Overview of Nerva

  • Nerva was old and childless, and had spent much of his career out of the public light, prompting both ancient and modern authors to speculate on his involvement in Domitian’s assassination, although his probable lack of involvement would have made him acceptable to the Domitianic faction.[13][14]
  • Nerva’s position and his quick appointment to replace Domitian certainly must have had a few reflection on personal ambition, but not only was he a respected elder statesman of the Senate, but as a member of the Flavian supporters, his selection offered a quick and simple opportunity.
  • Nerva also built granaries, made repairs to the Colosseum when the Tiber

    flooded, and continued the program of road building and repairs

    inaugurated under the Flavians.[[11]] In addition, pantomime performances,

    supressed by Domitian, were restored.[[12]]

  • Nerva’s reign is thus often characterized as mere interlude in history, between the Flavian Dynasty and the remarkable reign of Trajan, during which the empire reached its greatest geographical extent, and public building, art, and literature flourished.
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  • Nerva seems nevertheless to have soon wearied of the uncongenial task of governing, and his anxiety to be rid of it was quickened by the discovery that not even his blameless life and mild rule protected him against intrigue and disaffection.
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  • Nerva vainly strove to save, even at the risk of his own life, the men who had raised him to power, but the soldiers brutally murdered the unfortunate men, and forced him to propose a vote of thanks for the deed.
  • Nerva’s expenses influenced the economy of Rome and instead of religious sacrifices, games and horse races he created a new way of income, which was generated from Domitian’s former possessions.
  • Nerva was born on 8 November, 30 A.D.[[2]] Little is known

    of his upbringing beyond the fact that he belonged to a senatorial family

    and pursued neither a military nor a public speaking career.

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    How much does it cost?

    Nerva costs US$69.99 for 3 months access to the 6-week structured program and the maintenance plan for sustained improvements and flare-up relief.Less than the price of a single in-person session.

    How can I access the money back guarantee?

    After finishing four weeks of the program, if the program isn't already helping you feel better and you paid through the website, you are welcome to reach out to us to organise a refund.Chat to our customer service team within the in-app chat, and our team can organise it for you.We can only offer the money-back guarantee if you pay through the website, as we can't control in-app payments.

    What is Nerva?

    Nerva is an app which provides a structured six-week program of gut-directed hypnotherapy, followed by a maintenance plan.Users can download the app and access the program in the convenience of their own homes.

    Are there any side effects?

    Hypnotherapy is generally relaxing and exceptionally safe.Adverse reactions are very uncommon and transient, but may include headache, drowsiness, dizziness, anxiety.

    What are the rules?

    IMPORTANT: It is ok to transfer this agreement from one team to another within the same club if an age group drops or cannot compete.

    I have a billing error, how do I update my billing details?

    You can update your billing details from within the Nerva app.Please note that updating billing details will take some time to be reflected on the app.

    What is the maintenance plan?

    Many Nerva users want to continuing to use the program for symptom management and general relaxation.The Nerva maintenance plan provides the opportunity to continue using the resources from the 6-week program, along with additional tools and a specialised mode designed to assist users managing flareups.With the Nerva subscription, you also get access to the maintenance plan.

    How can I apply for the NERVA Prime?

    IMPORTANT: Applications will be available to be submitted ONLY between the dates listed above for the events below.

    What are VitalSource eBooks?

    Routledge & CRC Press eBooks are available through VitalSource.The free VitalSource Bookshelf® application allows you to access to your eBooks whenever and wherever you choose.

    Can I do the program again once I finish?

    Yes, though your access will expire eventually.

    How do I cancel my subscription/trial?

    You can cancel your subscription from within the Nerva app.Please note that cancellations will take some time to be reflected on the app.

    How many people have gone through your program? Do you have details on their satisfaction with the program?

    We’ve helped over 5000 people so far, and many more are starting every day.We have an average rating of 4.5 from over 1700 App/Play Store reviews, and our users have reported strong results in their ability to manage their symptoms.

