Overview of Mithril

  • Mithril is a decentralized social network ecosystem that rewards the contributions of content creators through a "Social Mining" process – an incentive structure that allows content publishers and consumers to earn MITH tokens based on activity within the ecosystem.
  • Mithril also employs Ajay’s sister Anuja Royan as a managing director with a focus on operations and finance. She joined the firm in 2015 after a decade of experience building financial models at private equity groups Counsel Corp.
  • Mithril Resources Ltd (MTH:ASX) is a precious metals exploration company headquartered in Melbourne, Australia that is focused on discoveries, acquisitions and production of gold and silver in Mexico’s Sierra Madre Gold Silver Trend.
  • Mithril is a medium-tier metal in the online MMORPG RuneScape and its old school variant, as well as World of Warcraft.[6] Mithril armour is used extensively in the video game series The Elder Scrolls.[7]
  • Mithril led NUVIA’s $240 million Series B financing in September 2020 with an investment of approximately $70 million, at which time Mithril founder and managing general partner Ajay Royan joined its board of directors.
  • Mithril was a precious silvery metal, stronger than steel but much lighter in weight, which was mined by the Dwarves in the mines of Khazad-dûm and could be beaten and polished without being weakened or tarnished.
  • Mithril's go to market strategy is designed to encourage users to bring the social circles from other networks into the Mithril ecosystem, which will allow them to mine MITH for sharing and consuming content.
  • Mithril, a decentralized social media platform that looks to reward all content creators, is set to be the first project that migrates to the Binance Chain, it has been revealed this week in a press release.
  • Mithril’s management company, which is majority owned and operated by Royan, gets that 2% and employees are paid after Royan’s management firm takes its cut, the two former employees said.
  • Mithril invested $240 million in Nuvia last September, just a number of months before the company flipped over to Qualcomm in a $1.4 billion transaction announced in January.
  • Blockchain

    As Mithril evolves, we intend to keep close watch on leading Ethereum scalability solutions such as Plasma, Raiden Network, as well as platforms outside of Ethereum, such as EOS and Zilliqa.Finally, we intend to explore the option of launching our own Mithril blockchain to best address the needs of social network applications, swapping all ERC-20 MITH token holders onto our mainnet tokens.


    He compares the Dwarves’ greed for mithril with that of the Barrow-wights for treasure, and indeed that of the dragons in The Hobbit and Beowulf for gold.He notes that in Tolkien’s underworld, whether the caves at Helm’s Deep or the mines of Moria, “beauty and terror [were] side by side”.[4] Greed for mithril could unleash the terror of the Balrog, by digging too far down into the dark realm, but at the same time, he writes, the metal was prized for both its beauty and its usefulness, yielding the best armour.Huttar sums up with a reflection on Tolkien’s moral vision in the story: just as the characters at every point have to decide for good or ill, so objects have the potential to be both good and evil: “Mithril is both the greatest of treasures and a deadly bane.”[4]
    Huttar writes that mithril was the only mineral that Tolkien invented.In his view, these symbolise the evil “inherent in the mineral treasures hidden in the womb of Earth”,[4] just as mining and metalwork are associated with Satan in John Milton’s Paradise Lost (I, 670-751).The scholar of English literature Charles A.


    Currently, the team is developing the Mithril Wallet, set to launch in the final quarter of 2018, along with the Alpha and Beta versions of the Mithril Shift.The company also plans to work toward developing a wider merchant network called the Mithril Merchant Network which will serve as one of many ways to make use of the MITH tokens.


    This conviction allows Mithril to truly partner for the long term, offering both strategic and financial support to companies as they build powerful and sustainable franchises worldwide.understanding of technology and markets allows for conviction in investing, irrespective of sector or geography.


    All Social Mining transactions will be verified and secured via Ethereum smart contracts, providing a safe and reliable infrastructure for Social Mining.All transactions can be tracked and verified on the Ethereum blockchain, creating a much-desired transparency for all users and partners on the Mithril network.

    Can I Buy MITH With Cash?

    You cannot directly buy Mithril with cash.Even if some ATMs support Mithril, they are less than 1% of all cryptocurrency ATMs.

    How Does Social Mining Work?

    Since social mining is a concept unique to Mithril, it is common to have some questions about how it works.All content a user creates, plus their social interactions within the Mithril ecosystem, automatically mine MITH, the Mithril token, based off the platform’s algorithm.

    How To Buy Mithril?

    Buying Mithril is very easy these days.If you want, you can use cash, card – even PayPal! However, you still need to follow a few steps to do it – that’s why we made this easy tutorial for you! It is separated into parts – just follow the one that matches your purchase method.

    How To Get A Mithril Wallet?

    Mithril (MITH) is a decentralized social media platform that incentivizes and rewards content creators.Users are rewarded based on the likes, comments and shares that their content earns.Users can acquire MITH tokens by using applications with the decentralised Mithril network — a term referred to as social mining.

    What Can You Do with MITH?

    The Mithril Merchant Network will be one of several ways to use MITH tokens.This network will include livestream applications, retailers, online applications (like dating services), and premium content channels.Users can spend their MITH tokens in the marketplace on the products and services of their choice.The list of included merchants will grow quickly.INST.RECYCLE, a vintage clothing company with links to many celebrities, will be the first.At launch, retailers will be limited to Hong Kong and Taiwan, but other services will be worldwide.

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    What Else Can the Mithril Vault Do?

    Mithril wants to make it possible for other platforms to integrate with the Mithril Vault since this will improve the adoption of the ecosystem.The vault will also include reward estimation tools that let a user estimate their MITH rewards based on recent contributions.Essentially, this estimate gives users a rough idea of how much they are likely to receive via Social Mining Rewards.

    What Is Lit?

    Lit is currently in the beta version and one of the key parts of Mithril.The team at Mithril created Lit to meet the needs of the current generation who are interested in cryptocurrency as well as social media.It will include such features as discovering new friends, story feeds, and instant messaging.To help users monetize personal content, Lit will integrate seamlessly into the most popular major social networks.

    What is Mithril?

    Mithril is a cryptocurrency token that represents a new kind of decentralized social media, based on the blockchain, that will pay its users for creating content.User privacy is a hot button right now and user payments could and arguably should be the next stage of social media.Mithril has viable blockchain technology that could be in the right place at the right time.

    What is Mithril?

    Mithril is a decentralized social media platform on the Ethereum Blockchain.Mithril will integrate into new and existing social media networks to reward content creators for contributions to the network – we call this Social Mining.

    What is Mithril?

    A modern client-side JavaScript framework for building Single Page Applications.It’s small (9.79 KB gzipped), fast and provides routing and XHR utilities out of the box.

    History of Mithril