Overview of Parkgene

  • PARKGENE is a convenient and secure way to find parking, connect drivers, individuals and businesses.It’s a Peer to Peer Parking – Airbnb like – revolution on Blockchain Our Vision is to disrupt the traditional – mainly off line – Parking industry, sized at $100 Billion annually, and to provide drivers with a better parking experience, while helping cities become smarter and environmentally friendly.
  • PARKGENE has cloned PARKGURU technology to create its own version of peer-to-peer parking booking but has also expanded it by the addition of smart sensors, remote controls and Artificial Intelligence algorithms to make PARKGENE a best-of breed application.
  • PARKGENE’s decentralized technology supplies new untapped parking spots in crowded cities by enabling seamless integration of all competing parking technology solutions offered by the industry, thus creating a functional marketplace.
  • PARKGENE also recently appointed a new advisor, Gal Ron, a  startup veteran with over 30 years of experience in forming, running, and growing companies worldwide in industries spanning from financial markets to virtual reality.
  • PARKGENE’s Peer-to-Peer parking solution is the first ever park-sharing solution that uses Blockchain and cryptocurrency token payments and is aiming to revolutionize the $100B Global Parking Industry.
  • Parkgene provides users with spots, without the need for intermediaries like parking atseemants and assistants—thereby allowing vehicle owners to have complete peace of mind.
  • ParkGENE is the sort of project that could continue to slowly build momentum before appearing on a busier exchange and potentially seeing a big price jump.
  • Parkgene price Index provides the latest GENE price in US Dollars , BTC and ETH using an average from the world's leading crypto exchanges.
  • Parkgene is backed by Well Known Park guru parent company and Personalized Wallet to store the GENE Tokens along with Bitcoin and Ethereum.
  • PARKGENE, the world’s first shared mobility platform, blows past its sales targets during the first two weeks of its ICO.
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    Drivers spend nine minutes on average driving around in circles looking for a parking spot, creating traffic, while one in three drivers fails in securing a convenient spot.Existing platforms operate as parking industry intermediaries that…PARKGENE enables Drivers to Conveniently and Cost-Effectively Book Parking Spots Directly from Individual Parking Space Owners.Parking in large cities can be a burden on drivers and on the cities themselves.Starting from enabling peer-to-peer Airbnb-like parking services, PARKGENE’s mission is to create an ecosystem which connects the entire automotive industry in a mesh marketplace network that uses GENE tokens as the means of transaction.


    All transactions use GENE tokens, and the PARKGENE vision is to establish it as the default currency for the automotive industry.That may be a bold vision, but the company is already planning for the future:The PARKGENE platform, powered by its GENE token, aims to be a serious game-changer by connecting drivers and parking owners directly through its smart-contract system.The platform allows drivers to easily locate and book parking spots in the most convenient location and at the most competitive price.

    Is it legal to rent-out my parking spot and make money from it?

    You are responsible to review the zoning and
    residential laws in your city, to find out whether or not they would prevent you
    from listing your parking spot.

    How can i invest in ICO's through the GENE wallet?

    Investing in an ICO can be really frustrating.The user must pass a KYC procedure and upload critical personal data to a platform while it is not sure that the user will manage to win the GAS war with other users and finally be a part of the ICO token holder community.Through GENE Wallet you will have the opportunity to access preselected ICO’s and invest with one click without having to go through any other KYC than the initial you had when you downloaded the wallet.The ICO Tokens will be distributed directly to your wallet when the ICO is completed.

    Does your wallet provide a FIAT Gateway?

    We support the direct exchange of tokens and fiat currencies.Exchange your Altcoins for others or use this function to cash out your investment and top up your GENE Debit Card or send the money to your bank account.

    Can I list multiple spots with PARKGENE?

    If you own multiple parking spots, by all means! You have to be the
    legal owner of these spots before you can list them.

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    Can I cancel a booking if I have chosen to pay with cash?

