Overview of PRIZM

  • Prizm presents a conversation between Filmmaker Dudley Alexis and exhibiting Prizm artist Johanne Rahaman moderated by storyteller and journalist, Nadege Green, in a discussion covering the events accounted in Alexis’s film, documenting Miami and South Florida through the lens of Rahaman, and black archival memory in Florida.
  • PRIZM Premier offers a complete set of ancillary databases and links to third-party data, allowing marketers to use data outside of their own customer files to pinpoint products and services that their best customers are most likely to use, as well as locate their best customers on the ground.
  • Prizm Company is a local studio whose mission is to bring a level of excellence and inclusion to the city of Williston with trained teachers using the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus, USASF Cheer standards, in house special needs instruction, and Behavioral Therapy techniques.
  • Prizm invites our Patrons to enjoy an evening hosted by Actress, Activist and Collector, CCH Pounder with Executive Director and Chief Curator of the New Orleans African American Museum, Gia Hamilton, and Independent Curator and Co-Founder of ARTNOIR Larry Ossei Mensah.
  • PRIZM Premier segments are numbered according to socioeconomic rank (which takes into account characteristics which include income, education, occupation and home value) and are grouped into 11 Lifestage groups and 14 social groups.
  • PRIZM works to expand the visual arts landscape of Miami, nurture and educate its constituents and provide forums for cross-cultural exchange, bringing a broader audience to new and existing local art spaces.
  • PRIZM (PZM): is one of the projects with the greatest digital impact, it’s a currency based on a NEXT core, based on open source java language, it’s based on offering a new idea about crypto…See more
  • PRIZM soon signed with the well-respected independent synthwave label FiXT Neon and began work on their next album while their followers continued to grow around the strength of their early releases.
  • Prizm supports conversion of native FICON (FC) to native ESCON (CNC) protocol, allowing mission critical ESCON and Bus/Tag devices to operate in FICON direct attached or FICON director topologies.
  • PRIZM pricing starts at $1000.00 per user, per month.They do not have a free version.PRIZM does not offer a free trial.See additional pricing details below.
  • Blockchain

    A new implementation of the cryptocurrency concept that allows any user to store money transfers and make them directly in an easy, quick and secure way, as if transferring cash from hand to hand.PRIZM – a fully decentralized, self-regulating system with native Blockchain and unique PARAMINING technology.PRIZM — is a 100% Proof of Stake cryptocurrency based on the NEXT core, built in the open source Java language.The system used by PRIZM considers each "coin" on the wallet balance to be a diminutive mining farm.


    For more than 22 years, Prizm has been the national leader in helping spine physicians, health systems and ASCs improve their spine care product and emerge into regional spine centers.Founder Bob Reznik, MBA, directed the development of the first and largest spine center in the nation from 1986 to 1995.Mature Prizm spine centers that meet spine Center of Excellence credentialing criteria are featured at is the most experienced developer of spine Centers of Excellence in the nation.Prizm’s successful PMR/surgeon/spine therapist multidisciplinary team-approach model has been widely copied over the past 30 years.


    Prizm has completed IBM’s rigorous SAK testing and received full qualification to work with all ESCON Control Units.Prizm supports attachment to a broad base of multi-vendor ESCON and Bus/Tag devices including disk, tape, printer, communications controllers and front-end processors.

    Business Prospect and Analytical Lists?

    Business Prospect Lists can be used to identify and locate your prospects in any market or analysis area.

    Prizm Base… A Safer Investment Than Prizm Silver?

    I’ve been doing some heavy research on Prizm Basketball and over the last few weeks, I’ve noticed something rather interesting.Prizm base is on fire! Now when I say base, I mean slabbed cards, mainly PSA 10 and yeah… the prices are insane.


    See new frontiers.

    History of PRIZM

  • In 1991, the lettering of the car’s name was changed to “PRIZM” in italicized and capital letters (although the steering wheel continued to use Prizm), and the B-pillar and door frames on base models were body-colored instead of black.
  • In 2018, Prizm had the honor of hosting A living Legacy conversation featuring Distinguished University of Maryland Professor Emeritus of Art David C.