Overview of MultiVAC

  • Multivac thermoformer, type: R 530, machine number: 1886, year of
    construction: 1999, 400 V, 3 Ph, 50 Hz, 95 A, 26 kW, 2 dye sets, dye
    dimensions: (8x) 130 mm x 110 mm, (2x) 300 mm x 250 mm, plastic film
    roll, roll width: 610 mm, plastic outfeed belt, belt width: 540 mm,
    dimensions film roll holder: 1200 mm x 1150 mm x 880 mm, total
    dimensions thermoformer: 11900 mm x 1200 mm x 2000 mm.
  • MULTIVAC customers benefit in particular from automation modules from one source, which are ideally tailored to each other, and also from the overarching machine control for all line components, which provides the maximum degree of process reliability, operating convenience and pack security.
  • MultiVAC’s vision is to enable large-scale commercial DApps to integrate smoothly into our ecosystem, enabling everyone to quickly and easily use blockchain applications to improve their work efficiency and quality of life, thereby creating a trustworthy, fair and harmonious society.
  • Multivac R 530, rigid films + soft film, film width 420 mm, trigger
    560 mm 2.3, MAP fumigation, long loading, jumbo roll holder for film,
    double film holder for top film, printing mark control, 3 x cross
    cutting for soft slide, 3 x hard foil stamping
  • MULTIVAC, Inc places tremendous focus on after-sale services, which include Technical Support, Packaging Consultation, Installation, Training, Preventive Maintenance Agreements, Support Service, Validation, Calibration and Documentation, to name a number of.
  • MULTIVAC, one of the leading suppliers of integrated packaging solutions, and GKS Packaging, manufacturer of vertical form fill and seal machines, have agreed to cooperate on sales and service of GKS vertical form fill and seal machines.
  • Multivac M 855 E PC thermoforming machine machine number: 1645
    Year of construction: 1991
    Type: M 855E PC
    Film width: 285 mm
    Transport chain: 1/2 inch k
    matching AMACO printer available on request

    Machine dimensions: length approx.

  • MULTIVAC’s designers attached considerable importance to a high power density because it meant lower mechanical integration costs and drives which took up less space, and were easily accessible, when integrated in the portal frame.
  • Multivac R 245 , built 2009 , foil width 520 mm , jumbo rolls
    underfoil , hard foil MAP , extractor 270 mm , format 2.1 , built-in
    vacuum pump Busch 220/80 , hard foil punch , X-Y servo axis with ink
    jet , very good condition .
  • MultiVAC has released lab data in October 2018, achieving the Peak TPS 30784 using 64 shards, with a single shard reaching 533 TPS, making decentralized blockchains to achieve industrial capacity.
  • Blockchain


    On the miner and computing level, MultiVAC pioneers VRF dynamic re-sharding, organic shard splitting, an innovative PoS approach, and others to ensure the shards’security and self-growth capacity.


    ✅The project’s technological architecture is complete, and the plan is far-reaching, yet at the same time it faces relatively great development difficulties.✅The architecture of MultiVAC All-Dimension Sharding technique is quite innovative, especially around the design of its full network ledger data storage and control separation systems.✅The UTXO model makes it difficult for smart contracts that need state preservation and have relatively low space usage rates.


    Our research and development team is made up of an all-star team of engineers, advisors, and investment personnel who provide strong support and direction for MultiVAC’s technical foundation and its overlaying ecosystem.Our three co-founders are serial entrepreneurs and an award-winning professor with excellent business, academic and technical backgrounds.Our Research and Engineering team comprise more than 20 experts in distributed systems, infrastructure engineering, cryptography, applied mathematics, and quantitative finance.Our stellar partners include more than 30 top Crypto Investors and Venture Capitalists who align themselves with MultiVAC from all over the world, these include Korea’s largest crypto investment fund #Hashed, Neo Global Capital, Signum.Capital, Arrington and more.

    Why add Worximity to an existing thermoforming system such as a Multivac system when there are already controls in place?

    As shown above, a manufacturer such as Multivac often will develop a standardized set of products and options in order to remain competitive.While there may be some flexibility in options, because of the specific nature of a given thermoplastic package line, the monitoring available may not be specific enough to deliver high throughput and low downtimes.

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    History of MultiVAC

  • In 1961, Sepp Haggenmüller and his partners built their first vacuum chamber machine in a garage.
  • In 1993, Multivac took over MR Selbstklebe-Technik Etikettier-System-Beratung GmbH & Co.