Overview of MOAC

  • MOAC not only
    addresses the performance and cost issues with existing blockchain
    systems, including Bitcoin and Ethereum, but also introduces new
    features that minimize the barrier to entry for developers, users,
    businesses, and the entirety of the blockchain ecosystem.
  • MOAC, a layered
    multi-blockchain architecture, is an easy-to-use next-generation
    blockchain that incorporates a public MotherChain, additional
    MicroChains, sharding technology and agnostic consensus systems.
  • MOAC (MOAC), short for "Mother of All Chains", is a China-based blockchain platform that seeks to be the “mother” of all cryptocurrencies and to enable crosschain atomic swaps between blockchains.
  • MOAC: Community Toolbox is a project of the MOAC consortium that has developed a software tool that enables easy, practical, and cost-effective production and sharing of standards-based content.
  • MOAC members bring together diverse perspectives to create a shared vision for improving statewide health information exchange and develop valuable tools for relieving burdens in healthcare.
  • MOAC’s system architecture looks strong, but there are no signs that it’s bringing anything to the table its blockchain 3.0 competitors aren’t already doing.
  • MOAC (Pistol) is a five-day, high round count pistol course designed to take the intermediate shooter and provide them with the tools to become an advanced or expert shooter.
  • MOAC-P – a.k.a Mother of all Classes – has an maximum enrollment of 16 to 20 students to ensure an appropriate student-to-instructor ratio.
  • MOAC may be a technically sound project, but it has thus far struggled to gain much attention outside mainland China by either media or users.
  • Moac was on Chulak when Apophis made a swift attack with Sokar’s army, ultimately fatally wounding the warrior, who died at the S.G.C.
  • Blockchain


    MOAC is mineable using a Proof-of-Work algorithm, just like ETH.That means it’s GPU mineable, and ASIC rigs haven’t flooded the market.


    The remaining 94 million MOAC tokens were held in reserve to fund future network endeavors.Of that, 63 million is held by the MOAC Foundation, and 31 million is held by a for-profit arm.Another 6 million MOAC per year will be generated from mining up to a cap of ~210 million.


    The MOAC testnet launched November 2017, and the MOAC ERC-20 token and wallet were created in February 2018.Mainnet MOAC launched at the end of April 2018 with Ethereum support, and a mainnet explorer is available on the website.Sharding released during the December 2018 NUWA release.


    Tokenized MOAC transactions occur on the base layer, and sidechains handle smart contracts.Sidechain creators determine their individual consensus model, so traditional models like Proof-of-Stake or Proof-of-Skill can be used, along with new hybrid models.

    How can we get started with the advisory committee?

    To request a qualified data sharing organization agreement, submit a Help Desk ticket at

    What Is MOAC?

    MOAC is among the third generation of blockchains, built with enterprise in mind.Pure cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin were the first.Blockchains hosting dApps like Ethereum were the second.Now, instead of simply issuing a new token on MOAC, developers can create an entirely new blockchain with its own consensus mechanism and rules.

    MOAC Tech: Leading Or Following?

    MOAC has lofty ambitions: it uses multichain architecture with microchains built on top of the MOAC base layer.It also plans to enable crosschain atomic swaps between blockchains like Bitcoin or Ethereum, just like Komodo does.Both intend to do so via sharding.

    How Does This Impact You?

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    How many members of my organization can participate?

    Each organization can appoint one representative to the advisory committee.Additional individuals may be invited to attend advisory committee meetings to engage in conversations and provide input, particularly if a specific meeting topic is of interest.

    How can my organization participate in the advisory committee?

    Your organization is eligible to participate if 1) your organization fully executed a MiHIN legal agreement called the Qualified Data-Sharing Organization Agreement (QDSOA), or 2) an individual from your organization serves on the MiHIN Board of Directors.

    Is MOAC dead?

    Online wallet doesnt work, and its been a while.Didnt see any activity on twitter or here since a couple of month…

    Did I mention trigger control?

    This class stresses trigger control and trigger control and well, did I mention trigger control? It will make you a more accurate shooter by stressing trigger control and instilling confidence in your ability to make accurate hits under stress.

    What is the MiHIN Operations Advisory Committee?

    The MiHIN Operations Advisory Committee (MOAC) was formed in 2013 to create a governance structure that allows stakeholders from across the state to provide feedback and help guide MiHIN operations.

    History of MOAC

  • In 2022-23, the school will complete the move by joining in football.
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