Overview of Quickswap

  • In a quickswapping scheme, a cyber-crook will use sites which include eBay or Amazon to offer an expensive item at a cheap price, explained Mikko Hypponen, chief research officer at F-Secure.
  • QuickSwap is an automated market maker meaning it allows for trading of assets (in our case ERC-20 tokens) without the use of the limit order books that traditional exchanges provide.
  • QuickSwap is a set of smart contracts that enables people to submit buy or sell orders for cryptocurrencies via your browser without signing up or providing any personal information.
  • QuickSwap is the next-gen Layer 2 DEX based on Polygon (previously known as Matic Network).Trade crypto at lightning-fast speeds and near-zero gas fees.
  • Quickswap price Index provides the latest QUICK price in US Dollars , BTC and ETH using an average from the world's leading crypto exchanges.
  • QuickSwap now offers a fiat onramp for credit and debit card users, making it one of the first decentralized exchanges (DEXes) to do so.
  • QuickSwap has a circulation supply of approximately 150K, with token price around $220, implying a current market cap of $33 million.
  • QuickSwap is a free script for Toon Boom Harmony making swapping drawing substitutions like hands or mouths (for lip syncing) easier.
  • Quickswap utilizes a weekly, data-driven QUICK incentives system for liquidity miners, and the next rewards calculation is early May.
  • QuickSwap reported their unique users has ballooned from 2K on Friday February 19 to 5K on Saturday and 19K on Sunday.
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    Learn how you can participate here.Once you’ve made the switch, you can also easily participate in our liquidity campaign.This campaign will start on 8th of April and finish on the 14th of April.To celebrate our listing on QuickSwap and support our community, we are also covering the costs of transferring your funds from Ethereum to Polygon blockchain.


    For example, to convert my QUICK tokens to XYZ tokens at the best possible price, QuickSwap determines the best route is to convert QUICK into SX, then DAI and then XYZ.Moreover, you don’t have to figure this out for yourself, it’s just chosen and executed automatically.To provide users with the best possible speeds and price, QuickSwap plans and executes a sequence of multiple token swaps.


    In addition, users no longer have to spend time waiting for their transactions to finalise due to gas price spikes.Polygon is a second-layer solution which uses a modified version of Plasma to achieve low transaction costs, almost instant finality, and high throughput.These long-awaited features of the sidechain are being passed to the projects built on top of them, making sure that QuickSwap transactions cost next to nothing in network fees.


    AGA is thrilled to announce that AGA Token will be available on QuickSwap Exchange on March 30, 2021.LONDON, UK / ACCESSWIRE / March 28, 2021 / AGA and Polygon announce AGA Polygon Liquidity Offering on QuickSwap Exchange.Three trading pairs will be available for trading AGA-QUICK, AGAr-QUICK and AGA-AGAr.To support AGA liquidity on QuickSwap, 250,000 AGA tokens are available for sale.


    QuickSwap is a permission-less decentralised exchange (DEX) that exists on Polygon Network, a layer-two scalability solution to Ethereum.Using the layer-two infrastructure for transactions, QuickSwap users will be able to trade ERC20 IGG tokens at extreme speeds, without having to incur unnecessarily high gas fees.

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    Can I farm QUICK with QUICK?

    Absolutely.Please do.

    Does Quick the dragon have magical abilities? And what about the QUICK token itself?

    Don’t feel too bad for asking, most people have questions about how magic works these days.

    Does QuickSwap have flash loans?

    Currently such an option does not exist on QuickSwap.

    Does QuickSwap offer lending and borrowing?

    Currently such an option does not exist on QuickSwap.

    Hoe koop ik Quickswap?

    Quickswap wordt momenteel niet door een exchange ondersteund.Het is daarom niet mogelijk om de QUICK-coin te kopen.Je kan wel andere goede cryptocurrency’s kopen bij Bitvavo.Dit is de beste exchange van dit moment.

    How are the QUICK pools chosen?

    For the first 60 days of the project, the launch team discusses what would be most beneficial for the platform and the community.Some of the decisions are experimental and monitored to see how things go.If you have experience yield farming and want to make a suggestion, QuickSwap is a community-driven project, so we’re open to any input you have.

    How can I acquire MATIC for transactions on QuickSwap?