    Yes you can anytime before half an hour ahead of your booking.It’s reasonable to commit to a payment half an hour before your parking starts, as the Parking Operator has reserved this space for you and probably refused another customer.If you do not show up and you have chosen to pay in cash this will be considered as a “NO SHOW” event and your credit card will be charged in case you have authorized one with PARKGURU.In case you haven’t authorized a credit card then you will have to pay for the parking spot by contacting us.In any case you will not be able to make new bookings before paying for the parking spot which you did not show up.You will have 1 week to pay for this parking spot.If you do not pay within a week this will result in a breach of our Terms of Service and your account will be locked.

    Do I need to pay tax for the money I earn with PARKGENE?

    Payments between peer-to-peer parking participants are made through the
    GENE token which is a utility token (digital asset), and not a monetary
    instrument (currency).Buyer and seller exchange services for digital
    assets and any potential tax obligations are subject to your local tax
    regulations.You need to check with your country’s tax regulation for
    cryptocurrency income.

    Why do I want to list my spot with PARKGENE?

    First,you can take advantage of the time your parking spot is unused and start making
    money by renting it out.You make your city friendlier by creating
    more parking spots in busy locations or in locations with limited parking options.Finally, you are helping to cut down on vehicle emissions.

    ParkGENE undervalued?

    The android version of the app has over 10’000 downloads as per publicly viewable count on the Playstore.I think we can assume the iOS download total is similar considering it is a free app.The app is able to offer access to 6 million parking spaces in 8,000 cities around the world.This is an impressive level of adoption considering the app has been live for less than 2 months.

    How can I make the most of my parking spot?

    Your parking spot is peer reviewed and driver satisfaction will help
    drive more business to your spot.You can also proactively modify your pricing
    depending on future increased demand, for example, if there are events in your area.

    How can your wallet protect me from market volatility?

    Especially in periods of great market volatility a lot of users do not have the time or the opportunity to convert their crypto to fiat.This is now an option through GENE Wallet.

    Can I cancel my listing?

    You can cancel your listing, 2 hours before the first pending booking.

    Can I cancel a booking if I have paid with credit card?

    Yes you can anytime before 2 hours ahead of your booking.Its reasonable to commit to a payment 2 hours before your parking starts as the Parking Operator has reserved this space for you and probably refused another customer.If you do not show up and you have paid with your credit card this will be considered as a “NO SHOW” event and your credit card will be charged.Not showing up is not effecting your profile.If you do not show up and request for a chargeback before contacting us then this will result in a breach of our Terms of Service and your account will be locked.

    Is my vehicle oversized?

    When you register your vehicle with PARKGURU please select the correct type.This will allow us to offer you Parking Spots that can accept your vehicle.

    How much can I earn with PARKGENE?

    The amount you can earn from your parking spot depends on its location,
    availability and the pricing you’ve associated with your spot.

    Do I need to own the spot I’m listing?

    The spot listed needs to be listed by the spot owner.You should not
    list public spots, or community parking spots.

    What is the KYC procedure I have to go through?

    GENE Wallet follows the latest security specs for its Know Your Customer procedure.The scope is to act as the users single point of entry to ICO’s without having to go through multiple KYC when wanting to invest in a new project.This offers security and saves time as well.

    What is PARKGENE?

    PARKGENE is the first global peer-to-peer parking service powered by
    blockchain and decentralized payments.To make it very clear: PARKGENE
    is the AirBNB for parking, over blockchain.PARKGENE connects people
    that own parking spots with drivers who are looking to park.

    How much does it cost to list my spot?

    Listing your spot is free, and always will be.PARKGENE charges a small
    commission from the parking fee you earn.

    How can I start earning money with PARKGENE?

    You can list your parking spot by registering for free at, searching for your parking spot address and
    providing all the information about the parking, including pricing and availability.

    How do I know what to charge for my spot?

    You want to make your parking spot competitive against the listings
    in your area, or against the commercial parking offerings.You
    can modify your pricing according to time of day, or on special
    occasions in your area where the demand increases.The price you
    choose is up to you.

    How can i send funds to my wallet?

    You can send money to your GENE Wallet account by directly connecting your debit card or by using the wire transfer option.Will i be able to convert my Crypto to FIAT?
    You can convert your Crypto to FIAT via our escrow service and top up your GENE Debit Card of wire the money to your bank account.

