Overview of NetM

  • NetM is an open source peer-to-peer cryptocurrency and blockchain network, oriented to corporate and personal use with its is own built-in currency (NTM) to compensate with other assets and commodities, public released to provide liquidity and exchange between digital assets, a way of save value in the network.
  • Netmore Group AB, formerly North Net Connect AB, is a Sweden-based company, which delivers mobile communications solutions to clients, whose requirements that are not met by traditional mobile outdoor coverage, and these are owners, companies, industries and public organizations.
  • NETM builds various incentive mechanisms to promote the development of the entire platform to a high-quality, high-level, high-standard media platform, and strives to provide first-class media services to achieve a significant increase in the platform's own influence!
  • NetM is a corporative network that is oriented to the market of payments and electronic transactions for a B2B market.<br />
    NTM the own currency of NetM will be traded on exchanges and will be used to exchange currencies and even goods.
  • NetM Token (NTMX) is the asset issued by NetM Blockchain Network due to tokenize the NetM coin (NTM) in other network to provide smart contract capabilities, web3 integrations, and services like DeFi.
  • NetM – is an integrated corporate real-time network capable of processing 126,000 transactions per hour, 2,851,200 transactions per day and with a 24/7 operational performance .
  • NetM is a distributed payment network that functions as an universal payment system with its native electronic currency (NTM) that connects the alternative transactional networks.
  • NETM creates an open and transparent cooperation mechanism based on the needs of media information dissemination in the blockchain era.
  • NetM joins as a partner of AUNA Blockchain initiative to increasing the ecosystem of blockchain solutions for the financial market.
  • Netmore Group AB (publ)'s company bio, employee growth, exchange listings and data sources
  • Blockchain

    Transactions are recorded in the NetM blockchain, a new block is added to the blockchain with a targeted time of 60 seconds, a transaction is usually considered complete after 6 blocks, or 6 minutes, a design considered for transactions and micro-transactions through faster and smaller blocks gives good performance for processed transactions over time.


    Early adopters and buyers can buy it with discount according to the campaing.


    Basically NetM offers a payment network with a electronic currency for intercommunicate other transactional networks as complementary infrastructure to the current organizational infrastructure.https://www.netmred.comNetM is a network like Bitcoin, Litecoin or others that is oriented to the market of payments and electronic transactions for a B2B market.

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