Overview of Neumark

  • Neumark has published numerous articles related to aging and age discrimination, including articles in the following peer-reviewed outlets: Journal of Political Economy, American Economic Review Papers and Proceedings, Journal of Human Resources, Journal of Labor Economics, National Tax Journal, Contemporary Economic Policy, Research on Aging, Journal of Public Economics, Journal of Population Economics, Public Finance Review, and Social Security Bulletin.
  • Neumark has lectured throughout the United States to such groups as the American Bar Association, AICPA and NYSSCPA, Young Presidents Organization, New York University Institute of Federal Taxation, International Association for Financial Planning, American Compensation Association, Institute of Certified Financial Planners and the Practising Law Institute.
  • Neumark has served on the Tax Executive Committee of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). He is a member of the New York State Bar Association’s Employee Benefits Committee and the Tax Management Compensation Planning Advisory Board. He is also a member of the Weill Cornell Medicine Professional Advisory Council.
  • Neumark and Wascher (2002) specify labour demand and labour supply curves, and fit a disequilibrium model that estimates the parameters of these curves and the probability that an observation is on the demand curve (the short side of the market when, in the standard model, the minimum wage is set too high), rather than at market equilibrium.
  • Neumark grew up in Chicago and remembers being attracted to science as
    a child but only choosing to make a career of chemistry after being
    inspired by high school teacher Frank Cardulla, who recently won the
    American Chemical Society’s James Bryant Conant Award as the best high
    school chemistry teacher in the country.
  • Neumark and Wascher (2014b) suggest that minimum wage increases within similar geographic areas could be more endogenous with respect to economic shocks, as other factors that differ across states in alternative regions and affect minimum wages exogenously – which include unionisation – are less important for close controls.
  • Neumark says an immediate problem is that "we are faced with the
    loss of good people" like Brad Moore, "and one of my priorities
    is to make constructive use of these losses" by seeking replacements
    who can best contribute to the division.
  • Neumark’s current research agenda, as part of his activities as Director of ESSPRI, concern the long-run effects of alternative anti-poverty policies on earnings, income, poverty, and public assistance receipt (broadly defined, “economic self-sufficiency”).
  • Neumark has contributed to various professional publications and has often been quoted in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Forbes, Business Week, Money Magazine and other publications on current compensation issues
  • Neumark, D, J M Ian Salas, and W Wascher (2014a), “Revisiting the Minimum Wage-Employment Debate: Throwing out the Baby with the Bathwater?”, Industrial and Labor Relations Review, 67, Supplement, 608-48.
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    History of Neumark

  • In 1991, Governor Mario Cuomo appointed Mr.
  • In 1997 Neumark joined the DBC Irrigation Supply family and have grown with them to include 11 Colorado Front Range locations, one Western Colorado location and two Wyoming locations.
  • In 2005, the Henry and Gertrude Rothschild Professorship was established at Columbia University in recognition of her contributions to science.
  • In 2006, Liz established Katchkie Farm in Kinderhook, NY, and founded The Sylvia Center, a nonprofit organization dedicated to addressing issues in children’s health.
  • In 2007, along with her husband, Chaim Wachsberger, Neumark launched The Sylvia Center, an educational nonprofit for children.
  • In 2008, Philips Electronics created a Professorship in Columbia’s Department of Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics in The Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science in honor of Professor Neumark Rothschild’s pioneering role as a woman engineer.
  • In the 1970s an Aboriginal rights group in Queensland authored this statement for some of the printed literature they had produced as part of their organizing efforts (see: “The Power of Collaboration” by Bob White in Affirming Collaboration: Community and Humanist Activist Art in Quebec and Elsewhere, co-edited by Neumark, Chagnon and Lachapelle, p.