Overview of OKB

  • OKB Aerospace engineers tested several commercial CAD and PLM systems, considering such factors as user experience, close integration between PLM and CAD, management of data authored using third-party software, requirements management capabilities, support for various project data formats, multi-user support, and integration with third-party CAD systems.
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  • OKB has developed 52 application scenarios internally and externally, covering payments, market data, wallet, lending and wealth management, cybersecurity, travel, lifestyle, and entertainment applications, which allow holders to purchase products or services with OKB.
  • OKB Aerospace is completing the integration of the E3.series dedicated electronic CAD system with the Siemens Digital Industries Software solutions environment, enabling engineers to synchronize the data created using both technologies in real time.
    Special design bureau of the cable industry, JSC “OKB KP” was established in 1956 to develop and produce cables and wires for aviation, space, shipbuilding, electronics.
  • OKB is set to connect prospective digital asset projects to OKEx users as well as professional investors, creating a OKEx ecosystem that helps to advance the development of blockchain technology and the digital asset industry.
  • The OKB is a sweet and tangy style of sauce that blends vinegar with eight or more spices and a splash of two types of fruit juices to create a unique style of sauce which truly is the taste of the South.
  • OKB has designed projects from as large as 420,000 SF to as small as 600 SF, with Clients from web-based technologies, animation, entertainment, and fashion companies in creating their new workplace.
  • OKB Fifth Generation entrepreneurs will be at the Start-ups Zone at IAC 2018 from 1 October until 3 October noon, and be pitching their business 2 October. 
  • The OKB is commonly used for indoor spot heating applications where a great amount of heat is not required and where the mounting height is relatively low.
  • Blockchain

    The OKB ecosystem is constantly growing and adapting to the ever-evolving blockchain environment, and the OKB team is committed to maintaining this trajectory in order to provide powerful functionalities and unmatched user experiences — both on and off the OKEx platform.


    Let’s take a look at OKEx’s native utility token, OKB, and examine its features, supply, and performance in the cryptocurrency market as the company continues expanding its vast pool of trading partners.


    Jointly with Novosibirsk State University’s Laboratory of Nanosatellites the OKB start-up has been involved in designing and developing both spacecraft systems and elements for ground support networks.


    OKEx continues to foster new partnerships and expand the OKB ecosystem.Several security and cold wallet companies also support OKB storage, including Coinify, Coinomi, BTT, Ledger Vault, Guara Enji and more.

    OKEx launches a decentralized exchange and the OKChain Testnet; can it compete with Binance?

    OKEx announced the launch of its own blockchain and a decentralized exchange.

    What is OKB?

    OKB is a global utility token issued by OK Blockchain Foundation.OKB is set to connect prospective digital asset projects to OKEx users as well as professional investors, creating an OKEx ecosystem that helps to advance the development of blockchain technology and the digital asset industry.

    What is OKB?

    OKB is a globally available ERC-20 utility token issued by the OK Blockchain Foundation.It plays an integral role in connecting the various services and products available to OKEx users and is a deflationary token by design, thanks to the Buy-Back and Burn initiative.

    Why Two Exchanges?

    There’s a lot of confusion surrounding the differences between OKCoin and OKEx.OKEx has operated as a separate entity from OKCoin since 2017 and has moved its headquarters to Malta.Initially, the two exchanges shared some of the same leadership but they are now distinct entities run by separate stakeholders.

    History of OKB

  • In 1992 it has become a joint stock company and in 1993 two subsidiaries were founded, namely Adast blansko a.s., a producer of paper cutters and developing automates of offset plates, and Adast – Systems a.s., a producer of fuel dispensers and control systems for the dispensers.