Pascal Coin

Overview of Pascal Coin

  • Pascal Coin (PASC) is not a new crypto project, it has been around for a while already and is getting very close to its second block reward halving (it’s halving every 2 years, not four like Bitcoin).
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  • Pascal Coin is primarily suitable for a bank or B2B payment system – however, thanks to in-protocol double-spend-detection and in-protocol 0-confirmation insurance also for everyday shopping.
  • Pascal Coin is an innovative cryptocurrency that aims to break the blockchain paradigm by introducing a new cryptocurrency structure – this is Safebox.
  • Pascal Coin (PASC) is a decentralized virtual currency presented without an ICO, and positioning itself as an altcoin for people, not creators.
  • Pascal Coin operates via the peer-to-peer protocol and it’s characterized by working through account numbers instead of public keys.
  • Pascal Coin is an “easy to know” and “easy to work with” Crypto, because it’s very similar to a bank.
  • Pascal Coin’s (PASC) circulating supply today is 25 195 850 PASC., and maximum supply – 42 million.
  • Pascal coin is good for dual mining with Ethereum or Expanse using Claymore’s dual miner.
  • Pascal Coin, also known as PASC, was first launched on the markets on December 7, 2016.
  • Blockchain

    Safebox serves to maintain a ledger balance and in so doing, dispenses with individual ledgers.


    Also, there are not many pools because you can make solo mining without any fees.Claymore does not take 2% fee for the second coin, so you can mine PASC without any fee, absolutely free.This profit can be used to cover electricity consumption of your Rig.


    All mining pools specified in the list support Pascal Coin coin, and provide service and have no
    problems with withdrawals.And
    waiting you to join miners’ community.Be aware of low hashrate pools, they often use same design and it takes a lot of time to get first payment, it can be one week or even one month, look hashrate information at our rating table.Best chance
    is to connect to any Pascal Coin pool.Find
    your closest pool server using ping information.Please note that Pascal Coin mining pools may change or add nodes without notifying us.Strongly advise you to make a
    research about admin operator who is behind the pool and visit mining forums to get a reputation of that pool before joining it.The less value of connection time is better.There
    are 4 PASC pools online.This tool was created for many users who can not build a huge mining farm but also want to get profit in mining.To get more information open mining nodes for each website using menu button.


    For example, Bitcoin address may look like this: 16K3HCZRhFUtM8GdWRcfKeaa6KsuyxZaYk, while Pascal Coin address like this: 12345-54 – or you can use even your domain name.However, soon it will achieve much higher throughput — 72.000 tx/s!Pascal Coin operates via the peer-to-peer protocol and it is characterized by working through account numbers instead of public keys.Pascal Coin thanks to its innovations was the first cryptocurrency to handle more than 100 transactions per second.Pascal Coin uses its own hashing algorithm, called SafeboxHash.PascalCoin also enables Smart Contracts on its platform.

    Best way to mine Pascal Coin ?

    PASC coins are best mined with combined hash power and by that we mean pool mining.The best machines, which will give you the wanted results are the application-specific integrated circuits (ASIC).They combine perfectly with the Pascal algorithm and present the desired and outstanding profits.Don’t worry about the ASIC choice.We have prepared some detailed info in the PascalCoin mining hardware section.

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    How has the market capitalization of Pascal Coin developed?

    Pascal Coin, also known as PASC, was first launched on the markets on December 7, 2016.Market capitalization was $9,590 and $0.002443 per token on the first day of trading.Since January 2017, the token has been in an upswing, which became a real rally in November.

    How to buy Pascal Coin (PASC) from above-listed exchanges?

    Step 1: Click on Buy Pascal Coin (PASC) from Exchange button.Step 2: You will be redirected to the exchange.Step 3: Sign up if you do not have an account with that exchange else log in.Step 4: See if the exchange support fiat currency or cryptocurrency or both.Step 5: Deposit the currency it supports and buy the currency you want.

    Pascal Coin / USD Forecast, PASC price prediction: Buy or sell Pascal Coin?

    PASC Price is 0.0945 USD today.

    Want to get started?

    Get yourself a PASA by heading over to the Discord (or Telegram Channel) where a committed and friendly community awaits you.In fact, they donate the PASAs to new members.

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    What are the core technologies?

    “CoinAnalyst is based on the patented technology of Cogia Intelligence and has unique features.• Hight Impact News are displayed: AI here enables the identification of news that have a significant impact on the price development.• ICO and coin scams are also identified using AI.• Thanks to AI, the sentiment can be calculated for all coins and even a short-term price forecast can be made for selected coins.• These evaluations are supplemented by a semantic analysis of all news articles and posts.In graphical form, this gives you a quick overview of the content of the news, the relevant topics and associations linked to specific keywords.• You also have an overview of which influencers are currently active in social media.• We also evaluate the Google graphs with regard to the search volume for certain terms such as “”Bitcoin”” or “”Buy Bitcoin””; from this, conclusions can be drawn regarding the possible development of the share price.