    How to Purchase Gene Tokens?

    Interested with the concept and looking to Participate in their ICO to purchase GENE Tokens? You can use this Link to join the Token Sale.

    How can i buy crypto through the GENE Wallet?

    GENE Wallet is directly connected to several exchanges and this offers a wide liquidity pool.Your purchase orders are directly reflected in the market and completed at the exchange.You do not have to transfer your tokens to any exchange and waste time while paying commissions in GAS.Your tokens are always secure in your wallet and your private keys safe within the app.

    How do I manage the logistics of my parking spot if there is no public access to it?

    You can give access manually for the driver to enter and exit.PARKGENE will offer many automation solutions in the near future to parking
    owners, so please stay tuned.

    How do I get paid?

    Immediately after the parking session, your payment is received via the
    GENE Wallet.

    What do the prices on the map and list mean?

    In order to make prices comparable the standard search options we use are the following:
    a.Booking now,
    b.One hour stay,
    c.No oversized car,
    d.No additional services (e.g.washing, etc.

    What happens if I leave later from the parking spot?

    You can leave any time you like.You will be notified 15 minutes earlier to your expected departure.If you want you can extend your parking session and benefit from the same discount.If you do not extend through PARKGURU at your exit you will have to pay for the additional time you occupied the space based on the pricing catalog of the Parking Spot.

    Is monthly parking available?

    Definitely yes.You can get the monthly charges by defining a stay for a month.

    Is the rate I see per hour?

    Yes, and we keep it that way to help your comparisons.In case you wish to book for more or less than, let’s say, one hour, press the “Find Parking Cost” at the bottom of your screen, adjust the duration of your stay (among others) and ParkGuru will calculate your accurate cost.

    If I pay for a booking with a credit card when do you withdraw the money?

    When you pay with a credit card we request authorization from your Bank and we withdraw the money 2 hours before your parking session starts.Within this period you can cancel the booking and your card will not be charged.

    How can I change my license plate number, and what if I’m driving a rental car?

    PARKGURU allows you to use as many cars as you like, provided that:
    a) their plate numbers are declared in the app and
    b) the right plate number is selected when booking.

    What coins can i store in my wallet?

    GENE Wallet supports the deposit of BTC,ETH,GENE and a series of Altcoins.You can use the multiple deposit addresses to send you coins like you do in any exchange.You can also withdraw them at any time using the send function.

    Once I book, is my spot guaranteed?

    YES 100%
    Despite that the venue’s availability is continuously updated, based on our Terms of Service the Parking Operator will have to offer you the booked Parking Spot anyway.If something goes wrong you can report it to us.

    What is Parkgene?

    PARKGENE is the first global peer-to-peer parking service powered by blockchain and decentralized payments.To make it very clear: PARKGENE is the AirBNB for parking, over blockchain.PARKGENE connects people that own parking spots with drivers who are looking to park.

    How does the GENE Wallet Escrow Service work?

    GENE Wallet can function as a crypto to crypto and crypto to FIAT escrow platform.This means that you can invite other users to download the app and complete the transfer of tokens and fiat with the security the GENE Wallet offers.Once both parties verify that the transfer from each side is complete then the GENE Wallet releases the token and the funds in order for the transaction to be completed.

    What does Street Park and Car Park stand for?

    “Street Park” refers to On Street Parking spots.It can be found on the home screen of the App in Blue Color.Once you click this you will be able to park at On Street spot by paying the relevant fee.

    What happens after I’ve listed my parking spot with PARKGENE?

    When the PARKGENE service for drivers goes live, you will start
    receiving booking requests which you can review and approve to start
    making money from your parking spot.

    Which are the tools that GENE wallet will offer to Merchants and what does this mean for my business?

