POA Network

Overview of POA Network

  • POA Network also aims to enable interoperability with the Ethereum blockchain via its open-source POA Bridge technology and has so far launched a POA20 bridge in May 2018, that allows POA tokens to flow between POA and Ethereum, and a Binance Chain bridge in September 2019, that offers interoperability between any Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)-based blockchain and Binance Chain.
  • POA Network is an open network based on the blockchain cryptocurrency Ethereum that offers “Proof of Authority (PoA) consensus, reached by independent validators.” POA Network seeks to create a decentralized public network for smart contract computer protocols based on PoA consensus that is fast, secure, and cost-effective for users.
  • POA Network has a growing ecosystem of open-source projects that deliver key solutions for the Ethereum community including the open-source full-featured block explorer BlockScout, an array of Bridges for interoperability between EVM chains, and Nifty Wallet to focus on usability of real-world applications.
  • POA Network can be used by organizations to create their own networks with validators, by developers who can deploy POA Network’s decentralized applications (DApps) using its PoA framework, and for other innovative purposes.
  • The POA Network is a platform based on the Ethereum blockchain whose main objective is to create smart contracts which can combine speed, security and a high efficiency while having smaller costs than the other companies.
  • POA Network is an attempt towards realizing horizontal blockchains scalability by creating a swarm of blockchains with Proof of Authority consensus, connected by interledger protocols.
  • POA Network includes has cross-chain bridges to enables users to convert Ether to the native POA token, also including support for transferring ERC721 items across.
  • POA network provides an optimal solution for deploying games that require micro transactions, predictable fee structures, or accelerated transaction speeds.
  • POA Network was the first to develop a functioning cross-chain bridge, and TokenBridge is the natural next step to further ERC20 interoperability.”
  • The POA Network is providing enterprises with a simple and useful way to issue tokens and conduct a crowd sale or ICO.
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    CTO and co-founder Igor Barinov previously co-founded Blocknotary.POA Network is an open source public Ethereum side chain utilizing a Proof of Authority consensus mechanism.The project imagines that cross-chain bridge technology will pave the way for atomic swaps, assets migrations, outsourcing calculations to the most price and speed competitive networks and other new types of interactions.The project intends to achieve blockchain interoperability and scalability by building interledger bridge technology long term, while the native POA Network blockchain serves as a general purpose blockchain that allows for Dapp development, or launching unique networks that may draw from POA network’s toolkit supporting POA consensus but feature different block validators.The value of the POA Network is that any organization may launch their own network outside of Ethereum, so as to avoid fees and network congestion, yet can transfer tokens between their native chain and the Ethereum blockchain, so that holders are more connected to the larger Ethereum ecosystem.


    Let’s explore the POA Network with Changelly!The developers of POA Network determine the relevance of the development of their project with the demand for digital technologies.The network is a solution to the problem that arises when trying to transfer business to blockchain.


    ‘POA20 is an ERC20 representation of POA native tokens on Ethereum network.The POA20 token displays the exact same properties as the standard ERC20 token and allows it to be used in all the same places that offer ERC20 compatibility.POA Network ICO Initially, a hard cap for the ICO was installed in the amount of $25 million, but this amount was halved.[1]



    POA Network’s vision is to create an ecosystem of multiple networks designed for connectivity using bridges.Projects might choose to move the most computation-intensive transactions on the POA Network thus enabling faster transaction processing with lower costs and a higher efficiency.

    What is POA Network?

    An open network based on Ethereum protocol with Proof of Authority consensus by independent actors.Public notaries with known identity serve as private validators to secure the network.

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    How do we move forward?

    Once the network is running smoothly and has a sufficient number of well staked validators, we will enable Nominated Proof of Stake with a Sudo call to change eras, and therefore perform the first validator election.

    What is POA Network?

    POA Network is an open, public network based on the Ethereum protocol with the Proof of Authority (PoA) consensus obtained by independent pre-selected validators.

    How to buy POA Network (POA) on SimpleSwap?

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    Can race conditions occur in PoA network?

    I have the following contract deployed on my PoA network with two sealers, node1 and node2.

    Where to trade POA and POA20 Tokens?

    You can buy and trade both POA and POA 20 Tokens.The first table is showing the exchanges that operate with POA token, and the second table is for POA20 tokens.

    History of POA Network