Overview of ProximaX

  • ProximaX (pronounced “Proxima X”) is a blockchain-based, decentralized platform spearheaded by Lon Wong, former President of the Foundation, to address an important missing element in blockchain solutions: a service-layer, enriched platform solution with decentralized document proofing and storage, messaging, and streaming content delivery.
  • ProximaX anticipates this community of developers is going to be a core driver of many innovative applications, including KYC, medical health records, land registry, trade finance documentation, certificates, time stamping and proofing, identity management, and Internet of Things (IoT).
  • ProximaX is set to dramatically change the way industries adopt blockchain technology by combining blockchain, storage, streaming and an advanced consensus algorithm to enable an all-in-one platform for cross-industry application and decentralized app development.
  • ProximaX has proven how easy it’s to implement the NEM Catapult solution and moving forward from here, we should see more Catapult adoption in industries." – Stephen Chia, Council Member of Foundation and Head of SEA Operations.
  • ProximaX 2020 – A Year in Review by Lon Wong

    We are pleased to share with you Lon's yearly address for 2020 in which he recaps the ProximaX journey thus far and what to expect this year as we soldier on towards success.

  • ProximaX will also provide DApp developers with an easy-to-use SDK that abstracts the ProximaX protocol layer into a dynamic layer that can carry alternative unique DApp protocols, further removing points of central authority.
  • ProxiMAX and MAX randomization technologies are defined saturation mutagenesis processes that deliver precision control of both identity and relative ratio of amino acids at specified locations within a protein library.
  • ProximaX exseems beyond traditional blockchain protocols by integrating off-chain, peer-to-peer storage, streaming, and database service layers often found in centralized software-as-a-service (SaaS) architectures.
  • ProximaX is built on a P2P cloud storage and streaming architecture with fault tolerance and a distributed database, removing a central entity and connecting all the servers (or nodes) in a mesh configuration.
  • ProximaX signs agreement to build a platform for LOGYCA’s supply chain value network, an industry leader in Latin America with over 1,500 members and 118,000 users.
  • Blockchain

    As a part of our ecosystem, ProximaX will help our members build blockchain apps and system solutions utilizing the ProximaX infrastructure platform.In addition, ProximaX also offers an array of white label and ready-to-use app and system solutions such as mWallet,  the world’s first blockchain-based mobile wallet, eDLX – a digital securities management platform, SiriusID – a W3C compliant Self-Soverign Identity solution, ProximaX KYC – an onboarding and identity management solution, and ProximaX Suite – a blockchain-powered office suite for word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations.


    Both processes are non-degenerate, meaning that encoding DNA libraries are as small as is physically possible.In contrast, ‘MAX’ randomization targets codons at disparate locations within a gene and is therefore more applicable to other scaffolds or proteins.ProxiMAX is the technology that lies behind Isogenica’s Colibra™ offering and is ideal for saturating contiguous codons, as required in antibody libraries.Since no constraints are imposed by the genetic code, both technologies can eliminate unwanted amino acids such as cysteine and methionine from libraries or encode desired subsets of amino acids with ease.This presentation will examine the development of both ProxiMAX and MAX randomization process and give examples of libraries created to date.Yet their underlying processes are quite different.


    PeerStream is a strong solution that is of high utility in the establishment of secure and private TOR-like networks.ProximaX utilizes PeerStream Protocol (abbreviated as PSP).Such systems can be effectively implemented for the interconnection of users in decentralized applications and the Internet of Things (IOT).The PeerStream protocol technology, being fast and secure, allows the ProximaX network to use it for decentralized verification and authentication, anonymous and private routing as well as for distributed content creation.This technology, currently under development, aimed on establishing private peer-to-peer messaging functions, routing and online presence.


    “We have been often asked how to use blockchain technology to address various other applications beyond just value transfer and transactions.As a DApp platform and supporting token, ProximaX and XPX will further complement NEM’s decentralized ecosystem, including NEM blockchain and Catapult,” said Lon Wong, President of NEM and a prime mover of ProximaX.

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    What is mWallet?

    mWallet is a blockchain-powered, white-label payments solution.This means that although mWallet is a standalone application, projects can also use mWallet to build their own custom wallet application that leverages a blockchain infrastructure.

    History of ProximaX