Overview of OasisCity

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    How Do Oasis City’s Entertainment and Game Hubs Work?

    With the help of VR technology, the Oasis City platform will feature a dedicated Entertainment Hub which would allow everyone to use the guaranteed anonymity to assume virtual identities which may show their creative sides.The developers promise that this Hub will do away with limitations regarding gender, age or class, in order to allow the users to take upon professions and activities divorced from their real-life occupations, such as becoming singers, entertainers, artists, etc.

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    How Will Users Experience Content on the OC Platform?

    The content featured on the Oasis City platform will be divided into several types, based on its intent and purpose.The platform supports an option to experience it with the help of the motion tracking suit which links the user’s movements with those of his/her avatar in the virtual world.In addition to the VR equipment, users will be provided with haptic technology capable of simulating body reactions, such as the feeling of physical pressure and touch on hands and the rest of the body.

    What is Oasis City?

    The Oasis City platform was designed in an effort to combine features of two emerging technologies -virtual reality (VR) and blockchain.Similar to a honeycomb, the platform consists of numerous thematic hubs connecting the worlds of entertainment, gaming, education, and shopping.While the platform is focused on content and its blockchain-based delivery, its creation is promoted as a group based effort in which various parties can join forces and stand to profit from it.Thus, the key participants who get the invitation to take part in this ecosystem include individual VR developers just as well as startups and large companies.

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    What Is Oasis City Attempting to Achieve?

    The Oasis City team hopes to see their platform become a hub for ushering virtual reality as the cornerstone of the so-called 4th industrial revolution.

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    What is Oasis City?

    Oasis City describes itself as a VR platform that will offer users a chance to participate in an international blockchain-based ecosystem.

    History of OasisCity