Overview of MONGO Coin

  • Mongo coins not in circulation any longer as they are of negligible value and are often sold to tourists as collectibles.
  • MONGO Coin had an all-time high of $2.6237 about 2 months ago.
  • Mongo coins now are for collectors and tourist souvenirs only.
  • MONGO Coin's last market cap was unknown.
  • Mongo Coin ICO & Trade Pages UI UX
  • MONGO Coin is traded on exchanges.
  • Cloning Data?

    There are two remaining technical pieces to be described yet.The first of them is the DMS task mentioned already several times.

    Database Migration Service?

    DMS is a great tool which can be used to migrate data between different types of databases – including Mongo to Postgres transfer.After turning it on, you get an underlying EC2 instance with ready-to-use software for migrating your data.To be able to keep your data in sync, even during long-running migrations, you can launch it in Multi-AZ mode, which takes just one click.With DMS, you also get a decent migration monitoring process out-of-the-box.Database Migration Service provides several abstractions, out of which three seem to be essential.So endpoints, replication instances, and database migration tasks.

    How We Moved From MongoDB to Postgres Without Downtime and Cut Our Costs by 30%?

    How to migrate databases ensuring continuous site reliability? What are the differences between Mongo DB and Postgres? Voucherify’s story of switching databases without downtime.

    How We Moved From MongoDB to Postgres Without Downtime and Cut Our Costs by 30%?

    ?Voucherify was born in 2015 as a weekend hackathon project run by our small-scale software house, rspective.Initially, it was backed up by a MongoDB database.Truth be told, this choice was random – it was the most common database we used in our projects.We already had some experience with it so Mongo was a pretty natural component at that stage.However, as Voucherify's scale grew, we’ve added a second database – PostgreSQL – that seemed to be more suitable for the upcoming features.Then for some time we kept part of our data in Mongo, and the other part in Postgres, until the day we decided to move it all to Postgres.

    Sanity Checks?

    We performed these sanity checks while data was still in temporary tables, to which DMS copied the data.More details will come, but I can mention already that we were creating short-term destination tables for each MongoDB collection, and when data was loaded we merged these temp child tables one-by-one into their parents.

    The Big Picture?

    For each project, there were two Mongo collections to be migrated.We decided that each collection will be transferred to a temporary table to limit the risk that one of the DMS jobs will drop a target table full of active campaigns or vouchers.While preparing for the migration, the choice whether to migrate to final or temporary tables was crucial.We went for the option that seemed the safest, if for instance we make a mistake while setting up the DMS task.This was unlikely to happen, but we wanted to use the safest path and see if we can stand the burden that will be put on us.

    The Main Meal?

    All right! If you made it that far, then you must be hungry for some juicy code.Let’s start with a quick summary of what we know so far before diving into the technical core.

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    History of MONGO Coin

  • In 1922 after the end of Mongolian People’s Republic, the inflation surged and mongo coins were abandoned.