Overview of Paytomat

  • Paytomat wallet by DeepDive supports 14 cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Ethereum, Waves, NEM, EOS, ZCoin, Horizen (formerly ZenCash), Bitcore, BCD, Tron, Tezos, Binance Chain (BNB) and tokens for five platforms (EOS, ERC20, TRC10, BNB, NEM).- Safe and secureThe wallet is non-custodial, meaning the private keys never leave the secure storage of your phone.
  • Paytomat Core currently supports 18 cryptocurrencies: Dash (DASH), NEM (XEM), Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), Waves (WAVES), Litecoin (LTC), ZCoin (XZC), Horizen (ZEN), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Dimecoin (DIME), Nano (NANO), Decred (DCR), Bitcoin Gold (BTG), DigiByte (DGB), Bitcore (BTX), BTC Lite (BTCL), PIVX and EOS, with their list continuously expanding.
  • Paytomat is a platform to incentivise transactional usage of crypto through a decentralized network of point-of-sale terminals.Paytomat incentivizes businesses and customers to accept a wide variety of cryptocurrencies (hereinafter referred to simply as ‘crypto’ in this document), while simultaneously bringing liquidity to those currencies.
  • Paytomat’s blockchain-based loyalty program is based on PTM coin, incentivizing merchants to accept payments in crypto, and PTX token, residing as an asset on top of the PTM blockchain and incentivizing end customers to pay via cryptocurrencies.
  • Paytomat, a Singapore-based decentralized crypto payment system, announced on Thursday it has added Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) to its point-of-sale (POS), wallet, and settlement system, which includes both crypto-to-crypto and crypto-to-fiat settlements.
  • Paytomat offers a wide range of products for businesses to accept cryptocurrencies in the most convenient ways: using existing merchant’s POS system; mQR technology for low-tech merchants; POS modules and online plug-ins; Paytomat Merchant App etc.
  • Paytomat solutions include a multicurrency wallet, a mobile app for merchants, an ID-embedded merchant QR code for smaller dealers and sole traders, as well as the world’s first plugin for accepting cryptocurrency on WordPress.
  • Paytomat is a set of blockchain software solutions, created to help merchants, consumers and crypto-core teams to find each other and create real-life traction for cryptocurrencies as an emerging method of everyday payments.
  • Paytomat is a digital wallet for users to store their digital assets, this wallet has excellent security because it has alternative security tools which include two-factor authentication, QR code and secret…See more
  • Paytomat is one of several wallets that I often use in transacting cryptocurrency, this wallet is very simple and easy to use for our needs in transactions, by supporting many platforms which include BTC…See more
  • Blockchain

    After the release of the PTM blockchain, PTtoken holders will be able to exchange their PTtokens into PTM coins.The Paytomat business is structured as a decentralized autonomous organization, incorporating elements of the decentralized franchise.are now beta-testing customer mobile wallets and a standalone Paytomat Mobile POS for both payment processing and a blockchain-based loyalty program.Paytomat will streamline the process of accepting the payment in crypto for the merchant, and give an extra incentive for the customer to pay in crypto of their choice with no extra conversion.Both merchant and customer are treated as possible crypto investors who manage their assets across crypto and fiat.have built an extension to receive payments in crypto on existing POS (pointof-sale) solutions and successfully deployed it on 150 merchants.Please visit to follow our progress and traction.PTis interim token that will enable us to conduct this token sale while the testing PTM blockchain.The merchant can easily cash out through our payment processing partners or hold part of their gain in crypto.unique blockchain-based loyalty program is based on PTM coin, incentivising merchants to accept payments in crypto, and PTX token, residing as an asset on top of the PTM blockchain and incentivising end customers to pay via crypto.For the purposes of this token sale, we also introduce the PTtoken based on Waves Platform.To augment its decentralization, our engineers have developed the Point-of-Sale as Proofof-Stake (POS as PoS) protocol, allowing any POS device in our network to become a masternode on PTM Blockchain.The Paytomat POS solution is already used by dozens of various merchants in our home market (Ukraine) and in the first quarter of 2018, our plan is to connect 150 more merchants in other countries.


    Moving cryptocurrency closer to everyday use, the Bitfury Group announced today they have partnered with Paytomat, a blockchain-based payment processing system, to bring Lightning Network payments to Paytomat’s digital wallet and merchant app.


