Overview of Opus

  • Opus 1 was featured in “This is SF” on the CBS network, which spotlights “Local lifestyle show that aims to showcase the best, trendiest, and most exciting places to see in various cities across the USA.” Get a glimpse of Opus 1 by watching this short video.
  • Opus offers flexible enterprise colocation solutions inside of state-of-the-art datacenters that are carefully selected for security, performance, efficiency, and connectivity to ensure optimum performance for your workloads.
  • Opus’ co-founder musicians, who were in third grade in 2010, are now graduating high school and the Chula Vista Elementary School District (CVESD) now offers music education to over 20,000 students at 32 schools.
  • Opus was a Sunday strip drawn by Berkeley Breathed from November 23, 2003 to November 2, 2008.[1] It was Breathed’s fourth comic strip, following The Academia Waltz, Bloom County and Outland.
  • OPUS-CDS Frequently Asked Questions
    This Web page contains answers to commonly asked questions related to the CDS administration and the usage of the OPUS-CDS Web application to submit changes.
  • Opus IVS™ helps independent automotive shops repair the most complex vehicle fast with diagnostics, programming and live repair guidance from OE brand-specific master technicians.
  • Opus 2 creates a seamless path from preparation to hearing and is perfectly suited to arbitration taking place across alternative teams located in multiple countries.
  • Opus tried to fly to a tropical island on September 14, but when he was asked for his passport, he told the ticket clerk that he smuggled himself into the U.S.
  • Opus Aura tucks away both heating and cooling air diffusers within the profile to discreetly keep an even room temperature throughout.
  • OPUS Camper USA | Copyright © 2020 | AIR OPUS: PCT Patent Pending GB | 2017 | 050391 | OPUS – Granted GB Patent 2500946
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    Note that because of the removal of certificate store hooks
    in openssl 1.1.1 and later, there are unfortunately no
    supported versions of that library which can be used with
    the code in opusurl to validate https responses against
    the system certificate store on Windows.Using the system
    default access to the certificate store on other platforms
    works fine.

    Did You Know?

    A literary opus is often a single novel, though the word may sometimes refer to all of a writer’s works.But opus normally is used for musical works.Mendelssohn’s Opus 90 is his Italian Symphony, for example, and Brahms’s Op.77 is his Violin Concerto.Since many composers’ works were never given opus numbers in an orderly way, they now often have catalog numbers assigned by later scholars.So Haydn’s Symphony No.104 is Hob.104 (Hob.is short for Anthony van Hoboken, the cataloger), and Mozart’s Marriage of Figaro is K.492 (K.stands for Ludwig Köchel).

    How accurate is it?

    Under normal conditions, most positions can be computed to within a few centimeters.However, estimating the accuracy for a specific solution is difficult
    because formal error propagation is notoriously optimistic for GPS reductions.User errors (such as misidentification of antenna or ARP height) cannot be detected.Local multipath or adverse atmospheric conditions may also negatively impact your solution.

    I'm a potential candidate: How does this work?

    Feel free to reach out to us at info@joinopus.com or via the contact form below – please share a link to your LinkedIn account or a copy of your resume.From there, a member of our team will reach out to you to help you through next steps: If you're a good fit for our candidate pool, we will work with you to figure out how to best navigate the startup/tech recruiting process, grant you access the opportunities our clients are recruiting for, and help curate different opportunities to you.If you enter any recruiting processes with us, we will also be there to provide support throughout, whether in the form of interview prep, comp benchmarking, negotiations, etc.

    I'm looking to hire: How does this work?

    We operate like an executive search / talent search firm: Reach out to us at info@joinopus.com or via the contact form below, and a member of our team will work with you to determine if the role you're recruiting into is the right fit for the candidate pool we have.If there's a match, we'll partner up and work with you to make sure that you're presenting your opportunity in the most attractive light to our candidate pool: Everything from cleaning up your job description, figuring out an outreach strategy, aligning on best-fit target profiles, helping build an interview process, etc.

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    For more information, or to discuss the ideal Opus IVS solution for your repair shop, contact our sales team.

    What are your fees?

    As a candidate, there is absolutely no cost to you for using our services (and hopefully a lot of benefit!).As a company looking to hire, we offer both contingency and retainer options, depending on your needs.Feel free to contact us at info@joinopus.com for more information.

    What is a VIRTUAL OFFICE?

    A virtual office offers a smart low cost alternative to renting a conventional physical office space but with all the same benefits and professional services.

    What is OPUS?

    NOAA’s Online Positioning User Service (OPUS) provides free access to high-accuracy National Spatial Reference System (NSRS) coordinates.OPUS uses software which computes coordinates using the NOAA CORS Network (NCN).

    What is Opus?

    Founded in 2017 by two former management consultants, we are a boutique search firm that helps startups and fast growing companies hire candidates with backgrounds in: management consulting, investment banking, or strategy / operations.The roles we most commonly fill into span: Biz Ops, Chief of Staff, General Management (Strategy/Ops), Product, Finance, and Customer Success.

    What types of companies do you work with?

    We specialize in helping fast-growing startups and tech companies recruit into their business teams: Anything from a seed stage company looking for their first business hire, to a large tech giant looking to continue expanding, are all fair game.A sweet spot for us is often the Series A – D range.That said, there are no hard limitations to the types of work that we do, and have, in select instances, also partnered with VC's, non-profits, consulting firms, and Fortune 500 companies to build out their teams.

    Why share?

    Your data helps maintain local ties to the National Spatial Reference System (NSRS).Your shared solutions will also help your community prepare
    for the NSRS modernization in 2022 by contributing to the GPS on Bench Marks for the Transformation Tool campaign (GPS on BM).The Transformation Tool will enable conversions from current vertical datums to the new North American-Pacific Geopotential Datum of 2022
    (NAPGD2022).To see examples,
    check out shared solutions near you.

    History of Opus

  • In 1369, our ancestor Jacopus de la Scarperia registered the trademark of the Torrini Workshop at the “Arte dei Corazzai e Spadai” in Florence.
  • In 1972 Schamroth, Krikler, and Garrett were the first to link the arrhythmia terminating action of verapamil with the concept of calcium channel blockade.
  • in 2000 from Jadavpur University, India.
  • In 2003, Breathed began the comic strip Opus, a Sunday-only strip featuring Opus the Penguin, who was one of the main characters of Bloom County.
  • In 2012, The Library of American Comics published the complete Opus strip in their reprint series, Bloom County: The Complete Library.
  • In the 1930s it was tried without success in angina, hypertension, and arrhythmias.