    What do You Need to Start Mining Pascal Coin ?

    How fast, and whether at all, you will be able to mine PascalCoin depends on the power level of your hardware (the hash rate).The higher the number, the faster you would be able to provide the network with the needed block result.This will in turn, allow you to receive rewards more frequently.All your earnings will be sent to your wallet, which will let you exchange or hold them.

    What do you think about the Pascal today?

    Let us know by clicking the given button.

    What Else You to Consider before you start mining ?

    Once you decide to start on your journey towards financial freedom with cryptos, you’ll be equipping yourself with vast amounts of PascalCoin mining hardware.In turn, this leads to some issues which you need to address, namely – noise, heat and dust buildup.That’s why we recommend you consider running your operation in a non-residential area.Regular maintenance is also something you should take under advisement.To help you combat these issues, our team of experts has compiled a detailed PASC mining guide for you.You can find tips based on their own research and experience in our specialized article here.

    What is Pascal Coin?


    What is Pascal Coin?

    PascalCoin pioneers a new tier of scalability suitable for planetary-scale adoption with a theoretical limit of 72,000 TPS.It is the first and only multi-purposed, decentralized cryptocurrency to achieve this.By offering simple account numbers that can be associated to emails, company names and domain names, payments have never been easier.PascalCoin’s powerful architecture lays a strong foundation for large-scale smart contracts in the form of Layer-2 protocols.PascalCoin's architecture also allows comprehensive privacy.PascalCoin achieves all this by introducing a new cryptographic data-structure known as the SafeBox.The SafeBox complements the blockchain in a way that allows the blockchain to be deleted whilst retaining its full cryptographic security.

    What is the aim of CoinAnalyst?

    CoinAnalyst is a software system that enables any trader in the crypto asset sector and other industries to access a dashboard which monitors and analyses real-time data from the crypto and ICO market.CoinAnalyst is based on the patented Cogia technology which uses semantic indexing and structuring of online data using pattern recognition and artificial intelligence.Additionally, the system provides news, price quotes and messaging.Similar to the information provider Bloomberg in the traditional financial market, we want to become the equivalent information provider in the crypto market – not exclusive like Bloomberg, but open for the mass market.

    What is
    the Pascal Coin price today?

    The current price of Pascal Coin is
    0.0729 USD today.

    What precisely lead to V3 being necessary?

    Due to the competitiveness, most mining is now pooled collectively into mining pools.In PascalCoin’s case, a single pool (“Pool-X”) is responsible for 99% mining centralization — especially via dual-mining with ETH.Essentially, miners get to mine the non-memory-hard coin for free.This lead to the acute problem of centralization of mining, with one pool having over 90% of the PascalCoin miners.

    What special features does Pascal offer?

    The developers at Pascal define five distinct features that differentiate the currency from other coins on the market, one of which is the previously discussed scalability.The fast throughput rate with a constant memory requirement is the decisive control variable here.In addition, the Pascal token supports trusted and immediate transactions.

    Which company is behind CoinAnalyst?

    CoinAnalyst is a German limited corporation and a subsidiary of Cogia GmbH.The company is one of the leading providers of AI-based and patented semantic solutions in the field of “Big Data Analytics”.For 10 years it has been offering products for intelligent information search, organization and analysis for web content, social media and internal data.

    Which roadmap do the developers follow at Pascal Coin?

    To give the community an overview of upcoming updates, the developers of Pascal have published a roadmap.In contrast to other roadmaps, this is less structured and has no binding deadlines, which makes the team more flexible in achieving their goals.

    Why to mine Pascal Coin?

    This coin is bringing the cryptocurrency structure to a next level.It introduces the blockchain paradigm SafeBox.This feature provides balance for all users in its system.Pascal Coin enables them to transact funds between accounts, similar to real banks.Now, when you hear “bank”, don’t immediately think it’s centralized.The way it works is that it stores a “snapshot” of people’s account balances and removes bloat from the blockchain.This leads us to another good reason why you should mine PASC coins – infinite scaling.Further benefits include the possibility to monetize APIs, creating smart contracts and dApps.We hope that all of these beneficial features, have made you realize PASC’s great mining potential.

    Will Pascal Coin crash?

    According to our analysis, this can happen.

    Will Pascal Coin hit 1 USD in a year?

    Not within a year.See above.

    Will Pascal Coin hit 10 USD in a year?

    Not within a year.See above.

    Will Pascal Coin hit 5 USD in a year?

    Not within a year.See above.

    Will Pascal Coin price drop / fall?

    Yes.The price of Pascal Coin may drop from
    0.0729 USD to
    0.0130 USD.The
    change will be

    Will Pascal Coin price grow / rise / go up?

    No.See above.

    Will Pascal Coin replace / surpass / overtake

    According to our predictions, this won’t happen in near future.

    History of Pascal Coin