Overview of QuadrantProtocol

  • QuadrantProtocol produces its own wallet software that is available for download on its website, which allows you to store QuadrantProtocol on your computer.
  • QuadrantProtocol’s market cap currently sits at $5,476,020.00 USD, holding up for a market cap rank at #1252.
  • QuadrantProtocol price today is $0.01332290 USD, which is down by -13.58% over the last 24 hours.
  • QuadrantProtocol has a current supply of 1,000,000,000 with 358,025,330.39 in circulation.
  • QuadrantProtocol (EQUAD) is a cryptocurrency token and operates on the Ethereum platform.
  • QuadrantProtocol is a coin that uses the ETH Token algorithm.
  • Quadrantprotocol (EQUAD) is down 0.00% in the last 24 hours.
  • QuadrantProtocol is down 13.58% in the last 24 hours.
  • Network

    If you would like to know where to buy QuadrantProtocol, the top exchanges for trading in QuadrantProtocol are currently Bilaxy, Hotbit, and Kyber Network.You can find others listed on our crypto exchanges page.

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    What can I use Service Credits for?

    Credits can be used as a means of payment for services offered on the Quadrant platform.

    What is Quadrant?

    Quadrant is a blockchain-based protocol that enables the access, creation, and distribution of data products and services with authenticity and provenance at its core.The data economy is similar to space; unmapped and chaotic.Quadrant serves as the blueprint that provides an organized system for the utilization of decentralized data.

    How do I buy QuadrantProtocol?

    It is not possible to buy all cryptocurrencies with U.S.dollars.Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin and other popular cryptocurrencies can be purchased with U.S.dollars using Coinbase or BlockFi.Once you have purchased Bitcoin using Coinbase, you can then transfer your Bitcoin to an exchange such as Binance to purchase other cryptocurrencies, including QuadrantProtocol.

    Can I convert QUAD tokens back into eQUAD?

    Service credit QUADs can only be used for services on the platform.

    How can I get involved?

    If you have a DaaS or AI service firm, then you can work with us to get your products and services into Quadrant.If you want to help build the network, then you may contact us at 
    build@explorequadrant.com .

    How are Service Credits Priced?

    Each credit is priced at $1 US Dollar.Purchases made by Singapore residents or companies may subject to Goods and Services Tax.

    How large are the data files that can be stamped?

    Files of any size, including the nested folders, can be stamped.Data can be hashed by using a standard SHA 256 hashing algorithm.

    What is an audience segment?

    An audience segment, simply put, is a subset or group of people who have been clustered together based on where they go in the real world.For example, people who frequent a fast-food restaurant will be grouped under the ‘Fast Food Enthusiast’ audience segment.

    What coins are similar to QuadrantProtocol?

    The following coins use QuadrantProtocol’s ETH Token algorithm and proof-type: Chainlink, THETA, Binance USD, DREP, DREP [old], PancakeSwap, Aave, FTX Token, Maker, Huobi Token, Crypto.com Coin, Dai, Polygon, Chiliz and Holo.

    Why do service credits cost 1 USD per token instead of the current market price?

    The cost of service credits was derived based on typical market conditions for B2B SaaS models.This service credit initiative is intended for organisations who want to work with Quadrant sans the cryptocurrency.Service credits allow to these organisations to work within their current bookkeeping practices and stay within financial reporting regulations.We believe this initiative, and the pricing, will entice more organisations to work with Quadrant without worrying about bookkeeping irregularities.

    How can i get further information?

    You can view our Audiences webpage to get further information.

    What is Quadrant?

    Quadrant is a cutting-edge platform designed to allow data professionals to obtain and utilize high-quality, authentic data.

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    What are the fees and limits of the subscription tiers for the AI microservices layer?

    Our team has developed algorithms and models for usage with mobile location data.These can be accessed by purchasing one of the following subscription tiers – Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

    What hashing algorithm does QuadrantProtocol use?

    QuadrantProtocol is a coin that uses the ETH Token algorithm.

    What is Quadrant Protocol (EQUAD)?

    The Quadrant Protocol is envisaged as a blockchain-based network protocol that enables the access to, creation, and distribution of data products and services with authenticity and provenance at its core.It is envisioned to act as a blueprint that provides an organized system for the utilization of decentralized data.

    What is Quadrant Protocol?

    Quadrant Protocol is a blockchain-based protocol that enables the mapping, access, creation, and distribution of data products and services with authenticity and provenance at its core.Quadrant Protocol provides the infrastructure that facilitates the transparent exchange of DaaS and AI services between organizations.

    What does Quadrant do?

    Quadrant is a data and technology company that helps data professionals obtain and utilise high-quality authentic mobile location data.

    What do you think about the QuadrantProtocol today?

    Let us know by clicking the given button.

    What geographies do the audience segments cover?

    Quadrant Audiences covers the APAC region, with 19 countries and approximately 400 million unique users.

    How can i get started?

    Schedule a call with one of our data consultants and get started with either our predefined segments or our custom segments.Our team will consult with you on your audience targeting needs based on your campaign requirements.Contact us at sales_apac@quadrant.io.

