Overview of Polis

  • Polis has been vocally supportive of government-controlled “single payer” health care since his initial congressional campaign, and he voted in favor of Obamacare.[46] In 2013, Polis told constituents and voters at the beginning of Obamacare’s open enrollment, “If you are currently insured and like the plan you have, you’ll likely be able to stick with your current plan,”[47] echoing a claim originally made by President Barack Obama that the left-leaning fact-checking website Politifact deemed the “Lie of the Year” in 2013.[48]
  • Polis supports gun control, notably politicizing a mass shooting at a Las Vegas concert by calling on Congress to enact tighter gun laws.[53] Polis wrote an editorial in 2015 calling for stricter gun laws, including restricting the 2nd Amendment constitutional protections for people on the FBI’s terrorism watch list.[54] The watch list has been criticized by civil libertarians and the left-of-center ACLU for a lack of due process.[55]
  • Polis earned a fortune through a series of internet businesses that he sold right before the dot-com crash of the late 1990s.[1] Polis used his personal fortune to buy an entrance into politics, in what Politico called a “clumsy display of naked ambition – uncouth even by Washington’s standards.”[2] In 2008, Polis spent nearly $6 million of his own money to win a seat in the House of Representatives.[3]
  • Polis was one of 28 Democrats to support the measure.[51][52]
    Trade promotion authority second vote
    After the trade adjustment assistance (TAA) and trade promotion authority (TPA) did not pass the House together on June 12, 2015, representatives voted to authorize TPA alone as an amendment to HR 2146—the Defending Public Safety Employees’ Retirement Act—on June 18, 2015.
  • Polis has served on the Board of Directors for the Colorado Conservation Voters, the Colorado Consumer Health Initiative, the Anti-Defamation League, and as Vice-Chairman of the Colorado Commission for High School Improvement and Chairman of the National Association of State Boards of Education’s Commission on Financial and Investor Literacy.
  • Polis immediately indicated that he planned to spend his own money on his gubernatorial candidacy[44] and gave his campaign $250,000 in donations, a fewthing election observers expected would only be the first payment in “a looming cash deluge.”[45] Polis won the 2018 election against Republican gubernatorial candidate Walker Stapleton.
  • Polis is a standing member of the House Science and Technology Committee, and serves on the House Rules Committee and the House Education and Labor Committee and Subcommittees on Early Childhood, Elementary and Secondary Education, Higher Education, Lifelong Learning, and Competitiveness, and Healthy Families and Communities.
  • Polis was joined by Representative Leslie Herod and Senator Tammy Story, CDOT Executive Director Shoshana Lew, representatives from the City of Golden, and Colorado Transportation Commission Chair Karen Stuart for the bill signing near Miners Alley in downtown Golden.
  • Polis’s mother credits her son’s interest in public education to an experience he had while growing up in San Diego: his eighth-grade class went on a field trip to a Mexican orphanage, where the young Polis saw that the children lacked books and other supplies.
  • Polis (or Polis Chrysochous; Greek: Πόλη Χρυσοχούς or Πόλις Χρυσοχούς, Turkish: Poli) is a small town at the north-west end of the island of Cyprus, at the centre of Chrysochous Bay, and on the edge of the Akamas peninsula nature reserve.
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    He is also leading the state through the novel coronavirus outbreak of 2020.Polis is a progressive and the state’s first openly gay governor,.}with signature policies including stricter regulation of oil and gas activity in the state, expanded access to early childhood education, and investments in renewable energy.


    He pled to the audience, “[let’s not] close ourselves off from discussion and debate” or “reject the possibility of hearing, understanding other perspectives” earning Polis warm applause from an ideologically opposed audience.Meanwhile, Polis’ support of gun control, public education, and environmental regulations has drawn the ire of Colorado conservatives, even as the governor has attempted to engage conservative audiences.On July 12, 2019, Polis became the first Democrat to address a Denver conservative conference when he spoke at the Western Conservative Summit.

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    How does Polis analysis work?

    The Pol.is algorithm analyzes all votes using unsupervised machine learning to find the underlying distribution of opinions within the conversation.First, Pol.is analyzes all votes on all statements, and generates an opinion landscape where statements that have similar votes are closer together.Participants are projected onto the opinion landscape based on their votes, where people are closer together if they voted similarly.This is done using Principal Components Analysis (PCA), a dimensionality-reduction technique which finds an optimal 2D representation of a dataset.Next, the algorithm clusters people into opinion groups based on their positions within this opinion landscape.This is done using a method called K-means clustering, which selects for groupings by optimizing within-group similarity.Finally, the algorithm surfaces statements based on how well they represent the generated opinion groups.This is evaluated by looking at the ratio of how likely members of a group are to agree/disagree with a statement, as compared with members of other groups.

    What does the Polis report contain?

    Polis uses machine learning to automatically generate a report from the voting patterns in the conversation.

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    Politics and philosophy are the two areas where Ancient Greek was more distinguished.

