Overview of P2T

  • P2T, a nonprofit itself, works with numerous partners such as the College Board, the Data Quality Campaign and the American Council on Education to help states and local communities make strategic contacts and build their capacity for implementing education-related policy solutions.
  • P2T, facilitated by Educational Services Unit #2, is made up of several east-central Nebraska schools, including Bancroft-Rosalie, Emerson-Hubbard, Guardian Angels Central Catholic (West Point), Howells-Dodge, Lyons Decatur Northeast, Oakland-Craig, and West Point-Beemer.
  • P2T is one way state and local leaders can get connected with new research-based ideas, on everything from career readiness to early childhood education, that could positively impact education outcomes for their students.
  • P2T’s focus on community solutions, both seeking transformative ideas from the ground level and then bringing together local communities to implement, represents an urgent need we see today.”
  • P2T Consulting Ltd has a simple mission; to enhance the capabilities of those we work with so that they, as well as those they work with, can become “the best they can be”
  • P2T-1G1R1G-25-R-TFF-40W is a single pole, two throw, hermetically sealed, reflective switch designed to operate over the 1.0 to 1.1GHz frequency range.
  • P2T received higher grades than both T2 and PD for infratentorial and supratentorial lesion conspicuity (p< 0.001 for all comparisons).
  • P2T harbors knowledge (intellectual property) of scientists based in The Netherlands, The United States, Great Britain and Lebanon.
  • P2T raises the bar for phase 2 studies: 33% efficacy, instead of the cut-off efficacy point for the pharmaceutical industry: 15%.
  • P2T selects new drugs/devices after phase 0 and 1 studies indicate high efficacy and a low incidence of side effects.
  • Support

    The wheels are in motion to make lasting change in education to give all people equal access to the future.We are seeing an influx of education leaders as well as entrepreneurs from technology and other sectors engage education to bring their talents and innovative solutions.We’re seeing the market begin to shift to encourage more public-private partnerships and responsive innovations for the future.Now is the time to bring forward even more ideas to help us disrupt the status quo and see faster results.It’s critical that we support partnerships between diverse entities all of whom have unique insights to bring to bear in solving the challenges of the future – P2T provides this opportunity.

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