    Can I listen to sessions more than once in a day?

    Yes! No problem.The program is designed to be listened to once per day, but there is no reason you can't get even more Nerva in your day.

    Was this product created by an expert?

    All Mindset Health products are developed in partnership with clinician-researchers who have developed specialised hypnotherapy practices around the conditions addressed by the apps.Nerva was created in conjunction with Dr.Simone Peters, whose research with Monash University found that gut-directed hypnotherapy achieved a sustained reduction in IBS symptoms equivalent to reduction achieved by the gold-standard low-FODMAP diet.Dr.Peters treats hundreds of patients each year in person using this gut-directed hypnotherapy program at the Mind-Gut Clinic.

    My card is about to expire, how do I update my billing details?

    You can update your billing details from within the Nerva app.Please note that updating billing details will take some time to be reflected on the app.

    So, once the user has completed the 6-week program, what happens at that point?

    Once they’ve finished the 6-week program, they move onto the post-program phase, which is a less intense reinforcement and maintenance period.Users can choose to stop using the program after the initial 6-week program, but we’ve found that many choose to continue using Nerva.

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    Should I check with my healthcare practitioner before using Nerva?

    If you have an IBS diagnosis, you should be able to begin using Nerva immediately (we do recommend informing healthcare practitioners who work with you on your IBS).If you have not yet received an official IBS diagnosis, you should visit a doctor who can conduct a proper investigation and rule out other high-risk issues which may present similarly to IBS.

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    How can I share feedback about the product?

    You're welcome to submit any feedback by reaching out directly to our team by using the in-app chat function.We also love people reviewing our products on the App Store.

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    Very little information survives about the career of M.Cocceius Nerva before he became Roman Emperor in A.D.96.His importance by the end of Nero’s reign is demonstrated by the rewards bestowed on him in 65 after the suppression of the Pisonian conspiracy; thereafter he became ordinary consul with Vespasian in 71 and with Domitian in 90.In this paper the attempt is made to explain by plausible hypothesis why Nerva was so highly regarded by both Vespasian and Domitian, and also how and why he succeeded Domitian in 96.

    How does the app work?

    Users are guided through a six-week program of daily sessions of gut-directed hypnotherapy, educational readings about the gut-brain connection and breathing exercises.Each day they open the app, they're shown their tasks for the day, and tick them off to complete them.They'll be asked to record their progress at points along the way.The maintenance plan allows users who have completed the 6-week structured course to continue practising their skills and managing their symptoms in a more flexible format.

    What should I do if I fall asleep?

    It's preferable to listen to the whole program while awake, as this allows the concepts and visualisations to sink in more deeply.However, it can be very relaxing! If you do find yourself getting overly sleepy or dozing off, we recommend recommencing the session and potentially switching up your routine.For example, try changing the time at which you listen (if you are listening close to bedtime, move it earlier).You can also try changing the position in which you listen (sitting up rather than lying down).

    What are the program limitations?

    The NERVA Prime Program may present challenges for NERVA and THS, which could result in a shortage of inventory for some applicants.This is due to the amount of available hotel rooms within the defined area and the number of applicants requesting space.

    History of Nerva

  • In 1961, NASA and the AEC embarked on a second nuclear-rocket program known as NERVA.
  • In 1969, NERVA’s successes prompted NASA-Marshall Space Flight Center director Wernher von Braun to propose
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  • In 1973, Project Rover/NERVA was cancelled.
  • In 2000, NASA created Project Prometheus to develop nuclear-powered systems for long-duration space missions.
  • In 2005, NASA canceled the Prometheus Project as a result of budget constraints.
  • On 1 January 98, at the start of his fourth consulship, Nerva suffered a stroke during a private audience.[49] Shortly thereafter he was struck by a fever and died at his villa in the Gardens of Sallust, on 28 January.[50][51] He was deified by the Senate,[50] and his ashes were laid to rest in the Mausoleum of Augustus.[52] He was the last Roman emperor to be interred there.