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    How does a Polis conversation work?

    There are three stages of a Polis conversation: Create, Run, and Analyze.

    What does Polis cost? Is it open-source?

    To use our main deploy of Polis and engage our team for consulting in running conversations, reach out for a demo.Our pricing and contract terms are different for every client, but Polis engagements generally include extensive consulting and cost several thousand dollars (USD) per month.We don’t currently offer discounts for non-profits or educational institutions, but we’re hoping to in the future.There’s an open-source version of Polis if you have a team technical enough to set up your own deploy.Some features are not included in the open source version, including the report and Monitor view.

    What is Polis?

    Polis is an AI-powered conversation platform used by companies, governments, nonprofits, and political parties around the world to inform decision-making.Polis combines quantitative and qualitative methods with advanced statistical methods to function as a state-of-the-art social research tool.

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    What is a superdelegate?

    Superdelegates in 2016 were automatic delegates to the Democratic National Convention, meaning that, unlike regular delegates, they were not elected to this position.Also unlike regular delegates, they were not required to pledge their support to any presidential candidate, and they were not bound by the results of their state’s presidential primary election or caucus.In 2016, superdelegates included members of the Democratic National Committee, Democratic members of Congress, Democratic governors, and distinguished party leaders, including former presidents and vice presidents.All superdelegates were free to support any presidential candidate of their choosing at the 2016 Democratic National Convention.

    What can I use Polis for?

    Polis is best used to ask open-ended questions of a large group.With Polis, you can engage dozens to thousands of people in a meaningful conversation.

    Is Polis a survey/poll?

    A Polis conversation is similar to a traditional survey or poll, but it’s also much more—we often refer to it as a “generative” or “emergent” survey.Here are some ways it stands apart.

    What do I need to run a Polis conversation?

    To run a Polis conversation, you need four things.

