Overview of Populous

  • Populous’ comprehensive services include architecture, interior design, event planning and overlay, branded environments, wayfinding and graphics, planning and urban design, landscape architecture, aviation and transport design, hotels and hospitality, and sustainable design consulting.
  • Populous has worked with countless MLB, MLS, NBA, NFL and  NHL franchises, professional and civic arena clients, global soccer and rugby teams, universities, convention center clients, equestrian clients and has planned more than 30 major worldwide events.
  • Populous director John Barrow says they are now considering other options for creating a comfortable climate inside the Sports City stadium and is encouraging the Qatari government to alter its building schedule to give new technologies time to develop.
  • Populous has revealed designs for an elliptical stadium for London football club Tottenham Hotspur, boasting a retractable pitch that will allow it to also host American football games.
  • Populous is a global architecture and design firm that designs the places where people love to be together, like Yankee Stadium, the London Olympics, and the Super Bowl.
  • Populous also utilizes a second on-chain token called Poken, which is not tradeable on the market and is used to facilitate transactions on the blockchain.
  • Populous transfers the process of lending money backed by invoices onto the blockchain, making it more scalable, faster, and easier for enterprises to use.
  • Populous is an award-winning computer game designed by Peter Molyneux for Bullfrog in 1989, and is regarded by many as the first PC god game.
  • Populous aims to help businesses secure cash flow quickly and efficiently by connecting invoice buyers directly to invoice sellers.
  • populous has 17 offices on four continents with regional centers in kansas city, london, and brisbane.
  • Blockchain


    According to the network’s official whitepaper, there is a need for liquidity in the sector, and Populous is trying to bring the solution.By providing short-term liquidity to enterprises through P2P lending, the network gives enterprises quick access to capital, which cannot be achieved by waiting for customers to settle invoices.By relying on blockchain technology and smart contracts, the Populous network facilitates decentralized communication between businesses and allows them to share liquidity pools.

    Did You Know?

    With a metropolitan area of more than 20 million people, Mexico City could be called the world’s second or third most populous city.And the nearby Aztec city of Tenochtitlán was one of the largest cities in the world even when Hernán Cortés arrived there in 1519.But by the time Cortés conquered the city in 1521 it wasn’t nearly so populous, since European diseases had greatly reduced the population.Avoid confusing populous and populace, which are pronounced exactly the same.

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    How Is the Populous Network Secured?

    As an Ethereum-based project, PPT is an ERC-20 token.The ERC-20 compatibility of PPT allows them to be stored and traded on a wide variety of exchanges.Populous also utilizes a second on-chain token called Poken, which is not tradeable on the market and is used to facilitate transactions on the blockchain.

    How Many Populous (PPT) Coins Are There in Circulation?

    Populous (PPT) tokens have a maximum supply of 53,252,246 PPT.All of these tokens have been minted and released to the public.After the initial coin offering (ICO), Populous founders and team received 32.4% of the total supply.The remaining 67.6% have been distributed among investors and interested third parties.

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    What Is Populous (PPT)?

    Populous is a network designed to offer small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) invoice liquidity for up to 90 days.Launched in 2017, Populous is designed to enable peer-to-peer (P2P) interaction between enterprises, boost liquidity and solve problems with working capital for SMEs.

    What Is Populous World?

    Founded in 2017, Populous is a peer-to-peer (P2P) invoice platform.It makes use of blockchain’s distributed ledger technology to provide a global trading platform for invoice finance.Populous World uses blockchain distributed ledger technology for invoice financing.Populous aims to reduce the need for third parties in invoice transactions.On the Populous platform, there are two primary types of transactors: invoice sellers and invoice buyers.

    What Makes Populous Unique?

    Populous aims to innovate the way liquidity is handled in small and medium enterprises.By introducing blockchain technology and smart contracts, the platform allows peer-to-peer interaction between businesses, lenders and invoice settlers.This means that the completely decentralized system charges significantly lower fees on liquidity loans and does not use intermediaries to facilitate the connection between lenders and borrowers.

    Who Are the Founders of Populous?

    Populous was founded by two twin brothers from south London Steve and Sam Williams.

    History of Populous

  • In 1900, its population was only 528,542, of whom nearly 44% were African American, the same proportion as before the Civil War.[67] Forty thousand blacks, roughly one-fifth of their 1900 population levels in Florida, left the state in the Great Migration.
  • In 1950, African Americans represented 12.2% of Kansas City’s population.[10] The sprawling characteristics of the city and its environs today mainly took shape after 1960s race riots.
  • In 1989, the Supreme Court of the United States declared the Board of Estimate unconstitutional because Brooklyn, the most populous borough, had no greater effective representation on the Board than Staten Island, the least populous borough; it was a violation of the high court’s 1964 “one man, one vote” reading of the Fourteenth Amendment.[119]
  • In 2008, an updated port of Populous dubbed Populous DS was released for the Nintendo DS by Japanese developer Genki.
  • In 2009, 2010, 2013 and 2018 Populous was named one of Fast Company magazine’s most innovative companies.
  • in 2010.[211] Like most major cities, San Diego had a declining crime rate from 1990 to 2000.
  • On 2008’s Drawn in Basic, he combined the influences of My Bloody Valentine and Raymond Scott into spacey electro-pop that predated the boom of like-minded artists in the 2010s.