    You can also easily swap any token or coin you have in your MetaMask wallet with some Matic right on QuickSwap.A little bit of Matic goes a long way.

    How can I add a new token or a pair?

    Anyone can create a liquidity pool on QuickSwap.It’s a permissionless AMM.

    How can I claim my QUICK?

    There are two ways to do this.When you withdraw your LP tokens your QUICK is automagically claimed.The second option is to go to the QUICK page, and click >Manage>Claim>Claim>Confirm (in MetaMAsk).

    How can I determine which pool has the best Annual Percentage Yield (APY)?

    After depositing your LP tokens, the pool you’re contributing to will darken in color.In the lower right of that tab it will tell you how many QUICK you’re currently receiving per day, calculated by what percentage of the pool your stake is in relation to the QUICK/day allocated to that pool.

    How can I find out how much traffic is occurring in each pool?

    You can find this and other info on our analytics page here: https://info.quickswap.

    How do I add a wallet to QuickSwap?

    Like Uniswap and DFyn, you’ll need to ensure you have a MetaMask wallet to interact with QuickSwap.

    How do I calculate APY?

    Many DeFi AMMs have automatically calculated APY for you.Be aware that this can be highly misleading as there are so many variables that can fluctuate over the course of a year.

    How do I farm QUICK on QuickSwap?

    On the QUICK page of the site you’ll find the current pools listed which reward QUICK to liquidity providers and the daily amounts allocated to each pool.The QUICK you receive is directly proportional to the percentage of the pool your liquidity occupies and is calculated every block; about every 2 seconds.

    How does staking work & where does the QUICK come from?

    When users make trades on QuickSwap, the exchange charges a 0.

    How is the amount of LP tokens I get from a pool determined?

    It can vary widely as it’s not only based on your percentage of each pool, but also on how much the first liquidity provider at the start of the campaign deposited.

    How large of an investment do I need upfront to get started Yield Farming?

    Yield farming on Ethereum with $100–1,000 in crypto will almost certainly result in a net loss, due to the high Gas fees, especially at peak periods of activity.This problem is avoided on the Matic Network as each transaction costs a fraction of a cent.You can get started with any amount.It may be better to start small unless you’re an experienced liquidity provider.

    How many assets per pool are allowed?

    Only 2.

    How many people are using QuickSwap?

    The growth of QuickSwap correlates to the adoption of the Matic Network.Matic Network was built to be a scaling solution for Ethereum.Whether this will be supplemental to other scaling solutions or become the primary vehicle whereby faster and cheaper transactions take place, remains to be seen.The whole team is working hard at driving adoption and bettering the end-user experience.At the end of the day, the market will decide.

    How much do I receive in fees for providing liquidity on QuickSwap?

    0.3% is the fee for swaps performed on QuickSwap.These fees are then paid out to the liquidity providers according to their percentage of the pool.

    How to buy Polymoon currency?

    Do check out the video demonstration if you’d like to learn more about this crypto.

    How will governance work once the initial 60 days are over?

    We are discussing different methods of governance and how voting will work and how to best give the QUICK token utility and value.We will communicate decisions with the community in the near future.

    If the pools are changed and one of the pools is going to remain the same, do I have to withdraw my LP tokens?

    Yes, you will have to remove your LP tokens and redeposit them once the new pools are live.You don’t, however, have to transfer your LP tokens back for your original pair to redeposit them, of course.

    Is QUICK going to be listed on any CEXs in the future? Or will it only be available through staking?

    We are currently in discussions about this.Exchange listing for any crypto project is contingent on a large number of factors.It’s impossible to predict an exact date, but we’re optimistic that as the user base grows, and the team works hard, we will be listed on a mainline CEX.

    Is Quickswap (QUICK) A Good Investment?

    When deciding on if Quickswap (QUICK) is a good investment for you, taking into account risk and reward is crucial.We can predict the price of QUICK both in the short term and long term, but expectations need to be reasonable for each.Long term we think QUICK will appreciate based on the fundamentals of the Quickswap project and the progress the Team is making towards their roadmap goals and milestones.

    Is there another QuickSwap website?

    Other than the analytics page, Quickswap.exchange and the QuickSwap Medium blog is the only QuickSwap presence online.See the answer to the next question for more.

