5 million.

    What is MicroMoney?

    AMM is a utility token.The token is an integral part of the MicroMoney ecosystem and can be used as an internal payment mean or to get access to MicroMoney’s services.

    How Does MicroMoney Work?

    Approximately two billion people around the world are considered “unbanked’.They cannot access traditional banking services, and they struggle to access credit and other financial products.Over a billion more are under-banked, which means they’re underserved by their existing bank.Lending platforms like MicroMoney are catered to these demographics.

    Outside the law?

    Banks in Myanmar are generally limited to issuing loans at 13pc annual interest, although more recently they have been allowed to issue uncollateralised loans at 16pc interest.

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    What Is MicroMoney?

    MicroMoney, found online at MicroMoney.io, is a blockchain-based platform designed to disrupt the big data and credit bureau industries.It aims to connect customers to financial businesses, including banks, microfinance providers, insurance companies, e-commerce stores, and more.

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    Who’s Behind MicroMoney?

    MicroMoney is led by CEO Anton Dzyatkovskii, who is also the lending director of Everest (Everex.io), a blockchain company with similar goals.Everest has already raised $25 million USD in funding.Anton has 15+ years of fintech experience and an extensive understanding of the Asian markets, having previously worked in Singapore and Thailand.

    MicroMoney – AMM ICO Blockchain Credit Bureau Finance Business?

    MicroMoney is an open source platform that promises to connect unbanked individuals with lenders and other financial service providers.Find out more today in our review.

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    Who is MicroMoney?

    DICA’s MyCO website shows that MicroMoney Co Ltd registered as a private company on November 25, 2016.It is listed by DICA as a foreign company with three directors: a Russian national, Anton Dziatkovskii (identified elsewhere as Anton Dzyatkovsky);Sai Hnin Aung from Myanmar; and a Japanese national, Tetsuji Nagata.The company is presently suspended because it failed to file an annual return on time, but MyCO records show it submitted the late return on February 20.

    History of MicroMoney