    What is Service Credits?

    Quadrant’s Service Credits allow customers to use Quadrant’s data platform painlessly by purchasing Service Credits – the QUAD tokens that underpin the ecosystem – directly from Quadrant. Customers utilise Service Credits as payment for services on the Quadrant.io platform in a manner that is flexible, can be invoiced, with less administrative effort.

    How can companies join Quadrant?

    Pioneers and Elons can use an open source client to access Quadrant.

    How do we use the Platform?

    You can access the platform at the navigation bar located on the top of every page and create an account.

    What is QuadrantProtocol?

    Quadrant is a blockchain-based protocol that enables the access, creation, and distribution of data products and services with authenticity and provenance at its core.It will operate on a Proof of Authority consensus mechanism to handle more transactions, operate at a lower gas price, achieve faster transactions, and restrict malicious nodes from entering data.An external Proof of Work chain will be used as an anchor for security purposes.The Quadrant Network will utilise two different currencies for its protocol: eQuad and QUAD.The native digital cryptographically-secured utility token of the Quadrant Network (QUAD) is a major component of the ecosystem on the Quadrant Network, and is designed to be used solely on the network.eQuad is an ERC-20 standard-compliant placeholder digital tokens on the Ethereum blockchain which would be sold, and which may be converted into QUAD via a gateway when the Quadrant Network mainnet is eventually launched.In this whitepaper, “eQuad” shall refer to the placeholder token prior to mainnet launch, and shall refer to QUAD after the mainnet launch.

    Who are the main participants in Quadrant?

    The main participants in Quadrant are the Nurseries, Constellations, Pioneers, Elons, and Guardians.

    What are Quadrant Audiences?

    Quadrant Audiences is a data-driven targeting solution designed for marketers, advertisers, and agencies who want to leverage high-quality mobile location data.

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    What is the cost of stamping data?

    Nurseries will pay the network fees to stamp the data in the chain.These fees help prevent spamming of the service and will cover the master nodes’ fees for creating the blocks.The fees will vary depending on the volume of
    transactions in the network.Elons can verify the data stamp for free.

    What is the stamping protocol?

    The stamping protocol is a system used to prove the authenticity of data.When data is produced, the nursery stamps the data’s “finger print” (the hash) into Quadrant.It enables Elons to verify, at the time of consumption,
    whether the data they received was in the exact same state as when it was created.

    What is the value of QuadrantProtocol?

    One QuadrantProtocol (EQUAD) is currently worth $0.01 on major cryptocurrency exchanges.You can also exchange one QuadrantProtocol for 0.00000027 bitcoin(s) on major exchanges.The value (or market capitalization) of all available QuadrantProtocol in U.S.dollars is $6.10 million.

    What audience segments does Quadrant have?

    Quadrant offers two types of audience segments: predefined or turnkey audiences, and custom audiences.

    What Is the Quadrant Protocol?

    The Quadrant protocol facilitates the creation and distribution of data-focused products and services.Simply put, it’s a marketplace for data sources to more efficiently sell information to data consumers.The team behind it believes that we’re on the cusp of a data-driven future and want to solve the numerous problems they already see occurring in the industry.

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    Where can I get QuadrantProtocol wallet?

    QuadrantProtocol produces its own wallet software that is available for download on its website, which allows you to store QuadrantProtocol on your computer.For maximum security, you can store your cryptocurrencies on a dedicated hardware wallet such as a TREZOR wallet or a Ledger Nano X.If you do not wish to buy a hardware wallet, you may consider using a mobile wallet such as Atomic Wallet, Jaxx, or Coinomi to store multiple cryptocurrencies with some added security benefits.

    What problems does Quadrant solve?

    Quadrant also aims to address the non-transparency issues in the data industry, which lead to a lot of fraud where companies are hiding their sources.With the transparency promoted within Quadrant, companies will be able to
    trace the data sources for compliance purposes, as well as ensure that they get the data they paid for and that it is what they want for their application.

    What is the Reddit page for QuadrantProtocol?

    The official Reddit community (subreddit) for QuadrantProtocol is r/quadrantprotocol.

    What type of partners work with the Quadrant?

    There are many areas where Quadrant can partner, both technical or commercial.We seek technical partners for storage and processing (computation).

    Where are the QUAD tokens coming from?

    For every QUAD service credit purchased through the platform, one eQUAD will be taken out of circulation on the open market to be used as credit and payment on the platform.Quadrant will buy eQUAD tokens on the open market at prevailing rates, and then send QUAD to the purchaser’s account in the form of Service Credits.

    When was Quadrant Protocol (EQUAD) Launched?

    Quadrant Protocol (EQUAD) was launched on June 26,2018.

    Where can i use Quadrant’s Audiences?

    Quadrant Audiences can be activated across major DMPs and DSPs including Lotame, Google, AppNexus, The Trade Desk, and TubeMogul.

    When will the tokens show up in my account?

    Your Service Credits should appear in your account within 48 hours of completing the purchase.

    History of QuadrantProtocol