    Paytomat is one of several wallets that I often use in transacting cryptocurrency, this wallet is very simple and easy to use for our needs in transactions, by supporting many platforms such as BTC…See more


    28, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — MovieCoin, the financial technology company leveraging blockchain, smart contracts and digital assets to create a new standard currency for entertainment industry financing, business transactions and consumer payments, has announced a partnership with Paytomat, a payments gateway enabling cryptocurrency transactions.GEORGE TOWN, Cayman Islands, Nov.

    Can I transfer my ICO tokens into Paytomat wallet?

    Tokens purchased on the pre-sale have already been sent to everyone who followed the instructions ( If you have not received your tokens, please follow the instructions and send an email to

    Can I export private keys?

    You can find private keys of each of your currencies in the settings – “Settings” – “Reveal private keys”.By copying your private keys, you can use it in another application that supports the import of private keys.We would like to warn you! Anyone who sees your private keys can get access to the corresponding cryptocurrency address and its funds.

    Are there any plans to add ShapeShift or Changelly for cryptocurrency conversion?

    The main cryptocurrencies are already available for conversion inside the wallet.

    I am from Russia, will the ruble be added to the list of preferred currencies?

    We plan to expand the list depending on the increase of demand in a particular region.

    What is Paytomat?

    Paytomat is an infrastructure platform enabling to use cryptocurrencies in the everyday life.A set of Paytomat solutions opens the possibilities of the decentralized world to the wide masses, hedging the risks, increasing speed and enabling instant payments in multiple cryptocurrencies.

    Where are private keys stored?

    Private keys are an encrypted data set derived from a seed phrase (which, in turn, is also a random sequence of mnemonically encrypted data).As long as you keep the seed phrase in a safe place, the keys belong only to you and no one has access to them.

    Why is it important to save the seed phrase immediately after installing the Paytomat wallet?

    The phrase contains all the information about your addresses and private keys that are needed to send funds.If you delete Paytomat Wallet and you do not have your seed phrase, your funds will be lost forever.

    How does staking work in EOS?

    Each transaction (if you use an EOS account) takes a bit of your CPU and network resources.There is a daily amount of reserve and, if you receive a message about a lack of CPU or network, you can simply wait for the next day until resources replenish.

    The Wallet has stuck on the initialization process! What should I do?

    Try restarting your phone and Paytomat Wallet.If this does not help, please text to our support.

    How to add ERC-20 tokens?

    ERC-20 tokens can be added by selecting ETH on the main page, then press “+”.Added tokens can be pinned on the main page.This can also be done in the settings.

    What does “memo” mean?

    When you send currency to the exchange, exchange indicates one account for receiving and does not create receiving accounts for each member.Since their account is common (one for everyone) the exchange has to distribute money in it to understand how much they get and from whom.That is why the exchange demands the customer to send money to their account and add name tag, basically memo.When you make out the deposit on the exchange, on the payment acceptance page the exchange indicates the address where to send money and a memo (it may be called invoice).It is the second line on the deposit receiving page.It should be filled in in the “memo” field in the wallet.Only after that the money will appear on your account at the exchange.

    What are the security standards of the wallet?

    All transactions in Paytomat Wallet (same as in other wallets) are protected by the blockchain.The only thing you could worry about is private keys.Private keys are not stored in Paytomat Wallet, but seed phrase is used to restore all keys.The seed phrase itself is encrypted using AES-256 on Android and the built-in secure keystore on iOS.Seed phrase is always stored on your device but never unencrypted.

    Where can I use Paytomat wallet?

    You can use Paytomat wallet everywhere, where the cryptocurrency is accepted, including hundreds of POS connected to Paytomat.

    Is it possible to return the funds if I sent a cryptocurrency by mistake?

    Unfortunately, not.All transactions which are added to the blockchain cannot be canceled.Therefore, you should be very careful when inputting the recipient address while creating a transaction.

    Why can’t I see transaction history?

    Please, check  the answer to the question “The balance in the Paytomat Wallet is displayed incorrectly.How to fix it?”.If you want to check the history of your tokens, go to the token page, click the “Block Explorer” button, and you will be redirected to the display service page.

    What fees does the Paytomat Wallet charge?

    Paytomat Wallet does not charge any fees.What you pay is a commission to a certain blockchain miner.

    What will happen if I set the minimum commission?

    You cannot set random commissions in Paytomat Wallet, but there is always a possibility to choose the minimum commission.The only thing that can happen if you set a minimum commission is that the confirmation of a transaction in the blockchain will take more time.

    What other features do you plan to add?

    We plan to add more cryptocurrencies, direct integration with the Paytomat Core, handbook of points of sales which accept payments through Paytomat and many other.

    History of Paytomat