    History of Polis

  • In 2018, Polis announced his candidacy for governor of Colorado and self-funded his successful campaign.
  • In 2008, the St.
  • In 1708 Jews without right of domicile in Bytom were expelled, those who remained being mainly taxfarmers.
  • In 1845, French watchmaker Jean-Adrien Phillippe joined the company, and in 1851, the company’s name was changed to Patek Phillippe S.A.
  • In 1904, his first play, Mitn shtrom (With the Current), dramatizing loss of faith among contemporary youth, was staged in Polish in Kraków, and was followed by two additional plays with similar themes—Meshiekhs tsaytn (The Age of the Messiah; 1906) and Di yorshim (The Heirs; 1913)—which, although dramatically limited, were performed in both Polish and Russian as well as in Yiddish.
  • In 1907, Asch completed his most sensational play, Got fun nekome (God of Vengeance), first produced in a German version by Max Reinhardt in Berlin, with Rudolph Schildkraut in the leading role.
  • In 1909 and 1910, Asch made his first visit to the United States, gathering impressions that he later incorporated into his fiction.
  • In 1909 Yudl Rosenberg (1859–1935), a Hasidic rabbi and dayan (judge) living at the time in Warsaw, published a book titled Nifle’ot Maharal ‘im ha-golem (Book of Wonders of the Maharal with the Golem), which purported to be based on a manuscript composed by Maharal’s son-in-law, Yitsḥak ben Shimshon ha-Kohen Katz (d.
  • In 1920 the Nik-O-Lock Company commenced to use a guard flange and at the end of 1923 it had locks with guard flanges in the public toilets of numerous hotels and railway stations in Indianapolis and throughout the State of Indiana.
  • In 1920, on the occasion of his fortieth birthday, a New York committee headed by Judah Leib Magnes published his collected works in 12 volumes with an introduction by the Yiddish critic Shmuel Niger.
  • In 1932 Asch was elected honorary president of the Yiddish PEN club.
  • In 1932 the community maintained a synagogue, an elementary and a religious school, and benevolent and cultural organizations.
  • In 1946, Polish-born psychologist Solomon Asch found that the way in which individuals form impressions of one another involved a primacy effect, derived from early or initial information.
  • In 1949, RCA Victor introduced the 7-inch 45 rpm micro-grooved vinylite record, marketed simply as the “45”.
  • In 1954, Beckus the Dandipratt was given a radio studio performance by the BBC Symphony Orchestra under Leopold Stokowski, who was thanked by the composer for his “wonderful performance.”
  • In 1962 there were 248 Jews living in Bytom.
  • In 1965, they went on an expedition to this region and discovered that the rumors were true.
  • In 1970, non-Hispanic whites were nearly 80% of Florida’s population.[183] Those of English and Irish ancestry are present in large numbers in all the urban/suburban areas across the state.
  • In 1980 his parents Steve and Susan moved the family to La Jolla, an upscale San Diego neighborhood.
  • In 1981 archaeology pulled back the curtain on the “darkest” phase of all, the Protogeometric Period (c.
  • In 1981, Atari’s marketing vice president and a group of developers, including the programmers for Asteroids and Space Invaders on the console, started a company called Imagic.
  • In 1987, Akropolis advanced for the first time to Division 3.
  • In 1994 the first Caspians that would be part of a breeding program arrived in the United States from England.
  • In 1995, his senior year at Princeton, he claimed to have organized the first online election.
  • In 1998, at age twenty-three, Polis became a millionaire when a California company bought American Information Systems for $23 million.
  • In 1999, Frontier signed agreements to begin purchasing and leasing Airbus A318 and A319 jet aircraft and had also added Boeing 737-300 jetliners to its fleet as well.
  • In 2000, Polis, an alumnus of expensive and exclusive private schools, “bought himself a seat on the state Board of Education at the age of 25”[37] spending nearly $1 million on state-wide political ads for an unpaid seat on the board.[38] He defeated his Republican opponent, who spent $11,000 to his $1 million, by just 90 votes in a recount.[39]
  • In 2004, Polis was part of a small group of millionaires known as the “gang of four” who collectively poured $2.5 million and raised an additional $1 million for four outside spending 527 groups[30] that played a large part in winning control of Colorado’s state legislature for the Democratic Party.[31]
  • In 2004, seeing the difficulty faced by older immigrant youth in mainstream public schools, he established and served as the superintendent of the New America School.  Today, the New America School operates four campuses in Colorado and plans to open a campus in New Mexico to extend the benefits of English literacy and a high school liberal arts education to all students.
  • In 2006 the club made it to the second division, where they have stayed since.
  • In 2008 Democrat Mark Udall announced he would not run again to represent Colorado’s Second Congressional District, which included Polis’s hometown of Boulder.
  • In 2008, Polis was accused of buying his congressional seat.[40] Polis spent nearly $6 million of his own money outspending his two opponents combined to win the Democratic primary,[41] the most expensive House primary race in the nation in 2008.[42][43]
  • In 2008, Polis won election to the U.S.
  • In 2009, Polis said he was proud to vote for the $787 billion economic stimulus package.”[49] In 2011, he introduced a bill to increase education spending by eliminating an $18.8 billion in defense spending, in part reducing the number of aircraft carriers and navy planes.[50] In 2012, Polis joined only 37 other members of the House in voting for a budget that mirrored President Obama’s recommendations and included nearly $2 trillion in tax increases.[51][52]
  • In 2013 Penta completed its first real estate project in the Czech Republic – the Florentinum office building.[17] The project includes 49,000 gross square meters of offices on 9 floors and 7,500 sq m of retail space.
  • In 2013, Ceramics Arts Daily released an instructional DVD featuring Liz’s ceramic process and her work.
  • In 2014 Akropolis was promoted from Division 2 to Division 1 again.
  • In 2014 Polis agreed to withdraw the ballot initiatives, earning him a degree of enmity among fracking opponents.
  • In 2014, Polis was said to have spent a few million dollars backing controversial so-called “local control” ballot measures to regulate and ban natural gas extraction.
  • In 2014, Polis’s chief of staff was quoted saying that Polis was, “either going to move up or move out,” in reference to his desire to be named chairman of the DCCC.[33] Subsequently, in February 2017, Polis was named a regional vice-chair.[34] Four months later, Polis announced his intention to seek the governorship of Colorado.
  • In 2014, theWashington Post noted that by giving significant sums of money, Polis established close ties with powerful Democrats before running for federal office, including Obama administration Interior Secretary and former U.S.
  • In 2015 Polis was investigated for official endorsement of commercial products.
  • In 2016 the building was completely renovated, the layout was totally changed.
  • In 2018 Polis defeated Republican Walker Stapleton in Colorado’s gubernatorial election.
  • In 2018, Alfa Romeo of Indianapolis initiated a program designed to support our community the way you all have supported us!
  • In 2020 Kusama will create her first permanent UK installation for the new Crossrail station at Liverpool Street.
  • In the 1920s the German military began using a 3-rotor Enigma, whose security was increased in 1930 by the addition of a plugboard.[37] The Polish Cipher Bureau sought to break it due to the threat that Poland faced from Germany, but its early attempts did not succeed.
  • In the 1980s, a scholar from the Rembrandt Research Project (RRP), which was in charge of assigning our pre-digital “tokens” of authenticity and authorship to the Dutchman’s works, revoked the one that art lovers had always attached to the Rider.
  • On 1 May 1940 the Germans changed the procedures to encipher the message key only once.
  • On 1 September 1932, 27-year-old Polish mathematician Marian Rejewski and two fellow Poznań University mathematics graduates, Henryk Zygalski and Jerzy Różycki, joined the Bureau full-time and moved to Warsaw.[39] Their first task was to reconstruct a four-letter German naval cipher.[40]
  • On 5 March 1953, the day of Stalin’s death, Polish pilot Franciszek Jarecki defected from the Eastern Bloc and landed a MiG-15 fighter on the island.