    Must pools be configured in a 50/50 allocation?

    Yes.All the pool pairs on QuickSwap require an equivalent USD value on deposit.

    Want Daily QUICK Price Updates?

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    What are the slippage settings for and how can I adjust them?

    The slippage settings are for when you execute a trade, in QuickSwap it’s called a “swap” of tokens/coins.Slippage occurs when the price is impacted from purchasing a large quantity at once, at market price, when there isn’t sufficient liquidity to prevent a significant price impact.

    What does the countdown timer on the QUICK page mean? What should I do when the timer runs out?

    After each 14 days QUICK Campaign the QUICK pools on QuickSwap are changed, that is, the pools you can farm QUICK with.This timer communicates when that time is up.

    What is Cryptocurrency?

    Crypto is a mode of money that could trade for commodities digitally.Several businesses also provided their unique coins, also known as tokens that can get exchanged for the same product or service that the company offers.

    What is PolyDoge?

    Elon Musk called DOGE the “people’s crypto.” And the people’s crypto should definitely be on every network.PolyDoge is the first dogecoin on the fastest and cheapest Ethereum L2, Polygon (Matic).With Polygon now having billions of dollars in total-value locked, that’s something special.PolyDoge—the token of choice for all Polygon fans and Shiba Inus everywhere.

    What is QuickSwap?

    QuickSwap is a decentralized exchange (DEX) based on Ethereum, powered by Matic Network’s Layer 2 scalability infrastructure.QuickSwap is a fork of the originator of Automated Market Makers in the now rapidly expanding DeFi sector of the Cryptocurrency industry, Uniswap.

    What is the current circulating supply?

    In the near future we’ll have exact amounts automatically displayed.For now, you can manually get a good ballpark estimate by taking the 4,239 QUICK issued on Oct 7, 2020 + 1,000 X the total number of days QuickSwap has been in operation.

    What is the QUICK token allocation?

    90% of QUICK is allocated to the community to be farmed over a 4 year period.

    What is the QuickSwap inflation rate?

    See the answer to the above question as the answer to this will vary over a four year period.

    What is the Total Supply of QUICK?

    1,000,000 is the total supply, once fully diluted over a four year period.

    What risks are involved with using QuickSwap?

    The risks of using QuickSwap are nearly identical on any Automated Market Maker (AMM) platforms: impermanent loss, a potential smart contract bug and rug pulls are three of the most common risks associated with this sector of DeFi.

    What’s with Polydoge and the dog?

    “Doge” is our fun, friendly mascot! The Shiba Inu is a Japanese
    breed of dog that was popularized as an online meme and
    represents Polydoge.

    When will QUICK rewards be distributed to MATIC stakers?

    Upon launch, we promised 1% of QUICK would be rewarded to MATIC stakers.When this will occur hasn’t been decided just yet.It will be done strategically and reasonably soon.Stay tuned and we’ll have an answer for you shortly.

    Which transaction is a fee charged for?

    A 0.3% fee is charged for swaps.This 0.3% is split among the liquidity providers according to their percentage of that pool.

    Why don’t I see a list of coins in the pop-up on the homepage (swap)?

    When first arriving at QuickSwap, or after a two week period has expired and the QUICK pools have been changed, you may need to click where it says, “Add List” at the bottom of the “Select Token” pop-up on Swap page (the QuickSwap homepage).

    Why is [such-and-such] token not showing up in my MATIC wallet?

    Currently, the Matic Web Wallet displays a maximum of four tokens at one time.If there’s a particular token you want to see, you may have to remove one and add another.

    Why is it good that $UBT is on QUICKSWAP?

    $UBT is traded primarily on Uniswap, and in recent times, Ethereum gas fees have meant that Uniswap is not great for the smaller buyers.

    Why when I click on the “Claim” button are my QUICK tokens not claimed?

    In the upper-right there’s a blue button which says “QUICK”.This opens a pop-up displaying your total QUICK before claiming.It has a hyperlink in the lower-right corner of it saying ”Claim”.This button is not to claim your QUICK tokens, but it does take you to the QUICK page where you can do so by clicking on >Manage>Claim>Claim>Confirm.Or, alternatively, you can withdraw your LP tokens from the pool and your QUICK will be claimed automagically.

    History of Quickswap