    You can use our POS in order to accept payments in crypto in your store or integrate our pluggin to your e-commerce platform.You can create new motives for your clients in order to raise your sales.For clients that are going to pay you in crypto you can select to give them a cashback in crypto as an extra motive to shop from your store.The Crypto Market is famous for its extreme volatility.In order to protect your liquidity you can instantly convert your crypto to fiat or place a stop loss order so you can minimize the risk and be open to the opportunity to profit if the market goes up.The benefit of joining the GENE Wallet Ecosystem as a merchant is the fact that we do not charge any commissions for the transactions that are generated through our platform.We follow this policy in order to give motives to our users to use our services and raise their purchase volume.

    How do I know if my city is covered by PARKGENE?

    PARKGENE is the first global peer-to-peer parking service powered by
    blockchain and decentralized payments.

    What happens if the driver does not leave my spot?

    If the driver does not leave your spot after the booking ends, you have
    the following options: you can contact the driver through the
    information he has provided.Hopefully this will help resolve the issue.

    What commission of my parking spot listing does PARKGENE get?

    We charge a small commission to help extend the service, bring more
    demand to your spot, and help improve the PARKGENE universe with more
    products and services.

    Why do I see pins that have a yellow dollar sign?

    These pins relate to Parking Spots that are bookable through PARKGURU.By choosing these spots you will be able to book your parking and pay with PARKGENE.Payment methods include Credit Cards, Cash, GENEs(PARKGENE’s virthual currency) and other cryptocurrencies.

    Why do I see pins that have a purple phone sign?

    These pins relate to Parking Spots that support the Call2Book service.By choosing these spots you will be able to be connected securely over the phone to speak with the Parking Operator to book your parking spot.

    What do the different colors of pins mean?

    The BLUE pins are the On-Street Spots.Usually you will also see a blue line on the pavement to show where you can park On-Street.They are also referred as STREET PARKS.The GREEN pins are the Off-Street Spots.They are also referred as CAR PARKS.

    How is the GENE Debit Card going to work?

    The Gene Wallet can be directly connected to your debit card.By this way you can easily topup your wallet and buy crypto at any time.The GENE Debit card is personal and accepted in any POS in the real market where traditional debit cards are used.Your card is PIN protected.You can make cash withdrawals with your GENE Debit card in any ATM worldwide where traditional debit cards are accepted.Through the GENE Wallet you can connect your crypto assets with your debit card and preselect the asset that will be liquidized into FIAT and used to top up your card.

    What happens if a driver damages my spot?

    Your use of PARKGENE is conditional of acceptance of the PARKGENE terms
    of service.

    What is the GENE Wallet?

    The GENE Wallet is the PARKGENE multicurrency wallet which can hold GENE
    tokens, other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, and many other
    cryptocurrencies and tokens.

    What happens when I book a parking spot?

    You will receive a parking confirmation QR Code as well as a notification through email.At the same time the Parking Operator will receive your booking and will wait for you to drive in.You can access the park booking from the history tab found in the menu.You can use the QR Code to show that you have booked.

    What is the radius of search?

    The default value of radius is 500m.You can change this through the settings found in the App menu.

    What if we want to park multiple vehicles?

    a) Assure that their plate numbers are declared in the app and if any is missing, enter it
    b) Book for each one separately while choosing, via “Find parking cost”, the right plate number for each one!
    That’s why PARKGURU is considered as the most flexible parking system.

    What is your News Service?

    The Crypto Market never sleeps and the information that circles around comes from multiple sources.Sites,Blogs,Youtube and Social Media are only few of them.We offer a News Service and through the Wallet App you can see the best information filtered and in snapshots so you are able within a few minutes to feel the pulse of the market.What tools does the GENE wallet provide?
    Through the GENE Wallet you are able to track your portfolio performance with charts that focus on the market prices, coin profitability and investment allocation.

    Why does PARKGURU require my license plate number?

    Your plate number is the only way the venue can accept/ confirm/ assure your booking.

    What Is ParkGene Cryptocurrency?

    According to a study conducted by Frost & Sullivan, the parking industry was valued at around $100 billion in 2014.In the coming 3-5 years, it’s expected to attract $200-$250 million in strategic investment.The lion’s share of this capital will be directed toward eliminating many of the inefficiencies that exist in the way vehicles are parked today.

    History of Parkgene