Overview of Nework

  • NEWORK, conçu par l'architecte Jean-Paul Viguier, viendra achever la première phase de « Cœur de Quartier », un nouveau quartier mixte (bureaux, hôtel, commerces et logements) boulevard des Provinces Françaises à Nanterre Université.
  • NeWork te da la mejor asesoría, acompañamiento y te brinda un panorama amplio para que elijas la línea de crédito que más se adapte a tus necesidades; te conectamos sin costo con nuestras 8 entidades financieras aliadas y escogemos la mejor opción para ti.
  • Nework provides an advertising hub for platform chain company growth, and the supporting chain companies buy advertising space through Token, as well as support external companies buy advertising space in cash.
  • NeWorks was born of extensive international media background from traditional, digital, social media, out-of-home, guerrilla, viral and out-of-box media.
  • Neworks also trains entrepreneurial trainers on how to conduct and license our high-intensity workshops for use in their regions.
  • NEWORK offrira une large offre de services avec restaurant d’entreprise, drugstore, business center, conciergerie etc.
  • Nework external services; blockchain community marketing tools; 24 hours to quickly establish a community of people;
  • NeWork a través de su plataforma digital, es tu mejor aliado para convertirte en un Especialista Financiero.
  • NEWORK, réalisé par Eiffage Construction sera livré au deuxième trimestre 2019.
  • Nework is an incentive platform based on block-chain technology to connect human work skills
  • Blockchain

    It use blockchain underlying technology to drive Nework’s ecosystem value flow by writing transaction information, user information, contract information, and ecological rules into the blockchain.


    The ad center, combined with recommendation algorithms and DSP distribution logic, also can serve ads beyond Nework through the API.

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    Pathfinder: Life Without The CAC?

    The New York Air National Guard is introducing better high-assurance network authentication – and DoD can too, for its growing telework force.

    History of Nework